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  1. Looking great This is actually the same idea as I had for an astromech factory but I'm sure yours will be truly amazing compared to mine Can't wait to see it finished!
  2. Darth Yogi

    The Rabbit!

    Thanks! But I've never seen Dragon Ball
  3. Darth Yogi

    WIP Ship

    Thanks! Glad you liked and thanks very much for the suggestions. I'm really no ship expert, but I'd like to make this ship as accurate as possible. I had the bands as if they were painted, but I'll make them pure black now. Actually I'd like to make them brown at some point but I need to wait a while before getting any more parts. About the stern, the widows are customized to allow them to fit very nicely into a grill and they fit perfectly and are stable and I've had no problem with them.
  4. Darth Yogi

    The Rabbit!

    Thanks everyone! glad to hear you all like it Oky, I agree with you that the paint job isn't the greatest but the pictures make it look worse than it does in person although its most certainly not perfect. Also the fact that the picture is about 4 times the size of a regular figure doesn't help
  5. Darth Yogi

    WIP Ship

    New Update-6/18/12 Many more photos on my Flickr.
  6. Darth Yogi

    REVIEW: LEGO Star Wars 9496 – Desert Skiff

    This is a really great review and has made me decide to buy this set. I love the figures and will probably take the rest for the good pieces.
  7. Darth Yogi

    The Rabbit!

    such as what?
  8. Darth Yogi

    The Rabbit!

    The Rabbit always strikes in public and often. He uses his strong, specialized armor and weapons to avoid getting caught along with his superhuman jumping abilities which is where he got his name, prompting him where an adorable bunny mask. He is a serial killer and kills without any cause and his true identity is still hidden from the public. His technology is the work of a genius, and some of the weapons and gadgets he has made surprise some of the brightest scientists and designers in the world. Now I'm not a writer so I'm just going to get on to the good stuff, the pictures! Front: Side: Back: Flickr Cost (based on lowest prices on bricklink) Adorable bunny mask- $1.25 head- $.50 Imperial officer torso- $1.59 Arm pair- $.24 Legs- $.45 Space marine armor(painted)- $.50 Brickarms Joint-Force Sci-Fi Rifle- about $10 = $14.53 (but I had all the parts) Thanks for looking, and please C&C. Thanks so much LuxerV and The Penguin! Good luck to all participating!
  9. Darth Yogi

    BrickArms Musket and Flintlock Pistol Now Available

    I love them!! Especially the musket. it was one of my top favorite protos along with some of the Star Wars weapons and I am so happy for its release and am planning on buying quite a few, soon.
  10. All of everyones entries look great I was very disappointed not participate in this community build, but I have been so busy for the past couple of months and now that schools over I can get back to building. I may make an AotC scene to be in the spirit but it won't be part of the community build.
  11. Darth Yogi

    Older than you are?

    I have a lot of pirate pieces and minifigures that have been around many years before I was born.
  12. Darth Yogi

    Charger C70 MOC

    This is lovely. I really like the overall look and the size makes it just so much more impressive. The interior is very well done and I can see the effort put into making this look great as well as be playable. Great job
  13. Darth Yogi

    Geonosian Arena parts

    Loving the reeks' head. Can't wait to see the whole arena completed.