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  1. Gahrian

    [MOC] Space Police Ship

    Awesome build! Pure inspiration in this. It's time for me to build another SP moc
  2. Gahrian

    [MOC] Space Police I VicViper

    Very nice ship!
  3. Gahrian

    MOC - my older MOCs

    What an impressive collection of inspiring MOCs!!! My brain itches to get started on a new project now.
  4. Gahrian

    [Digital MOC] Nostromo

    Looking forward to see this in real bricks. From your drawings, I'm sceptical to the structural integrity of such a huge ship. But I hope I'm wrong and that we will get too see this soon.
  5. Gahrian

    [R-TYPE CHALLENGE] R-11SP1 Great Justice

    Cool ship. Very well executed neo-space-police. Inspiring to see more Space Police 1 builders.
  6. Another childhood dream instantiated: This is the hub for Space police operations in a sector. Hosting both medical facilities, prison and interogation systems and life support for long term deployment, the Sector command is a self sustained law-enforcing platform. Standard setup includes 2 x 6986 - Mission Commander ships as well as two deployable NT3 Sentinel platforms for guarding and blockading operations + smaller ships. The ship carries 3 standardized prison modules and have two landing platforms for medium size ships (6781 SP Striker) and a docking bay for shuttles and smaller crafts (6886 Galactic Peace Keeper). The strengt of the ship is it's deep space scanning systems which makes for a large coverage area. [About the MOC] I've been working for this for a while, and it was finished back in november, but it's hard to take pictures of this model, so I've put it of for a long time. My previous moc : inspired me to try for something bigger. [images]
  7. Gahrian

    repair ship

    Great! I keep scrolling up and down enjoying the pics. You should try with a black background or photoshop in a starscape.
  8. Gahrian


    I love it !!! Now I want to see it in-real-bricks.
  9. Gahrian

    Long range fighter

    I like it!
  10. Gahrian

    Capital spaceship XB-13

    Nice design and impressive size.
  11. Gahrian

    Space Police 3 Commando Starfighter

    This is really great! Need to see it in-real-bricks
  12. Gahrian

    Hymenopt Ship inspired by flying insects!

    Great build. Love it.
  13. Gahrian


    Love it.
  14. Gahrian

    Neo-Classic Microspace Sets

    Great stuff! Love the minifig scale one as well. Looking forward to see more from you.