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    I live in the tribe of the Voodoo, I live in the hut near King Kakhuakas throne.
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    I like Potions and Voodoo dolls, I also enjoy going YIYIYI!


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  1. Valykrie

    Wow! I LOVE the helmet, how did you do the wings?

    Whoohoo!!!!!!!!! go YODA!!!
  3. There's Gold in Them There Hills!

    Good job! I love the second one. :)
  4. i need a container grabber

    Ummmmm? What's that????
  5. Custom Red Sonja

    Sweet!!! it brings back memories *wub* .... good job man!!!!
  6. Does anyone have clear pictures of Vikings?

    I have got a them, I'll try and post them today ;) .
  7. My city

    What the megablockin megablocks vcvc! http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=135387 Go to hell! *devil*
  8. Mr. Crowley's unusual curio...

    Glad you found a way to use those horns Bloody Jay!
  9. Brickshelf finds 2004-2006

    TLC should sell stuff like that for like $599.99 ;)
  10. Anyone find Vikings in London yet?

    Hahaha :D
  11. I nominate Bloody Jay for sending me some awsome figs!!! :-D
  12. Lego shop, Birmingham, UK

    Great news!!! :oD ... :'( But I live in Canada.
  13. Vikings on Bricklink!

    Bricklink now has got 7017 Viking Catapault vs. Nidhogg Dragon http://www.bricklink.com/search.asp?itemTy...S&catString=548
  14. The Pirate LEGO Test

    I second that *sing*
  15. New KK2 sets on S@H !!!!!!!

    sweet!!!! I'll bew sure to get some of those.