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  1. Bricks

    LEGO Star Wars 2009 Sets and Rumours

    We have in 'Ebay-Germany': 7753: 50€ 7754: 140€ So it looks like that we can get them soon. 'Bricks'
  2. Bricks

    lego indiana jones 2

    Big-Cover from 'Bricks'
  3. Bricks

    [Review] 8039-Venator

    Hey. This is my estimate. Don't like...? Use your time to make your own review and not on spending for stupid comments -_- It's the edge, where the airfoil from the side and the base come together. So there is a little ''hole'' but just at the brink of the office. Thanks buddy! I think I missed that point. Yes of course it must be like it is at the photo from the box. I've just noticed that've attached the ''Technice-parts'' a little bit wrong. So you can use to hold the model and if you don't hold it, the boom normal lays flush. Many thanks for that. Regards 'Bricks'
  4. Bricks

    [Review] 8039-Venator

    Greetings, LegoManiacs! I've opened already a WIP topic for my review, but now I make this new topic by the advice of 'KimT'. So I hope you'll enjoy this review and if you have any questions ask me please _____________________________________________________________________________ Data: Name: Venator-Class: Republic Attack Cruiser Number: 8039 Pieces: 1170 Price: 139,99€ Released: 2009 Links: Brickset -Box(front): -Box(rear): -Instructions: -Minifigure bodywork: -The outline of the Cruiser: -The minifigures (front): -The minifigures (rear): -Close-up: Palpatine&Senate Guard: -The finished Venator: -From above: -Frome the back: -From the front: -From the side: -You can open the front part of the deck: -And see the room of Chancellor Palpatine: -You can also open the airfoil of the ship: -And see the heavy cannon of the ship: -The middle part have a nice bomber inside: -Close-up of the bomber: -The function is very nice. You must twirl the yellow sharps and the little bombs (to the right of the bomber) can fallen down: -The ship have also an handle, which we already know from the Dropship: -The little pilot-cabine is between the two ''towers'': -You can open a little door at the rear site too...: -...and you can fetch a capsule: _______________________________________________________________ Overall: This set is really nice. And you have more functions, which you didn't see at first blush. Especially nice are two new minifigures. The 'Senate Guards' have nice helmets, which are really adapted to the movie-version. The 'Palpatine' have this new nice tan-hairs and the same head as the 'Imperator', just in flesh. The whol ship measures abput 45cm and is similar to the 'Star Destroyer' of 2006. Marks: Parts: 9/10 [some new really useful parts, like the new big tile:] Minifigures: 8/10 [The two really new figures have a great adapted CloneWars-style, bur for such a expensive set-five figures are to less] The Build: 10/10 [No problems. Easy to understand] Price: 6/10 [A bit too high for the quantum of parts and figures] Overall: 9/10 Points So I hoped that you liked it. And I'm sure some of you have already some questions left--so feel free to ask tem! _______________________________________________ Regards 'Bricks'
  5. Bricks

    WIP: 8039 Review

    Thanks for your very helpfull post in that topic Since I made this topic I had only 3 days to build [because I didn't was at home]. And I write till tomorrow the rest of the review. And you will get this for sure tomorrow [evening]. All the pictures and the text! So I'm sure you can wait one day... 'Bricks'
  6. Bricks

    WIP: 8039 Review

    Hey guys! Sorry that you have to wait so long for my review. I've finished building it yesterday. And you will get the final pictures and the complete review tomorrow. ~And yes the 'Senate Guards' have Clone Trooper heads ;) Regards 'Bricks'
  7. Bricks

    WIP: 8039 Review

    Sorry my mistake. Yes of course it is tan
  8. Bricks

    WIP: 8039 Review

    Greetings Guys! Today I bought the very new set ''8039-Venator Class-Cruiser''. I didn't finished building it, yet. So this is gonna be my WIP-Review. ~Enjoy it~ Data: Name: Venator-Class: Republic Attack Cruiser Number: 8039 Pieces: 1170 Price: 139,99€ Introducing: When I saw the set I thought the box is too small for that price. But it's similar as the one from the MTT (7662) or the Gunship (7676). First I opened the box and 15 polybags fallen in my hands. Till now I started to build. The Building: After 2 minuts I collected all the parts for the minifigures and started to build them up. They are really nice and we have 2 new figures there: -Palpatine: He have the tan ''edition'' of Dookus-hairs and a cape, which is made of two dark-red pauldrons. -Senate Guards: They are as similar as a Clone Trooper but they are blue and they have a new helmet, which looks like one from the roman time. ... ~MORE COOMING SOON~ Preview-Picture: Regards 'Bricks'
  9. Bricks

    Tantive IV MOC, not mine!

    Searching before posting >CLICK< Regards 'Bricks'
  10. Bricks

    LEGO Star Wars 2009 Sets and Rumours

    It is it of course. As you can see in e.g. this picture: Greetings 'Bricks'
  11. Bricks

    LEGO Star Wars 2009 Sets and Rumours

    Sorry -First link contain old pictures -Second link contain pictures, that I've already posted Regards 'Bricks'
  12. Bricks

    LEGO Star Wars 2009 Sets and Rumours

    I found some high-imagines (hope most of them are new): Regards 'Bricks'
  13. Bricks

    REVIEW: Indiana Jones 7195 Ambush in Cairo

    I thought I heared for especially Germany: -July: Just in special shops (T'r'U, Galeria Kaufhof) -August: In all other toy shops Regards 'Bricks'
  14. Bricks

    10196, 10198, 10199 & more

    You should remove the pictures, because TLC want to have their own big suprise tomorrow By the way, did someone know more about the event? 'Bricks'
  15. Bricks

    10196, 10198, 10199 & more

    Does this mean TLC will present the ''Tantive IV'', too? Some facts about the 'Merry-Go-Round', because I have already a picture, too: -about 10 minifigures -main colours are: white/red/blue -the merry-go-round is based on a standart green plate -the box have the 'Factory'-style Regards 'Bricks'