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  1. QuartermasterRobert

    The disney deal, implications to the pirate theme?

    Personally I am more excited for the Prince of Persia stuff! Think about all the new parts! Can you all say OTTOMAN PIRATES?
  2. QuartermasterRobert

    Review: 6192 Pirate Building Set

    My girlfriend got me this. I love it just for the pirate torso. I used the parts to make something like a fish shack.
  3. QuartermasterRobert

    LIBRARY: Pirate Torso/Decal/Sticker Designs

    Here's a voodoo lady for you all :p
  4. QuartermasterRobert

    2009 requests

    I'll address that when I get to it, lol. I'll look up and see if legs come in that color first. EDIT: I just did my searching, and I don't think legs come in that color, sad to say. So yes, a version in brown would be nice.
  5. QuartermasterRobert

    2009 requests

    .... I am just speechless. These are PERFECTION. They are EXACTLY what I needed! But now I must ask: what color did you use for Ulan, and what sets does her skin tone come in for minifigure arms and legs?
  6. QuartermasterRobert

    Decal Wish List

    Requesting these 6 characters as face decals. I would like them to stay as simplistic and "TLG" as possible, while still capturing their characters. So generally speaking, Mme Voodoo is a lovely African expression, a brown version of this will sufice. Lyn is a neutral-to-frowning Asian face, something like this but with bangs instead of a headband. Kalila should be a demure expression, Ulan an excited/happy one, Ruixiong needs the hairlock covering his left eye and red headband, and Singlung should be a neautral-to-smirky Asian male face, and both eyes can either be open or closed in "neko" style. As for colors, NO FLESHIES. Lyn, Singlung and Ruixiong should be yellow. Mme. Voodoo and Kalila are african, so they should use whatever shade of brown is used for black characters (like Mace Windu). Ulan I'm not sure for her color, but if minifigure arms and hands come in a light brown, that would be swell. If they don't then her decal can be brown as well. I know this is a complex request, but it is highly needed for a project of mine.
  7. QuartermasterRobert

    Which pirate captain do you like now?

    I've always been partial to Iron Hook. He had a cooler name, looked more badassly rugged, and got to harass Islander women.
  8. QuartermasterRobert

    Decal Wish List

    Requesting a War of Spanish Succession era redcoat: Basically a simple justacorps in red with a bandolier and belt. Or something. Lol. We need more early 18th century uniform decals.
  9. QuartermasterRobert

    Cannons at the Ready!

    I love that organ gun.
  10. QuartermasterRobert

    Is it OK to mix dark skinned mini-figures with yellow mini-figures?

    I don't think that's it.... the head in the BT looks like the female ninja head, but without the headband.
  11. QuartermasterRobert

    Is it OK to mix dark skinned mini-figures with yellow mini-figures?

    Speaking of the BT, can anyone tell me where this head is from? The female one,
  12. QuartermasterRobert

    Which Pirate ship is the best?

    Black Seas Barracuda. SES might have a more easily accessed hull and more broadside cannon power, but thats it. Its good for parts... not so much for the model itself. Its ugly, a tub with cannons in the middle of it. BSB is beautifully detailed and is much more displayable. There isnt even a deck on the SES!
  13. QuartermasterRobert

    Imperial Guards: Bluecoat and redcoat uniforms

    I'm mixed. The torso used for the bluecoat's leader is perfect for British navy, but the bluecoat soldier uniform itself isn't. On the flipside, the redcoat's leader is good for an infantry commander, maybe, and the redcoat body perfect for soldiers.
  14. QuartermasterRobert

    PICTORIAL REVIEW: 6243 Brickbeard's Bounty

    This ship is amazing. I love the new hull pieces. They have more probable use than the old ones!
  15. QuartermasterRobert

    PICTORIAL REVIEW: 6239 Cannon Battle

    THis possibly makes a better Impulse set than the actual impulse sets, just because of the cannon!