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Found 8 results

  1. A frequently asked question by newcomers is where to buy Pirate LEGO. So this thread will be a definitive list for all those who ask - rather than having individual threads for each query. eBay LEGO Shop BrickLink Eurobricks Buy, Sell, Trade and Finds Forum Custom Brick Arms The Little Arms Shops BrickForge BaronSat Original Post Hey all. I used to be really into pirates back in it's heyday (early 90's) and I still have my Black Seas Barracuda :) Recently I've been getting into Lego Pirates again, and been hunting on Bricklink and eBay for the last 2 weeks. So far, I picked up a Skulls Eye Schooner (complete, excellenct condition) from Bricklink for $140 and I also got a Lagoon Lock-Up on eBay for $15.00. I think I got a pretty good deal, what do you guys think? *pirate*
  2. Hello and welcome to my first Review on Eurobricks! I got this Bootleg Version of Breez from my Mom who was in Thailand 2 weeks prior. Since there are hardly any Reviews about Bootleg Figures, I thought it was a good idea to make a Review out of this obscure find. Since I don't have anything like a light box, I "crafted" one myself with a chair and 2 sheets of paper,so I apologize for this low-bugdet decision, I hope you can still see everything clear and sharp. So is this a good copy or does it belong in the trash? Let's get started! Box: Front: Bootleg 2 by Dosenbrot!, auf Flickr The Front of the box, the figure came already assembled. There's also the instruction manual printed on the backside of the cardboard. Back: Bootleg 1 by Dosenbrot!, auf Flickr Here we have the Earth Tutelary, War for the invader from Space. Gotta love the broken English these Knock-offs have. Interesting Parts: Special Parts: Bootleg 3 by Dosenbrot!, auf Flickr Here are the most interesting parts of the set. The Torso bone has an axle connection right under the upper ball joint, which would be really useful for MOCs. You cant really see it here so I made a second picture of it. The Silver Leg shell just states "Hero" on it. The Torso shell has a very cool texture on it which gives it some extra detail. Instead of the 2.0 Head, there are using a red Glatorian Head, also the Headgear has an Axle Connector. Torso-Bone: Bootleg 4 by Dosenbrot!, auf Flickr The Torso bone again, now you can clearly see the axle connection port. In my opinion the most useful part of this whole figure. Color-Comparison: Bootleg 5 by Dosenbrot!, auf Flickr On the left side we have the Bootleg parts. The Colors are pretty spot on, but you can clearly see the difference between them, especially on the silver headgear. But the brick quality isn't that bad actually, its quite good for a Bootleg. The Figure: Front: Bootleg 6 by Dosenbrot!, auf Flickr Breez from the front. Yes, she has blue spikes instead of red ones. I dont know how you can mess this up but they did. Edit: Thanks to Kalhiki I just saw that she also has the 1.0 Core instead of the 2.0 one! Back: Bootleg 7 by Dosenbrot!, auf Flickr The Back. Nothing special to see here. Posing: Pose 1: Bootleg 8 by Dosenbrot!, auf Flickr While it has a more cheaper plastic than the official LEGO, it kinda has a good quality. Bricks have enough friction for more comlicated Poses and they dont fell like they will break off that easy. Pose 2: Bootleg 9 by Dosenbrot!, auf Flickr This also works, thanks to the hand having enough friction to hold the whole figure. Final Verdict: Bootleg 10 by Dosenbrot!, auf Flickr A final picture. Verdict: You know, for a "cheap knock-off" the quality off the bricks is pretty good, especially since you need it for Action Figures so they don't break too fast. It also has some nice Parts, especially the Torso. But would I combine this one with my real LEGO? Probably not. So all in all, a pretty solid set. I hope you enjoyed my Review, leave me a comment down below and thanks for Reading! Cheers!
  3. BrickWild

    100% exact but Counterfeit Lego?!

    Take a look at this! Please be careful when out & about in Malaysia. If you do get caught in such circumstances, the only one to blame in the end is your own silly self!
  4. Hello in this topic we'll discuss Chinese counterfeit sets such as Decool, Bozhi, Lele, IQ and Sheng Yuan. We can discuss minifigures, predictions, quality, and comparisons as well.
  5. AmperZand

    End of Lepin and other bootleggers?

    This article on the BBC News' site gives hope that Lepin and other bootleggers' days are numbered. It looks like, under pressure from US brands and the US government, Chinese courts are starting to dispense meaningful rulings and penalties against those who infringe intellectual property rights. What do you think?
  6. Comin' in quite late, one year after discontinuing of the original set, but still quite hot - I give you the Bootleg Belle, a monstrous desert hot rod on steroids. Forget the stance, omit the channeling, leave out the chopping. Stacking a classic 1930's coupé on top of a 1940's truck's slanted chassis, adding 9' diameter wheels and a monstrous supercharged mountain V8 created this pinnacle of Kustom Kulture. Bootleg Belle is a moonshine hauler at a size of a small mountain that gives you a nice sense of superiority, even if you are a modest bloke. With two meters of metal framework under your butt you know who is the king of the desert now. Features: ► mountain V8 cammer engine with moving pistons ► blower with rotating pulley + Enderle-style bugcatcher & twin carb ► radiator with reinforced grille ► ribbed hose headers and shotgun exhausts ► working differential and transmission ► working steering connected to steering wheel and a rear facing HOG ► detailed cockpit with a steering wheel, dashboard, gear shifter and two seats ► opening, functional trunk ► rear hinged ("suicide") doors with shaved handles ► individual suspension for each wheel ► reinforced bumpers ► rear view mirrors, desert safety flag 42000 C-model, uses around 92,5% of set's parts (loose assumption). Sorry for the quality of photos, still can't afford a decent camera.
  7. Hi, today I will make a review of a bootleg Hero Factory I buy at Thailand four months ago. The culture of bootlegging offical Lego sets are already been popular at Asia here since from 10-15 years ago. Some of members here say that the bootlegs are not as good as the offical sets, but some members say that bootlegs set can be as good as offical sets. So, is this set I brought can able to fight the quality of offical lego sets, or been terrible enough to put in the dustbin? Check this review and find the answer! The Packaging/ Instruction Bootleg Stormer 2.0 Review by Armstrong X-Wing, on Flickr The set itself is packaged similar to most of the Deluxe Class Transformers toys produced by Hasbro. I already throwed the plastic cover, so here we have the cardboard that complet the packaging of the set itself. As seen in this picture, the instruction is already printed on the cardboard. Honestly, the instruction on the cardboard is poorly maked and the steps are very confusing. So about the build, I will build the set using the parts available. Bootleg Stormer 2.0 Review by Armstrong X-Wing, on Flickr At the back here, you can see a simple ilustration of the whole collection of this line that also featuring a bootleg Surge 2.0, Evo 2.0, Breez 2.0, Furno 2.0, Stormer 2.0, and Nex 2.0 with the wrong colour scheme. The CGI effect is very poor, make the offical one looks like a masterpiece. The Parts Bootleg Stormer 2.0 Review by Armstrong X-Wing, on Flickr In this set, the figure is already builded and packaged in the packaging, but here's the parts that available in this set. Almost every parts at here are the same design with the real counterpart, so nothing special here. The parts also compatible with the offical Hero Factory sets, but the quality is not. Althrough the parts in this set didn't fall off when the set itself is complete, but the balljoints are very loose and has barely any friction. Bootleg Stormer 2.0 Review by Armstrong X-Wing, on Flickr Different from their real counterpart, the 2.0 upper helmet and the 2.0 middle helmet part can be connected to a Glatorian head via a axle. Bootleg Stormer 2.0 Review by Armstrong X-Wing, on Flickr Here's a picture of how the middle helmet part connected to the upper 2.0 helmet part. Bootleg Stormer 2.0 Review by Armstrong X-Wing, on Flickr However, this connection also cause a new problem. When the 2.0 helmet connected to the Glatorian head, the design of the Glatorian head stops the 2.0 helmet part from able to been push deeper and cause the eye of the Glatorian head appear below the eye hole of the 2.0 helmet. The Build As I say before, the instruction is very confusing and poorly maked. So, I will build this set according to the instruction of 2067 Evo 2.0. Here we start the build! Bootleg Stormer 2.0 Review by Armstrong X-Wing, on Flickr Bootleg Stormer 2.0 Review by Armstrong X-Wing, on Flickr Bootleg Stormer 2.0 Review by Armstrong X-Wing, on Flickr First, we build the torso, legs and arms. Bootleg Stormer 2.0 Review by Armstrong X-Wing, on Flickr Then, we add the head and armor on legs and arms. Bootleg Stormer 2.0 Review by Armstrong X-Wing, on Flickr Bootleg Stormer 2.0 Review by Armstrong X-Wing, on Flickr We add the head gear and the body chest, and after we insert the hero core, we get...... The Completed Set Front Bootleg Stormer 2.0 Review by Armstrong X-Wing, on Flickr Here, we have Stormer 2.0 (Err, Bootleg Stormer 2.0) completed. He looks good and awesome...... Bootleg Stormer 2.0 Review by Armstrong X-Wing, on Flickr ...But the the back is not. Bootleg Stormer 2.0 here also suffer for a hollow back syndrome, similar to the real Stormer 2.0 and the hollow back is also easy to spot because of the colour of the body armor. Posability Who's there? Bootleg Stormer 2.0 Review by Armstrong X-Wing, on Flickr Yes, they you are.Move the legs more and he will fall down. Victory! Bootleg Stormer 2.0 Review by Armstrong X-Wing, on Flickr Be careful ! Bootleg Stormer 2.0 Review by Armstrong X-Wing, on Flickr Bonus Images Here'sa image of this set when compared to 44019 Rocka Stealth Machine. Bootleg Stormer 2.0 Review by Armstrong X-Wing, on Flickr Final Comment Overall, this set is not a very good set. Sure this set has a bunch of recolours, but the quality of the parts and the posability of this set really cause this set receive a not so good rating from me. Sure you can get this set at Thailand, but seriously I don't recommend it. Colour Scheme - 6/10 Parts - 5/10 Design - 3/10 Posability - 4/10 Quality - 3/10 Overall - 21/50 Below Average More pictures available here (Once public): All comments are welcomed.
  8. Today,when I searching the Internet about Lego knock-off brands,I accidentally found this article from can read the article at the URL link below. What's your opinion of the article?