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Found 10 results

  1. 8880 can be called my favorite set of a series of Techniс, and I have long wanted to touch it by assembling it from modern parts, because I don't have any old ones, and it's too expensive to buy the original set. Getting started: Some teaser: Almost done: Final result: Description: All the features of the original set are preserved: steering of all wheels from the handle on the roof and from the steering wheel in the cabin, a model of a v8 engine with a fan, a 4-speed gearbox, all-wheel drive with three differentials, independent suspension of all wheels; Additional functions: Opening the engine compartment with a support, lifting the headlights with a lever from the cab; Comparison with the original: I'm sorry that I published all the photos at once, and not sequentially. This is my first competition for Eurobricks, and I did not immediately understand the rules. I hope I did everything right :)
  2. Hello fellow Technic fans, let me present to you my tribute model to the well known, iconic set 8880 As a new member I should introduce myself, but I did that already in the forum designed for the very purpose so I just link that here http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=134093 and we can jump to the main subject. I've been encouraged by a commenter on youtube who is a member here to share this MOC of mine on this forum as maybe this will give you a rest after the frustration caused by the much anticipated 42056. Don't get it wrong, I don't mean to fill the gap it left (I read the topic too and share the feeling), but hopefully can give you a few minutes of entertainment. I admit it is a sensitive piece of history to touch, but I hope you recognize that the respect towards the original model what was driving my hands while I was designing this plastic homage. Probably some of you have already seen the video on the youtube. For those who didn't let me link it: Instead of making a new description I'll use the one that I made for the vid and pepper it with some images: The original set 8880 has been released in 1994. Sadly that time I was living my dark age (life without lego). Now it's been 4 years that I got back in business, dark age is over and this set is weightly responsible for that change in my life. First I was just reading about it on Blackbird page. Long story short I could manage to get one, and as an old school lego fan (being child in the 80's) it straight enchanted me and determined probably my whole life (hobbywise at least). In the same time I really admire the modern studdless system of lego and it inevitably ended up in the demand in me to build a studless version of it. I've built it first in 2013, but in lack of sources (parts and talent) it wasn't really desirable, nor "smart". Since then I keep rebuilding it time to time and always ends up better and better. According this I wouldn't say this is the last or the best of it, but at the moment this is the stage of its evolution. This is where the name I gave came from. A few words about the details: Body: As you can see I did not use panels but kept the wireframe like appearance as it is one of the benchmark of the original set. Speaking of which I have to admit I did change the shape of the front a lot, even eliminated the concealed headlights due to the feeling that time has passed and it's not cool anymore. But to pay back what I took, I've designed a hood what follows the geometrical concept of the boot. If you listen closer, when the hood opens, the headlights are sliding backward. Rest of the body I think speaks for itself. Interior: Not much to say about it, seats, dash , keeping the colour scheme. Gearbox: Now that is a tricky one. That was the first problem I've been facing with as due to the size of the model I needed a narrow 4 speed gearbox with central differential, but I could not find a decent one anywhere. Crowkillers Paul had the 6 speeder, but it was too wide for my car and Sariel's 4 speeder has been designed for two wheel drive. So I've spent the next month and a half to develop a new one from scratch. Of course if there is a central diff it should be lockable, so it is. And it makes a very compact structure with the gearbox itself what comes handy in modular building. Edit: that was years back. From here it seems rediculously long time, but I let you decide. Here is a deidcated video about this gearbox: Steering: Unlike in the original, there is no ackermann geometry in my model, but please blame lego as it is the field where the part developement goes backward. Anyway the front steering is pretty simple, but for the rear I had to use a rod mechanism, since the compact gearbox left no room for an axle to go trough without compromising the aesthetics. It comes however with certain benefits, as with minor modification on the linking can change the steering lock of the rear wheels. I've applied the smalest as I've found it more realistic. The real life 4 wheel steered cars have only 3-5 degrees on the rear. Ground clearence adjustment: No witchcraft, a worm gear and an 8 tooth gear paired up on each wheel to lift and lower the shockers trough an axle. That's it. Friend of my accidentally discovered (by opening the boot) that this coupe can be converted easily to a hatchback... To be honest I did not consider this as a requirement when I was designing the model. I've made a couple of colour variations too as it appeared above. There is more hi-res pics on my brickshelf: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=562855 Building Insructions: Feel free to share your opinion or ask about it Thank you for your attention. Attika
  3. Hi there! :) Seven years ago, my brother and I decided to build the miniature of the classic 8865 Test Car, as this particular set was always one of our favorites. As many of you, we have a very special connection with this set. When we were kids, we tried to replicate the front/middle section of the car -with the only reference of the LEGO® catalog from 1989- dozens of times...unsuccessfully! Our collection was small at that time, and our only dream was to have enough red technic bricks to build the red beast... ...we only have to look at this picture to remember why we're into LEGO®. The people behind these images -designers, photographers- were truly artists. Probably, some of you remember our "Super Size Me #8865" from 2007: ...the thing is we had a lot of fun with this little model so we couldn't stop building more and more...! Recently we decided to make building instructions of these old models, working in chronological order. We have just released the first set of instructions on MOCplans, the replica of the legendary 853 Super Car Chassis, released in 1977. This is how the cover looks: We hope to release the other four "Super Size Me" instructions in the next weeks, we'll keep you updated on this. If you're interested, you can find them following the link: one: #8860! See ya soon! :) Regards, Amador & Ramón (arvo)
  4. Hello, I've always been a fan of legos. My favorite set of all time has to be the 8880 Super Car. I purchased this set and assembled it as a grad student at Michigan State University. I learned far more about real cars in the process then I ever expected to. Then soon there after came a job, kids, etc. and I had zero free time. I'm now in a lower stress job, my kids are off to college and a friend pointed out the LEGO Ideas 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V set soon to be released that I'm hoping to get. But all this has rekindled the joy I had putting the 8880 Super Car together. It had 4 wheel drive, 4 wheel steering, 4 wheel independent suspension. In many ways it's drive train seems to be more complex then all the super cars I've read about since. This MOC kit seems like one of the nicest I've read about: But I was curious what others thought was the best Super Car out there, official kit or MOC. Also if I end up going after an MOC like this one, what is the best way to get all the pieces. I see the directions are for sale but getting all the parts sounds more complicated then putting the model together. Thanks, Carl
  5. Hi! I’ve translated my review of 8880 set (B-model). I need your feedback – is it interesting for you? It's not too complex model and video is quite short that's why I've chosen it for my experiment. I have a lot of cool old sets (reviewed and not reviewed) and I can translate some of them. Thanks for watching!
  6. Hi, I finally (thanks to my girlfriend) got the 8880 supercar. I now have 8880, 8448, 8070. Not too interested in 865, will pick it up if i find it cheap. bottom line, I'll leave these alone. At the moment, there's a 8070 for sale for 150€ and 8880 for which I can't get the price. Do you recommend any set for a baseline set? The transmission i like best from 8448, but overall its my least favourite of the three. also pretty rare and expensive. There's a big difference between 8070 and 8880. (Studs vs studless, wheel hubs, etc).
  7. Ricardo1980

    Hello World!

    Hello World! I'm a spanish guy (iphone developer, 33 yo) who recently found his Lego 8880. A wonderful car. Sadly, a few parts are missing. And I would like to fix it. I found some of them in different shops, but one of them, the most important, I don't find it. The attached picture is what I need. Do you know its part number or where can I get it? See like it's almost broken. I think it's a problem regarding time, because most of them in my car are almost broken. BTW, how do you wash the white parts that after several years are beige? Thanks a lot! Ricardo.
  8. Hello all, I was planning on ordering some 8880 wheels, and I noticed the Bricklink image was most definitely grey, and there is no record of any being sold in grey or any existing for that matter. Does anyone know why or how that is the Bricklink picture?
  9. Hi EB members, I'm LEGO fan since early 90s and have came back from my Dark age recently with 8297 set. I like it because of nice technical-mechanical base (independent suspension, fake motor connected to back wheels, differentials) this model has. I know this model is now old and most of you aren't interested in it but I'm actually it process of modification with more features (didn't see such mod before). I still have several Technic and Model Team sets from before the Dark age time, however these were before studless era came in, so 8297 was pretty new and fun to build. I've continued on my new collection with 9398 Crawler which has nice PF features and 8475 with Radio control and buggy motors Since I was a kid at the time I started my LEGO collection I couldn't afford any of big sets, especially Technic ones, so I hope I could get those 8880, 8466 and others later As you may see my recent sets having new features I didn't have before. One thing I believe I'm missing - pneumatics. This is very new and unknown to me and I'd like to explore this LEGO feature too. I wish you guys to suggest me the best set to get acquainted with pneumatics and enjoy it. There are two sets I found and interested: 8462 Tow Truck (1998 year set) 8110 Unimog - prices decreased so it is possible find a good deal on MISB set, not sure if it has cool pneumatic features. Any ideas are welcome.
  10. Hi, a week ago i have MODed the 8880 with a 2-mode 4W-steering for high and slow speed with different switchable directions of the rear steering - here are the details and pictures: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=79125 Now i have found a very well fitting and working solution for applying sliding seats to the 8880 - a feature current supercars miss but IMHO a full-featured supercar needs adjustable seats. Applying this to the 8880 has caused my quite a headache because there is really very few space "indoor" the 8880... well, here we go: The construction is simple and sturdy and is based on a worm-gear and 24th gear, whereas the latter one moves the former one... the follwing two pictures show the function: in this modified passanger compartment a new seat-understructure will be installed, which then can be moved by the 24th gear (moved by the black lever): Here you get the results with installed seats (here in back position): And here some more pics (you see the 8880-seats can be used without any modification): Front position: Full indoor pictures: Well, before some building-instruction pics a short summary: Now the 8880 has not only a 2-mode 4WS with direct chainfree engine drive but also slideable seats by a lever - so the feature list of this outstanding technic-set is quite complete (my MODs in bold): - 4WD - 4W wishbone suspension - 4WS with 2 different modes with switchable direction of rear steering (NEW) - adjustable and slideable seats by lever (NEW) - synchronized 4-speed gearbox - V8 engine - HOG - indoor working steering wheel - boot which can be opened - swifeling headlights I can imagine only one more functional feature-MOD: switchable 4WD and RWD - apart from that only the bodywork could be more elaborated with openable doors and bonnet.... Here some pics how to build the sliding seats: Here you see one of the most important modifications: replacing the brick 1x6 with holes by a brick 1x4 with holes (s.a.-step 4 in the building instructions of the 8880) Here you see the final prepared basement: Enjoy!