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Found 5 results

  1. Dear all, I would like to present a one-set MOC I realised based on the 8070 supercar. It was done after COP 21: an environmentally friendly alternate that does not use the PFS elements of the original set :D While deprived of PFS, this Formula 1 features quite a few interesting functions: 4 independent suspensions Direction by HOG and steering wheel A V8 fake engine A 2 speed gear box (accessible from the cockpit) A moveable spoiler (gear under the right side) An openable engine cover So basically, that is more than what the 42000 set offers ;) (yet with no optional motorisation) Here are a few pictures: A view from the cockpit: Opening the engine cover: The spoiler and V8 engine: From above: From below, showing the mechanics for opening the engine cover and moving the spoiler: Here are the left-over parts: Hope you like it :) Any comment most welcome.
  2. Among the LEGO models released in 2011,"TECHNIC 8070 Supercar" had full of working features and functions, e.g., gear wheel steering, realistic suspension, moving pistons, opening the scissor doors, extending the rear spoiler and popping the hood, nice and elegant exterior as well. This version of 8070 is a renovated version of TECHNIC 8070 Supercar to have features, for example, remote control and 4-speed gearbox shifting, but also it is re-designed as a roadster car, namely “8070 Spyder”. The major features of “8070 Spyder” are as follows Mounteddrive motors (PF XL-motor 2x) Mounteda steering motor (PF S-motor 1x) Mounteda gear shifting motor (PF M-motor 1x) Mounteda 4-speed sequential gearbox to enhance the durability and the efficiency of power transmission enough to climb a slight up-hill (at the physical limit of LEGO gear parts) Mounteda midship engine-block running 8 cylinders Mounteda rechargeable or AAA battery boxes Mounteda SBRICK for the remote-control capability
  3. Rishab N

    Used 8070

    I'm looking for a used 8070 Lego supercar at a reasonable price. I don't care much for stickers, instructions, or the box, as this is for parts. If interested please send me a PM. Preferably US sellers, but worldwide could work
  4. Hi, I finally (thanks to my girlfriend) got the 8880 supercar. I now have 8880, 8448, 8070. Not too interested in 865, will pick it up if i find it cheap. bottom line, I'll leave these alone. At the moment, there's a 8070 for sale for 150€ and 8880 for which I can't get the price. Do you recommend any set for a baseline set? The transmission i like best from 8448, but overall its my least favourite of the three. also pretty rare and expensive. There's a big difference between 8070 and 8880. (Studs vs studless, wheel hubs, etc).
  5. Hello everyone, I finished this 8070 modification two months ago (before I joined Eurobricks) and I would really like to hear your thoughts about it. It has adjustable air suspension and motorized/remotely controlled driving and steering... You may have already seen it in a drag race video with my hot rod Lucky 13. Original 6.5 L hard springs have been changed with 6.5 L soft spring + small pneumatic cylinder, for all wheels. It has large pneumatic pump at the back and pneumatic switch at the cabin for controlling the riding height. It also has working steering wheel and remotely controlled original functions (doors, rear spoiler and hood - choice of a function is done manually with gearbox lever, like in the original). It has additional two L motors for driving and M motor for steering, two IR receivers (one of them V2). Original battery box has been replaced with smaller 8878 - hidden behind panels at the rear for more realistic appearance. More photos can be found at: MOCpages - Flickr - I know that 8070 is an old set and that there are mixed feelings about it but I hope you will like this version...