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    Hello World!

    Hello World! I'm a spanish guy (iphone developer, 33 yo) who recently found his Lego 8880. A wonderful car. http://mihail.stoynov.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/8880-1.jpg Sadly, a few parts are missing. And I would like to fix it. I found some of them in different shops, but one of them, the most important, I don't find it. The attached picture is what I need. Do you know its part number or where can I get it? See like it's almost broken. I think it's a problem regarding time, because most of them in my car are almost broken. BTW, how do you wash the white parts that after several years are beige? Thanks a lot! Ricardo.
  2. Ricardo1980

    Review: 8880 Super Car

    Hello all! I have this set, it's wonderful. I need to buy some pieces but I don't the reference id. In the manual, there is no this information. Any help? For instance, I need new tires but I don't know the code. Evidently I have this set for a lot of years. The white pieces are instead of white,something like beige. Can I fix that washing the pieces? BTW, how should I wash or clean the pieces? Thanks a lot.