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  1. I fixed it, and I made it adjustable height! it will be able to go even lower, but I need to get some 5-stud stopped beams. I thought I'd sacrifice too much rigidity, but due to the shallow angle of the springs, the forces are more horizontal than vertical and it works out surprisingly well even under stress. it works with one mechanical actuator. https://www.dropbox....pXCJPhq10a?dl=0 so features of the rear suspension so far: unequal lengths A-arms, adjustable ride height, driven axles, total height 7studs (6M). I'm still deciding whether or not to go with adjustable height, but I'm planning to make it a "push-in and lock" design with the rest of the chassis, so it should be easy enough to fix if not working well.
  2. wow, 8420 is so much better in every way, update 8420 with new panels and it floors this one in my opinion.
  3. I just tried with one stud higher, and spring mounted on the A-arm. Not only is the shock fully extended now, the springiness is about the same as the setup of 8070. Since I want a car in the similar size... And its still compact enough since its 5 studs high. I don't think I can make it less than 5 studs in height. :/ and thanks for suggestion the new hubs (Rear ones) are the only ones that allow un-equal length A-arms at the hub, as far as I see?
  4. Aw! I missed that. I see what you mean. I can try to mount the upper list-arms from outside though, but I can guess it won't be too stable. if i mount it higher, it looses the springiness and becomes very stiff. Perhaps still good enough for a large car though, this one is really springy.
  5. So, i bought the 42000, started building and will buy parts as I go. I came across a problem, I made a pretty low profile, double wishbone unequal length arm suspension with a very angled spring. It has a pretty nice response, camber is pretty decent all the way compressed and it still retains some ground clearance. (for which I don't care much since I'm making something low and sleek) the only problem I have is , that the spring is already a little compressed when in "idle" position. Is that a problem? edit: also, the attachments are just to hold things in place, ill rework the structure when I'm done with actual mechanics.
  6. Whats the advantage of using A-arms compared to just using liftarms? Read a few threafs but couldnt find a straight answer
  7. Oh right. I didnt notice that. Good to know! You could attach two 3L beams with 3L pins on each side, you then get two holes for towball pins.
  8. Cool! That cargo plane seems it could fit nicely with what I got with 42000, and its got mostly white parts! Thanks for the heads up. I have 8070! just don't want to take it apart. :( And new ones are expensive. I'm eyeing one locally, its costs more than new 42025... Perhaps if i sell some of my old crap I'll grab it. This A-arms you posted don't work with 42000 hubs though (just checked) anyway, so I'd need to get the old hubs as well. Can't say they feel any better than the new ones on 42000
  9. I ended up getting 42000 for 46€ with box, non-used stickers and all spare parts. Seemed too good of a deal to pass up. Have bunch of white parts now... Any decent white sets to get more white parts?
  10. It's a little small tho, 90x90 pix. :)
  11. @efferman: wow, that looks kick-megablocks. shipping is 5x price of cylinder. :s
  12. I found a kick-megablocks deal on a 42000 (half-price of new), thinking of getting it for the parts anyway irregardless of getting 8070, since it seems to good of a deal to pass up.
  13. I like efferman's approach too, but i'd like it more concealed. I need to get some bricks asap, my fingers itch so bad.
  14. not many of them tho, and I hate all other parts. blah. How can you direct-order for lego? Will this be available again? (I'm steering off-topic). I'm not in a hurry with my MOC because frankly, I haven't done anything since I was 20-something and nothing as complex as I plan this super-car to be.