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Found 10 results

  1. Two or so years ago, LEGO made instructions available for a 40th anniversary model of the iconic 8860. They took three 2017 sets and combined them into a unique 3-in-1 build, which was a pretty neat version of the car considering they used only the parts in the box. This is my actual model, on display at an event we had at Clearwater Mall in Johannesburg in 2017. I displayed the original 8860, with the LEGO 40th Anniversary version, Crowkillers' revival model, a small System version and an amended version of the LEGO 40th Anniversary model. Over a number of weeks, I slowly stretched the Anniversary model, changed the steering, made adjustable seats and other changes to get closer in scale and design to the original version. I needed the parts and took all my 8860 models apart tonight. Before I did, I thought I'd take some photos.
  2. I've rebuilt this after a break of around 30 years. As a 9 year old I always wanted to do something more with the car and here it is, back seats. Hopefully, I'll motorise it and change the gear ratio so all 3 gears work.
  3. Hi there! :) Seven years ago, my brother and I decided to build the miniature of the classic 8865 Test Car, as this particular set was always one of our favorites. As many of you, we have a very special connection with this set. When we were kids, we tried to replicate the front/middle section of the car -with the only reference of the LEGO® catalog from 1989- dozens of times...unsuccessfully! Our collection was small at that time, and our only dream was to have enough red technic bricks to build the red beast... ...we only have to look at this picture to remember why we're into LEGO®. The people behind these images -designers, photographers- were truly artists. Probably, some of you remember our "Super Size Me #8865" from 2007: ...the thing is we had a lot of fun with this little model so we couldn't stop building more and more...! Recently we decided to make building instructions of these old models, working in chronological order. We have just released the first set of instructions on MOCplans, the replica of the legendary 853 Super Car Chassis, released in 1977. This is how the cover looks: We hope to release the other four "Super Size Me" instructions in the next weeks, we'll keep you updated on this. If you're interested, you can find them following the link: one: #8860! See ya soon! :) Regards, Amador & Ramón (arvo)
  4. 8860 Studless remote controlled flashback. 5speed with reverse. I still need seats. This is my MOC, not the one by crowkillers. Instructions is being made and shall be uploaded to rebrickable
  5. I still remember exactly that christmas of many years ago when I was probably 6 or 7 (beginning of the '80s) and I received the 8860. I kinda knew it was coming (believing in Santa was gone...) as I pestered my parents for an entire year, so I woke up probably at 6am, rushed into the living room, grabbed the pack (I knew exactly the size by the tons of times I stared at the box in the local Lego shop) and I started to build it. It was an incredible day, and even afterwards that model was one of my favorite (together with 8851). Long story short, I had my dark ages, came back to LEGO 5 years ago with 8043, and when I saw the 40th Anniversay chassis, I knew I had to build it, and I also took a chance to buy again the original 8860, as many of my original sets went away during the dark ages. After building the two cars, I know I'm totally biased because of my story, but the old one is so much better! Some notes I took: - instructions: I didn't remember how more enjoyable were the old ones until I used them again. It's not a 1000 pages book with one step for each piece, rather just 20 steps with many pieces in each step, and many times you need to look carefully at the picture to spot were a piece has to go. Also, no 1:1 scale ruler on each page where there's an axle or a beam, just a number telling you which size you need. I've read someone else in the past saying that old style instructions were not pretending that we were stupid, and I totally agree. They are not difficult, rather more challenging, and thus more funny! - technic features: the old car has a differential and adjustable seats with both recline and position operated with gears. The new one has no differential, and seats can only be moved forward and backwards manually. Where the new one is better is steering, the rotating 2x2 plates in the old one are a bit awkward and really easy to detach while playing: - size: I like both, the old one is really big, even compared with new cars: but I also like the new compact design of the new one. In general, I'm not really happy with the new one. I totally understand that using three different existing sets to make a new one has challenges and compromises to accept, and kudos go to the designer, he/she did a great job under these conditions. But as @Sariel pointed out in his review, this is meant to be a 40th Year anniversary model, and as such LEGO Technic should have deserved something more "wow". My feeling when I finished to build the new, after I built the old, was a sort of "this is it???". In comparison, Ferrari built the F40 to celebrate their 40th anniversay, something truly special. This new 8860 gives me the feeling of something cheap and done in a hurry just to "do something". A feeling I don't like. We still have half year to wait for some true celebrating flagship set, and in a way I hope there's somewhere a secret special set besides those announced for the second half, otherwise if this is THE celebration set, I'll be really disappointed. Who cares the special 3L liftarm, give me a special set.
  6. Hi everyone! I have been a Lego enthusiast for years, but since I started school, I never had the time and money to focus on the hobby anymore. However now that I have the time, I do not have the space and need to build my bank. I am mainly Technic flagship and Ultimate Collectors oriented, and I prefer the newer sets as well. I have started a Bricklink store to sell some items I own that are either taking up too much space or I have no interest in it. These items are all new and sealed, and they include: -Lego Technic 42056 Porsche 911 GT3 RS (I do not like supercars generally, despite being Technic) -$349.99 CAD -Lego Technic 8480 Space Shuttle -$800 CAD -Lego Technic 8860 Car Chassis -$850 CAD -Lego Star Wars 7965 Millennium Falcon -$260 CAD -and Lego Creator 10226 SOPWITH CAMEL (will be added to the store soon ~CAD$185) Prices are a bit lower than its competition, only because I do not aim for high profits and just want the buyer to make the most out of it...and free up space in my home :) All are brand new except model 8860, box is open, and the black beams sit freely in the box (do not remember if they came in a bag or not), but all the bags and books are factory sealed and new, never opened or built. Many of the sets are old and vintage, and I will add more as I determine if I want to keep the set or not that I find. Also, I live in Canada so shipping will be determined on the weight/size of the Lego set and distance. I can do local pickups if you live around Toronto, ON. -My business email is: -My bricklink store it:{"showHomeItems":1} -My eBay only has model 8480 Space Ship added to it at the moment, but I will add the rest to it soon if you prefer buying off eBay:
  7. I made a retro MOC of 8860 from 1980. The LEGO 8860 is a classic one that I will call a theme because it is so many private persons who has made different versions of it. My moc has all the functions that the original one has plus suspention also on front wheels. 3 speed gearbox, 4 sylinders, adjustable seats, suspention on all wheels, and steering, of course.
  8. I have made book of the old 8860 car chassis from 1980. They are VERY expensive so far, but it is real books with hard cover, not a magazine, and they have very expensive gloss fotopaper and hard cover. I sell it on I shall make a cheap one also that is a magazine format. So far the prices are mad, but in some days I give one more link and then you get a cheap one also: Or you can go to amazon and search for: LEGO 8860 Car chassis building instruction. In some days it will come a magazine format that will cost 14 euro printet on high quality fotopapaer in USA. Then I give a link. I do not take much profit, but they are VERY expensive to make.
  9. My parents were clearing out their loft when they found an old Lego Technic 8860 car that I had as a kid in the 80s. I built it with the help of my kids (much fun) and brought it to life with some motors and a Raspberry Pi. Check out my blog for more information: Cheers Paul
  10. As anyone who owned the classic 8860 chassis as a kid will know that once the set got jumbled up with the rest of your Lego, that you quickly managed to lose one of each of the hoses, piston, taps and shocks, or maybe it was just me! Anyway, i was wondering if anyone had a fail safe way of determining if a replacement hose was the genuine article? There seems to be some pricey replacements for sale, and seems to be something that could be easily ripped off! I don't suppose this matters that much to most, but as I'm a sucker for finding incomplete sets and restoring them to their former glory, I'd like to get it right! This is the part : x467c12 Hose, Classic 4mm D. 12L black Grateful for any advice, thanks in advance!