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    I'm a fan of LEGO, architecture, and food. Sometimes I build things in Minecraft.

    Oh, and I'm a black belt in Taekwondo, so don't go around stepping on my MOCs :P


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  1. Junpei

    Steering/Pivot Points

    It's not the wheels, it's the linkage involved. It causes the wheel to move a little bit sideways and turn quite sharply, you could use it with any wheel.
  2. Cool and unique! I like the blend of functionality and model team styling :)
  3. Just kidding... still lurking on EB :(

  4. Wow, that is one incredible MOC! It's not very often that you see things of that scale :) -Junpei
  5. I'm currently in my "dark ages", I think. I think I may be coming back out of them, I build a few things every now and then, but I haven't even been sharing them on EB or even documenting them with photos. My LEGO is currently being sorted, I really hope I can come back out of my dark ages soon. :D Junpei
  6. Gratz on the new tag :D

  7. Are you still active? haven't seen you in awhile...

  8. @Rockbrick: I apologize for the misleading title, it's nearly centre-point steering. Almost a stud closer to the centre of the wheel than you would get with e.g. this as a kingpin. Here's a picture showing it: Because of the perspective, it's a little bit off (it's a little bit farther out, possibly even truly centre-point, this picture is just demonstrating the concept). Junpei
  9. Hello! Today I'd like to present my idea for an axle I made, probably most ideal for small MOCs and model team trucks. A couple pictures, front and back (please ignore the 7L beam with the wheel on the end, I used it to prop it up so I could take photos :P ) The two links on each side allow the pivot point to be projected outwards, creating a pivot very close to the center of the wheel, and somehow it also has Ackermann geometry (tbh, the ackermann was not even intentional, I was ecstatic and very surprised when I first steered it ) Steering is done by rotating the cam you see in the middle of the axle. Well, I think that about covers it. I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to incorporate it into any MOCs if you wish. Happy building, Junpei
  10. Dang, those wheels look awesome! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm almost certain that they're actually for smaller rims than the Unimog tyres. The tyre walls are thick and the tyres themselves are wide, but I don't think they're going to be replacement for power pullers, might be good for the F1 like Paul said :P -Junpei
  11. Junpei

    [ LDD MOC ] Gundam Chroma S1 Virya

    That is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.
  12. I'm back, woohoo! And I'm in EUROPE!

  13. Junpei

    Hey, I'm Junpei!

    Heyo! I'm Junpei, and I guess you could say I'm a new member, judging by my post count. I used to be known as twentyleggedhen on EB, but I try not to think about that because I never made MOCs and just browsed and sh*tposted. Not this time! No, I have been reborn as Junpei! By making this post, I vow to be participate in the community in a positive way, constantly make and improve my MOCs, and try new themes. Well, I think that's just about it. I'm really looking forward to my time on EB with all of its wonderful members.
  14. (°^°)/=====•