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  1. arvo

    Kaneda's Bike - the Book

    Thanks a lot for your comments!!! We try to get the same level of "quality" the model, in the pics, in the composition...sometimes we get it, and other's impossible!!! :laugh:
  2. Thanks again guys! :wink: Hi Theo, uhmm, that's a good question! I don't know to be honest. In terms of resolution and dimensions, the instructions were created to be digital/online but I suppose that you could print them for private use if you want.
  3. Thanks for your comments guys! Hi Jim, There will be another four instructions related to the other four "Super Cars" (8860, 8865, 8880 and 8448) and the price is expected to be the same for each one as the level of difficulty/number of pages is quite similar in all of them. As you know, making instructions takes a lot of time, and these ones are not an exception. Just one example, we paint the studs one to one with black just to get the same look of the old instructions! :D And this is just one of the processes over the images... Thanks for your words Blakbird, we are glad that you liked the style of the instructions! :sweet:
  4. Hi there! :) Seven years ago, my brother and I decided to build the miniature of the classic 8865 Test Car, as this particular set was always one of our favorites. As many of you, we have a very special connection with this set. When we were kids, we tried to replicate the front/middle section of the car -with the only reference of the LEGO® catalog from 1989- dozens of times...unsuccessfully! Our collection was small at that time, and our only dream was to have enough red technic bricks to build the red beast... ...we only have to look at this picture to remember why we're into LEGO®. The people behind these images -designers, photographers- were truly artists. Probably, some of you remember our "Super Size Me #8865" from 2007: ...the thing is we had a lot of fun with this little model so we couldn't stop building more and more...! Recently we decided to make building instructions of these old models, working in chronological order. We have just released the first set of instructions on MOCplans, the replica of the legendary 853 Super Car Chassis, released in 1977. This is how the cover looks: We hope to release the other four "Super Size Me" instructions in the next weeks, we'll keep you updated on this. If you're interested, you can find them following the link: one: #8860! See ya soon! :) Regards, Amador & Ramón (arvo)
  5. arvo

    Kaneda's Bike - the Book

    Absolutely agree!...AKIRA, Magnetic Rose (from Memories) or Ghost in the Shell, are just an example of our favorite anime movies...the designs, not only the "objects", also the backgrounds, buildings or environments, simply fantastic. More details about the book here:
  6. arvo

    Kaneda's Bike - the Book

    Hi there! We'd like to show you our last "work", based in one of our favorite models, the Kaneda's Bike. It's just a revision of the bike built 7 or 8 years ago but, also represents our new way to feel this hobby...we need to extend and to complete the experience. Not only we want/need to play, also we want to explain and show all the details of the process...and pay tribute to the creator of AKIRA, Katsuhiro Ōtomo. The best way we know...a Book! It's rare, we feel that we need more and more...but, at the same time, less and less... ...ummm,!!!, we mean more and more...BRICKSSSS!!!!! We hope you like it: More pictures here: Cheers, Arvo