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  1. Gavinfuzzy

    LDD MOC/MOD: Vintage Western-style steam train

    Nice, the proportions on these passenger cars are much better than my attempt at them. :)
  2. Gavinfuzzy

    Future Train sets discussion/speculation

    I think I heard the cry of a thousand wallets when I read that.
  3. So, it appears many are keen on the 4" wide MOC style, but to my knowledge, there is no 4 wide straight track per say, only the "rack and pinion" styled one with the teeths. So today, I stumbled upon this clone brand sets (in store), that actually made 4 wide tracks. The appear to be from a brand called WANGE. Never seen them before, online. The track looks pretty good, it follows the style of the modern PF tracks. 1 stud wide sleepers too. Only potential issue is the way they are connected. the rails are offset, and could probably lead to some connection issues. Comparison to an Enlighten clone of the MOT steam engine. The boxes these things come in... They make some engine designs, that appear to be based off the Creator small trains. More clone sets. Just thought I'd share this. ;) Did not get anything, as they ran out of the Enlighten sets. Would have liked that Enlighten MOT Train from the 1st picture. Also, after playing with them, and feeling the sets in hand, I must say, the quality is very good. The brick fit is nice and tight too.
  4. Gavinfuzzy

    LDD MOC: Constitution Train Passenger Car

    It's actually light gray. ;) Also, PAB only has white tiles. :( I do have some spare grey roof tiles though.
  5. Gavinfuzzy

    LDD MOC: Constitution Train Passenger Car

    Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, This was a compromise between the actual size and the squashed down size that lego made the rest of the cars. I was also restricting myself based on the number of pieces of roof slopes i can get in this grey colour. They are fairly hard to come by... :| Especially in this parts of the world. That's an interesting way of doing the stairs. Might do that in a future model. The design is mostly restrained by the amount of pieces i can realistically get. PAB does not ship here, and it would be a hassle to go through Bricklink. There are some stores that have a PAB-like service here, and most of the pieces they carry are very basic. But that's all I'm going to get. I like the idea of bent flex tubing.... I never knew such a piece existed...
  6. Gavinfuzzy

    LDD MOC: Constitution Train Passenger Car

    18/7/13 Revision 1: Some minor changes. Added interior for the fun of it. Thanks to legoman666 for pointing out the missing clear parts in the roof. Oops. Legoman666: I'm planning to use the long printed green brick from the enlighten set, hence I won't be adding the textured part for now. ;) Moved around some colours, the black stripe, while not movie accurate, works oddly well. You can see some of the interior lighting from here. Some interior details.
  7. 18/7/13 Revision 1: See posts below. Hello all. 1st "real" post here. :) Some background info: I used to collect Lego city sets up till 2008, where I just got out of it, and have not bought a set since. Over the years, sets like the Emerald Night/ Maeresk Train have interested me, but I never got around to picking it up. Saw the Lone Ranger a few weeks back, and then I was really tempted to get the Constitution Train. Am planning to get it, as soon as it goes on sale. So, in the meantime, I decided to make some MOC passenger cars for it, to make it a tad more screen accurate. There are some reference material online, and I did not got for a 100% look. Just something that looked "about right". Probably not the best MOC too, it's my 1st time working with any LDD of sorts. And here's what I got after some playing around in LDD. It's not perfect, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Now, I will actually be buying one of the Enlighten trains to build this. Just to get the nifty printed window pieces, and the chassis. For about $14 USD, It'll be cheaper than getting lego parts for the chassis. Also, the off-coloured green could possibly work out to create a two-toned car, which could look pretty cool. My only fear is that this car is way too tall for the Constitution train, given its small size. Oh well, I'll have to wait and see.
  8. Gavinfuzzy

    MOC: Royal military armored train of Blackferrum

    Damn, that looks great! The colour combo worked great. Can this thing take bends? Also, if you take it off the rails it could actually look like something out of Mortal Engines. (By Phillip Reeve) You should take a look/read. Pretty good steampunk novel.
  9. Gavinfuzzy

    Hello from Singapore!

    Yep. Currently saving up for the Constitution Train. $140USD, ouch. Will probably be getting some past train sets from now. Though I don't have space for a permanent layout. Like I said, I own most of the "original run" city 2005 stuff. All are in tact and stored, so I might rip apart some to MOC.
  10. Gavinfuzzy

    Am I a lone Indonesian, or at least, Asian here?

    From Singapore too. Would probably have to know Whitefang after awhile...
  11. Gavinfuzzy

    Character Building and Lego

    The decisions that go behind the making of a CB set is ridiculous. It's honestly just a COBI rebrand. The amount of mold flash on the bricks are really bad. Is that brand even available out of the UK? I know its not seen here. Got the Mini TARDIS set, and the bricks feel sturdy, but just the way it's put together, its not the most secure of things. Stickers that are too small, and stuck across 2-3 parts? From what I heard, the figures can't even climb the stairs on the TARDIS Play set, due to poorly designed feet/ lack of clearance. The Dalek spaceship also seems to fall apart. Got them mainly for the Doctor Who figures. Sets are pretty much rubbish.
  12. Gavinfuzzy

    How long before you take apart a set?

    Never. I'm honestly not sure why. I don't display my sets, got no space for that. But It's probably because once it breaks apart, stuff just gets missing into the void, never to be seen or rebuilt again.
  13. Gavinfuzzy

    Your dream Lego theme

    Back then, I would have said Transformers. However, since hasbro started doing their own thing, Their Kreons (minifigures) have a good and unique style to them. I like em. The sets, are still pretty damned crappy. But then again, I expect Lego would take the whole "rebuilding" route to tackle transformation too, lest one mode ends up looking way worse. So I guess I'll go with Doctor Who. The license is currently held by Character, the group that makes the action figure. But honestly, it's just a COBI rebrand. Now i have no issue with the COBI quality, but the design is downright bad. The minifigures can barely fit on stairs due to the bad leg design. The way sets are made too, its structurally unstable, and mostly bland looking. At least Hasbro's KREO stuff actually holds up. Also, I like what Megablocks is doing with Halo. I've got no space for the big sets, but I collect the minifigs. The sculpting there is excellent. Paint is great too.
  14. Gavinfuzzy

    2013 Lone Ranger Sets

    Watched the movie a week or 2 ago. I know it bomed, but I loved it. The whole thing worked out for me. This could possibly be the line that gets me back into lego... Planning to buy em, after not buying any sets since 2008...
  15. Got out in 2008. Did not stay "in" very long though. Started in 2005, when CITY started. 3 years, but I still managed to acquire most of the CITY sets from 2005-2008. Am not really back in, but currently eying the train sets... I'll probably be back in when I get around to buying the Constitution Train (which should be soon). My wallet cries. Got out of Lego to buy Transformers, which I still am...