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Found 15 results

  1. After the Long Beard III sank in a storm last month, the shipyard got to work to ready her sistership. The first mate checks in with the gun crews to make sure everything is ready to sail. Just a quick build for sistershipping, but that Roman numeral is getting big, as we're up to the Long Beard IV now!
  2. And... I know you all thought there weren't any more of these, but... Probably the last micro build prize from Challenge V from an Eslandolan! (Don't take my word for it necessarily, though, I could be wrong ) Every village growing into a town (or into a large town) needs a place to get its horseshoes fixed and its tools and weapons mended! Drop in at the blacksmith's shop outside Puerto Desafio to have all you metallic needs attended to in fashion! Commissioned by Captain Whiffo, who obviously noticed the lack of a blacksmith shop and saw the opportunities - not to say, saw the DB signs... The backside: One last shot: Hey all! Just a little micro-vig from me showing off my light grey texture collection! (Ok, I do have a wee bit more...) I'll be licencing this as a small artisan for Puerto Desafio, which should hopefully boost the settlement up to large town status. Credit for that awesome fence design goes entirely to Full Plate! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  3. Puerto Desafio, on Isla de Victoria, is growing quickly. Fuerte Unido may be the island's original Eslandolan settlement, but with the tireless efforts of Marquis Alkurda, the town of Puerto Desafio is quickly becoming the cosmopolitan center of the island. New residences are going up quickly. Evidence of this can be seen here, as a wealthy merchant and his socialite wife move into their new townhouse. . Another view: ----- This was my fourth build of the Thanksgiving holiday. It's basically a scaled down version of my Weelond Investment and Financial Exchange with less ornamentation and without the prefab roof. Just a quick build while I had some time and modest inspiration. Thanks for looking, and all C&C welcome.
  4. Puerto Desafio sits at the mouth of the Harlin River, where it empties into the Bay of Good Hope on the west side of Isla de Victoria. The river widens gradually, and while the delta is not particularly hazardous, a marker is needed to safely guide ships into the waterway. When Mardier first discovered the island and founded a settlement here, they built a lighthouse on a small rocky outcropping on the far western edge of the delta. During the Eslado-Mardierian war of 616-617, the upper half of the lighthouse was destroyed, but now Eslandola has rebuilt it and returned the lighthouse to full use. Here we see the keeper of the lighthouse and a lovely visitor. She comes to the lighthouse often to gaze across the bay and think about the time her merchant beau will return from his trade run. Meanwhile, the keeper takes a break from his work and scans the sea as well. But soon he will have to be back to work. The lighthouse uses dozens of tallow candles, and they often need to be replaced. Some additional views: As usual, all C&C welcome!
  5. "Are you alright?" Victor Servadac opened his eyes. An Oleon man were holding his arm and trying to catch his gaze. "Oh, yes, thank you. I got a little dizzy, that's all", Victor excused himself. He was getting these spells more often lately. The Oleon made sure the old man was able to stand on his own two peg legs, and asked twice if there was anything more he could assist with. Victor respectfully thanked, but insisted that he could manage from here on, and the young man departed. He missed Granoleon. All the grandiose inspiring building details in stone. It was hard to come by good quality stone out here in the colonies. More money in bananas they say. But how can you value edibles over art that are built to last for centuries, spreading ideas and beauty for generations to come. I guess it comes down to how hungry you are. He had just visited the new ambassadeurs arriving from the Oleon based RNTC. Major Alkurda had made sure the build was properly decorated and any red flowers were trimmed away before the visitors arrived. Hopefully they would appreciate it as an invitation and not a bribe. Sweat ran down his forehead as he steadied himself. He was tired and felt the last year had been draining. But it was not time to rest yet. The White Glove Order had summoned him for a meeting. The first one since his initiation. He had been drunk that night, and to this very day still did not know what it was all about. Just how about all it was, Victor Servadac was about to find out...
  6. One of the great Eslandian heroes of the war with Mardier was Maurice of Greene, Prince of Brickwall, Cousin to King Fernando, and descended from a long line of Eslandolan military leaders, Maurice led the decisive charge in the Battle of La Puebloto. Maurice fell in battle, but his gallantry turned the tide and won the day. Now, his sacrifice is honored with a memorial in Puerto Desafio. As the citizens pass by the memorial every day, many stop to admire the large sculpture of Maurice on horseback, leading that charge. Elders explain to their children the sacrifice Maurice made. A veteran of the war stops to salute the fallen leader. The Prince of Brickwall, and the Eslandian ideals he exemplified, will not be forgotten. A small art & culture build for Puerto Desafio. All C&C welcome.
  7. The best thing about being a merchant was returning home to your most valuable assets with reassurance that the trade have gone well, and the family will survive another stormy period (I don't know if it is monsoons, or fall/winters in this region, but whatever the equivalent of that is). Three of the many refurbished residences in Puerto Desafio. I tried to make 3 different styles of buildings (Dutch/spanish, German/Suisse, French/Italian -ish), 3 different roof techniques and some training on groundwork/paths. I am trying to improve my quick build skills for buildings, and my overall groundwork, so C&C welcome :) I'll see if I manage to get some better pictures when it is daylight, and when this flu stops bothering me. I will license as 3 separate small residences (built on one 16x32 and one 16x16 base). Edit. More pictures:
  8. With the evergrowing economy in Trador, MAESTRO founded a warehouse in Puerto Desafio. Due to its central location, it was the perfect base to trade with the surrounding villages. --- Will be licenced as a large commercial property (Challenge 5 (Eslandola) free licence/price for participating in every category) The road was really a struggle :p
  9. Captain Cookie loves to stop by at Puerto Desafio to purchase a fresh supply of eponymous cookies. "George's Pastry Shop" is the place the adventurous traveller is looking for when it comes to pastry: George's little helpers are scurrying around the shop and the workshop area. George and the happy customers remain undeterred. The shop owner himself is a tall but quiet guy with a rather large nose (nobody would dare to mention this fact in fear of their cookie supply being cut off) who hardly ever says a word. The dough used for the many cakes produced here is of finest brickworld quality. Customers also treasure the wonderful multi-coloured sugar coatings. And although Captain Cookie has already paid a small fortune for his bag of cookies, he feels obliged to give a large tip to one of George's co-workers, as always. Despite the fact that - amongst other ingredients - large quantities of bananas are delived to the shop everyday, banana cakes are not available for sale. As mentioned before the peckish traveller can find "George's Pastry Shop" in Puerto Desafio, not far from the harbour, right in the middle of Brickwall-Jones-Avenue. C&C welcome.
  10. Another property for Puerto Desafio: a post mill to grind grain into flour. This will be licensed as a small factory. When we first starting discussing the microbuild prizes from Challenge V, Captain Braunsfeld asked "you mean, like, no more than 8 pieces?" or something like that. So for this microbuild I decided to see if I could in fact make it with only 8 pieces. Alas, with the technic pin that holds on the sails, it uses 9 pieces. So close! All C&C welcome!
  11. In order to alleviate the lack of ceremonies after becoming a constitutional monarchy, Marquis Alkurda used the opportunity to present a gift to Captain Whiffo, as a token of gratitude that he stopped by. Alkurda knew the power of rituals, and even though he was very fond of his grandfathers sword, he did not have anything else of value close at hand. Despite his many years walking this earth, he had still not learned foresight. It was the hardest skill to learn of them all. Captain Whiffo was slightly put of by this gest. "Why would anyone give away something for nothing?", he though to himself. "Oh, well, it's free" he thought, almost letting go of the steam that had built up these last couple of days. "It says "Made in the Molokei Empires" on the hilt", Captain Whiffo said aloud as he noticed it. "You know as well as me, that we have been traders for longer than most can remember, so it is no wonder that we have connections all over the known world. This particular sword was made before they got a bad reputation for producing things cheap for us. Their craftmanship is remarkable, but the wages are far less for the same job. If we could only get the same wages for sailors, we could rule the world.Our sources say that lifes are not as much worth there as in our civilized part of the world. We have many many opportunities there. I know have many connections there, and know a lot of people. In fact, I know all of them." Presenting the sword After Alkurda had presented the sword, it was time for the entertainment. The fool played his role well. His inspiration had set the foundation for that (by instruction of the Marquis). Fool walks in with angry words and false flags Captain Whiffo seemed to be enjoying himself. So the fool tried to play a trick on them. He presented a newly crafted deck of cards, and said "Pick 5 cards, any card at all. Do not look at them until I say so.", the fool beckoned them. Pick a card, any card Then he shuffled the remaining cards behind his bak and drew 5 card himself, apparently at random. "Look at that, my four of a kind beats your house." the fool said. The Cheating Fools last trick "Ehm... I have a few objections to that", Marquis Alkurda objected. "First of all I drew my cards from a new deck. If you look at my hand I have two aces. Hearts and Spades. How come you have a ace of hearts and a ace of spades on your hand? Reason tells me you are playing this hand using dirty tricks and subterfuge in order to put me in a bad position. It would seem like that at first glance, but you are cheating. So this will unfortunately be your last trick as a fool against Eslandola." Captain Whiffo picked up on the que, and shot in "You entertained us well, but your tricks and showmanship can not alter the rules of the game, I will never see this fool perform on Elsandolan soil, ever again.". "It seems we are of same mind, Captain", Alkurda responded. " I shall see to it that he never tries to fool any other Eslandolans, or we have to contact the actors guild and inform them of the new taxes we are thinking of implementing. I am sure they would appreciate the information". The fool went away, with his tail between his legs. World is watching A messenger from the WGO-ESL veteran company, entered the room and informed the party that their troops had been denied entry to Nova Malto, but the medics were allowed inside, and that peace talks were ongoing. "What, peace talks? What for? We already have peace." Captain Whiffo exclaimed. "The human condition is a hard one to understand. Sometimes people have to learn the hard way. Sacrifices must be made. But in this particular matter, we are not the ones that have to give in. We have done all we can. It is all up to the Corries if they want to get out alive or not." the Marquis assured him. One way or the other What he did not tell anyone, was the struggle he had with his own conscience. One side of him said " Let it go, let Corrington dictate the rules. Let it go, Let it go. Why can't we be friends?" while the other side beckoned him to act on his impulses: "Make them pay. They did this to us for no reason. Give them their own medicine. Let there be bloooooooooooooooooooooooood!" Paaarty Of course we didn't kill the fool. We just withdrew his license to perform in Eslandola. What do you think we are? Savages? Even savages behave when they are only visitors on another countrys land. We fought for our right to party, and reserve the right to excempt anyone that is not in a party mood, Luckily, for the fool, he turned in time, and found out that the Beer Weelond had sent had the desired effect of strengthening morale and honesty became easier the more he drank. Before he knew it he had regained common sense, and saw the error of his ways.
  12. Near the Harlin's river mouth, The Doctor invested some doubloons to save a little but productive kiwi plantation and a small tumbledown cottage. C&C welcome Thanks to Eslandola for the small property.
  13. The devastation Mardier left behind did not only leave the remaining citizens without housing and infrastructure. They even burned most of the crops. There were always fish and lemons, but in order to feed everyone it was dire need of some potatoes and a sprig of parsley. The WGO (White Glove Order) took this important task head on and restored one of burnt out war factories Mardier left behind. It should serve a new role. To bring the people knowledge of the earth and how to make the most nutritious fruits and vegetables. As a result The Instituto de Superior Agronomia (Agriculture School - small cultural microbuild license) was founded in Puerto Desafio. Isla de Victoria would not only become self sufficient, it would be an important resupply haven in the Prio Seas
  14. While exploring the area around Puerte Citrus Plantation. We had already been wondering why the Marderians that lived here before rarely ate anything else - now we had our answer. Seeing the usefulness of these fruit, we quickly sent out a crew of workers to keep the plantation running. We'll probably put them to use on our ships, not go on a diet based purely on them though... Medium Plantation, activated as a Challenge Reward via microbuild
  15. After the war, Eslandola had taken full control over "Isla de Victoria", which now had started to deserve its name. Román Fontonajo had ordered his men to take one of the now deserted old warehouses, renovate it, and start the one thing that actually is Eslandola: Trading! Small Commerce, activated as challenge-reward via microbuild.