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  1. pinioncorp

    Chances of an Emerald Night re-release?

    The Lone Ranger train was awesome. It had a great looking engine and carriages, and plenty of fun play features. It didn't include a motor but it was offered at a great price. But... the movie flopped. Westerns are dead. Kids no longer dream of playing cowboys and indians, robbing banks and being the Marlboro man. And Red Dead Redemption 2 isn't going to relight any fires for long. They want what they see around them now, trains are becoming less and less relevant on the toy scene. Cool, modern looking trains are our last hope of keeping the train theme going. But it always comes back to this: as long as Lego is making some semblance of trains, the AFOL community can continue to make our own creations with the parts provided.
  2. pinioncorp

    10264 Corner Garage

    I'm going to jump on the hate train too, toot toot mf-ers. As a whole, I hate it. The garage is nice but doesn't suit a multi level building. The building above isn't balanced terribly well and breaks the continuity of the lines of the building - the windows are all different sizes and shapes and don't line up. And it's a shame they didn't get to use the new coral colour either. The gaps, the lack of tiles on the ground floor, everything about it really feels a bit spartan. I think it will make a reasonable parts pack, albeit expensive, which is fortunate as that may be all it ends up being for me.
  3. pinioncorp

    2018 competition of China Lego Train Funs Group

    They're all fantastic. Great detailing across the bogies on all models too, really makes them look weighty. Even the South African steamer from the parts of 10183 is very impressive. Excellent entries all round!
  4. pinioncorp

    [MOC] Water tower - 1 meter high

    Very impressive! Great technique with the tiles and the new angled slopes close the gaps around the windows nicely. The roof looks great too without noticeable holes. You've certainly set a precedent with the height of your builds now! Well done.
  5. pinioncorp

    [MOC] Art Nouveau Modular Corner Building

    Stunning! Beautifully decorated without being overly adorned and excellent sense of balance and composure. While it's colourful, the baseline use of subtle details in white is what brings the whole build together. Well done.
  6. pinioncorp

    REVIEW: 75955: Hogwarts Express

    The square windows on the passenger car are a disappointment. Otherwise this is clearly the best Hogwarts they've made so far, both in playability and appearance.
  7. pinioncorp

    SNCF Class X73500

    Wonderfully recreated, great proportions. Colour scheme really pops too. Well done.
  8. pinioncorp

    Minifig-scaled remote controlled truck

    This is brilliant and I want one!
  9. pinioncorp

    [MOC] House in Vilnius

    Beautiful building. The accuracy of the details is incredible and the proportions are surprisingly precise, something that is not an easy feat with the limitations of the Lego system. While you've recreated it's shape and details remarkably, I feel you've missed the mark on the colour palette. While the brickwork would've been nice in dark orange, I concede that it's an expensive colour and in has limited part availability, however the stonework would have been better in tan and dark tan to highlight the age and weathering. I'd also like to see the roof in dark brown, possibly mottled with reddish brown. Some potted plants on the lower window ledges would also soften the otherwise harsh colours too. Wonderful job either way, the attention to detail is impeccable, and I hope to see more like it.
  10. pinioncorp

    City High Rise

    I will definitely be stealing borrowing that roller door design. Great build all round, with a realistic albeit repetitive appearance, just like real life. Great job.
  11. Fantastic. I would have said it was a Lego set with the cleanliness if it weren't for the moc level detail. Well done!
  12. pinioncorp

    MOC - Modular based on Corner Deli 31050

    I've always hated this set, for a couple of reasons: I think it'd look better with the blue on the bottom (painted) and the orange on top (exposed bricks). I despise the lack of continuity though the set with it's heavy upper window dressing, which is not consistent over the rest of the building, or even on the same floor. The ground floor, at the same height in bricks as the upper floor, makes it look top heavy. But having said that, I think you've made the most out of the resources at hand. The interior you've made is lovely and exudes character the set never had, and you've balanced the elements well. The size you've made it is great, it fits into the modular street scene well. As for improvements, I feel the window decoration on the upper floor is just too much for such a small building. It would look more suitable if the building was similarly framed in grey (along the edges of the building) to match. The sheer perceived weight of the window and walls on the second floor looks too heavy for the extensively glassed ground floor to take and ends up looking top heavy. Again, like the set, the rear the door to the balcony is unadorned making it look odd against the neighbouring windows. All in all I think you've done a great job with the building but feel the starting point can lead people astray when trying to convert it into something more modular in size while trying to be relatively faithful to the flawed design of the set.
  13. pinioncorp

    [MOC] Cavity Corner

    Wonderful creation, the lime green is certainly eye popping. But the brown building is the real hero with it's intricate detail. Also love the use of the printed modulex tiles. Don't feel obligated to build an interior - it's fun and can really bring out some great creativity but for the most part it's never seen and will be a waste of bricks and money. That turret window will be impossibly small to work with too.
  14. pinioncorp

    [MOC] Historic truck

    Great little truck, really clever techniques there. The back tires do indeed make that type of truck more believable, and the posed front wheels really sell the look. Great job!
  15. pinioncorp

    [MOC] Ă˜sterlars Church

    Wonderful recreation of an awkwardly shaped building - getting those curved rooves together is quite the accomplishment! The fact that there's no visible gaps shows the incredible attention to detail. I do however think the cone on top needs one plate under it just to lift it into line with the rest of the roof. The copious amount of gardens around the building give it a lot of life too. Great job! Oh, and the compulsory "Bring back sand red!" Especially a shame since the gravel around the tombstones looks *exactly* like sand red in the photo.