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  1. 1968 FIAT 500 F

    Fantastic. I would have said it was a Lego set with the cleanliness if it weren't for the moc level detail. Well done!
  2. MOC - Modular based on Corner Deli 31050

    I've always hated this set, for a couple of reasons: I think it'd look better with the blue on the bottom (painted) and the orange on top (exposed bricks). I despise the lack of continuity though the set with it's heavy upper window dressing, which is not consistent over the rest of the building, or even on the same floor. The ground floor, at the same height in bricks as the upper floor, makes it look top heavy. But having said that, I think you've made the most out of the resources at hand. The interior you've made is lovely and exudes character the set never had, and you've balanced the elements well. The size you've made it is great, it fits into the modular street scene well. As for improvements, I feel the window decoration on the upper floor is just too much for such a small building. It would look more suitable if the building was similarly framed in grey (along the edges of the building) to match. The sheer perceived weight of the window and walls on the second floor looks too heavy for the extensively glassed ground floor to take and ends up looking top heavy. Again, like the set, the rear the door to the balcony is unadorned making it look odd against the neighbouring windows. All in all I think you've done a great job with the building but feel the starting point can lead people astray when trying to convert it into something more modular in size while trying to be relatively faithful to the flawed design of the set.
  3. [MOC] Cavity Corner

    Wonderful creation, the lime green is certainly eye popping. But the brown building is the real hero with it's intricate detail. Also love the use of the printed modulex tiles. Don't feel obligated to build an interior - it's fun and can really bring out some great creativity but for the most part it's never seen and will be a waste of bricks and money. That turret window will be impossibly small to work with too.
  4. [MOC] Historic truck

    Great little truck, really clever techniques there. The back tires do indeed make that type of truck more believable, and the posed front wheels really sell the look. Great job!
  5. [MOC] Ă˜sterlars Church

    Wonderful recreation of an awkwardly shaped building - getting those curved rooves together is quite the accomplishment! The fact that there's no visible gaps shows the incredible attention to detail. I do however think the cone on top needs one plate under it just to lift it into line with the rest of the roof. The copious amount of gardens around the building give it a lot of life too. Great job! Oh, and the compulsory "Bring back sand red!" Especially a shame since the gravel around the tombstones looks *exactly* like sand red in the photo.
  6. Or, they could do what they've been doing lately, and just not. They simply don't expect it to make them enough money to bother putting the resources towards it. All that matters to me is that they continue to support trains by producing the parts I need to make the trains I want. You'll never please everyone and even if you did it wouldn't cover the costs. The cuusoo/ideas platform says it all: the trains community can't get a train to pass the 10,000 votes required to get to review as no one can agree on what that train should look like.
  7. High-speed passenger train 600051 derails

    The trains are designed to derail around corners when going too fast. Kids like it. The track type really wouldn't affect the outcome.
  8. They could... but no one cares. It'd never sell.
  9. I just wish that this face had been made by Lego as opposed to a third party printer (In this case, Citizen Brick)
  10. While I think your requests here aren't unreasonable, and their introduction would be welcome, I do have to say: Sheesh, what a bunch of whingeing. None of the Lego fan communities have exactly what they need, there's always compromises to be had. Town group need architectual elements, train guys want wheels, sculptors want curved slopes, technic builders want connectors and cogs, spacers want cockpit canopies. Part of the challenge of Lego is doing the best you can with what you have. The fact that you have a stretcher piece at all is incredible, who cares what shape it is, it's recognisable. The window pieces won't please everyone so be creative with your interpretation. And as far as air tanks and helmets go, I'd much rather the introduction of a generic piece that can be used by all rather than a single use specific part.
  11. For me, the classic smiley is from a simpler time, when town sets weren't about cops and robbers but quiet day to day life. When it wasn't called "City". The manufacturing processes TLG had at the time wasn't as advanced so simple printed faces were the go, and as kids we didn't know any better. But consider this: The first modular building came out in 2007. Ten years have passed since then. Those that were buying the Cafe Corner in 2007 had memories of the classic smileys from their childhood. Those that are joining the modular line today don't have those same memories. I don't think it's an imagination thing, while the sets these days don't have the creativity built in like they did decades ago (you don't get alternate builds on the back of the box anymore), the classic smiley head still had a nostalgic appeal to the older audience that bought the early modulars. They weren't about the minifigures included in the set, the build experience was the hero. I for one can't stand the "play" features and "stories" they force into the latest modulars, it's a complete waste of bricks and can be detrimental to the final appearance of the building. All my minifgures have the classic smile. I for one, are disappointed to see them go. To my eyes, the detailled faces just aren't cute in the same way, but can understand their decision. I just hope that the classic smiley will not be discontinued completely.
  12. Don't Understand Brick Bank Hate

    I don't think it's a bad modular, certainly not as confused as the Palace Cinema, but it has some issues in my eyes. First and foremost, modular buildings are a great source of parts for general moccing as you get a whole heap of good, generic parts. The fact that the BB is mostly (common and cheap) white really dampened some of the anticipation. The BB is smaller than most other modular buildings released so far. It only has two levels as well (excluding the roof). Since it is supposed to be an imposing building of much wealth, this goes against the rhetoric. Short of the ingots for stones (that stop at the bottom of the arches?!?) there's very little in terms of new building techniques. Plenty of NPU, but externally it's basically all studs up. As a corner building, it suffers from a lack of consistency as it goes around the corner. The clock hides some of the issue, but the grille bricks that make up the square columns only work on one side of the building, leaving an ugly, visible seam on the other. The door rail at the top also stops short at the front. Is it a bad modular? No. It's not, but I wish they'd pull the roleplay elements from the builds and redirect that part count to visible size and complexity of the building itself.
  13. My lego town layout with real surfaces

    That's straight out of a 90's catalogue. Wonderful job!
  14. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    And no one's talking about the hideous new flower parts? That are (possibly) a replacement for the current classic flowers? I'm definitely surprised that Lego didn't move up the media release after the leak.
  15. Moc Winter Maison

    Looks pretty similar to 4954, albeit with textured walls. Looks a lot better with the extra detail, but still suffers from the same issues the original had, such as the strange gaps above the ground floor windows and the unfinished detailing across the roof.