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  1. PFx Brick for Trains, Kickstarter

    The project has been re-launched, support support !!! here
  2. Me-models website

    I don't put any invalid url's, I just try to login and see se my orders there. and I still get the FBI page
  3. Me-models website

    odd ! I get this page https://www.fbi.gov/investigate/cyber which looks pretty genuine to me
  4. Me-models website

    Am I the only one getting an FBI webpage on cyber-crime, when visiting me-models on http://www.me-models.com I have malware checked my computer several times, and it seems to be clean, and I am not blocked in any way, and it is the only website where I get this FBI page.
  5. Narrow gauge straights and cross track

    Yay, way to go ! do you have an estimated schedule for availability in your BL Shop ?
  6. Narrow gauge straights and cross track

    Wow, Fast and Perfect work, I will look forward to buy some in your BL shop The pic with the design from me, was just to give you an idea what I meant, your design is spot on what I wanted, and the Right (with transition) one looks better Quote: Would you also want them for the narrow gauge ? Yes PLease Quote Do you mean a half of the standard LEGO curve ? Yes, Half the length and number of degrees, so 2 pieces equals 1 Lego curve
  7. Narrow gauge straights and cross track

    I will definitely buy some tracks and wheels once available, An adapter from tracks to single rails like this but in 6 wide, half and quarter straights and half curves would also be nice.
  8. PF track I can modify myself including switches, the 9V switch is the way to go (If You want my dollars).
  9. Coaster: could you please state the color the kickstarter rewards will be in.
  10. Custom 9V tracks

    Wow, looks fantastic !!! Will you sell them as completely printed items, or will you sell the cad files, so we can go to a printer shop our selves. We have a big 3d printer shop here in Copenhagen
  11. DB 103 wagons/carriages - 4 different

    if you want to support this then support both these 2 projects: the waggons = https://ideas.lego.com/projects/121370 and the lok = https://ideas.lego.com/projects/102291
  12. New MOCs: Two passenger cars for my 0-8-0

    Don't, your builds really containts some (for me at least), usefull new techniques, keep sharing. Maybe simple, but very inspirational.
  13. Custom 9V tracks

    Great work "Coaster" with this lego custom switch, I will definite join if you start a kickstarter project with this.