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  1. Looks good so far. In case your blade solution doesn't end up working out, Artic Helicrane, 60034, is 6 bladed and uses a hexigonal piece for attaching the blades. I haven't looked to see if it will work with those blades though.
  2. This is great! Is there a way to launch the drone into the air using the air pressure, or is it too heavy?
  3. I'm new to Lego and Technic and was wondering if anyone has seen any deformation of suspension components or tires from just bearing the weight of a completed model displayed for a long period of time. If so how long did it take to notice the effect?
  4. letsbuild54

    [MOC] Off-road truck (model c for 42054)

    This looks fantastic! Thank you for providing instructions. It's incredibly generous of you. I have not assembled my Claas yet, so I might do this model first.
  5. letsbuild54

    Sets with large sized extra pieces

    Both Fire Station (60110) and Friends Amusement Park Roller Coaster (41130) have an extra fire pole.