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Found 2 results

  1. Yawn in disinterest weary traveller for you have come face to face with the least notorious band of pirates in the seven oceans of space: The Hook Hand Gang. Murmur refusal when they offer tax advice, Shrug with mild indifference at their top ten list of savory pies, Roll your eyes at their insistance at a proper breakfast. Sigh as they take the time to politely introduce themselves: Captain Squiggly Captain Squiggly became a pirate as a young squid when he missread an advert seeking a fearless pirater as seeking a fearless pie rater. (the wording was misleading and english was his second language). Initially disappointed, he decided to stick with it, surmising that he would probably come into contact with some pies at some point during the extensive travel involved in pirating. The young Squiggly, always eager to please, lost his hand trying to retrieve his captain's pocketwatch from the jaws of a crocodile. He inherited his ship and his captaincy when the rest of the crew were all eaten by a much larger and angrier crocodile while he was below deck researching savory pie fillings. On becoming captain, Squiggly set about recruiting a crew that was as equally as lacking in piratey conviction as he was, and together they sail the seven oceans of space looking for treasure, eating pies, and generally staying out of trouble. Hugo Hugo suffers from mild Mysophobia, a fear of germs, and wears his home-made metal helmet with built-in air filter to prevent him from breathing in anything nasty. The heavy weight of it has helped him to develop very strong neck muscles, but his promising swimming career has suffered. Princess Squarkers Pollard the Magnificent MEng When Captain Squiggly retired from piracy he had dreams of becoming a champion parrot breeder. With a keen eye for a bargin he spotted a miss-labelled parrot at a Space Police confiscated items auction. Hoping to train her for the Pan Galaxy Fancy Parrot Competition, he gave her the suitably grand title of Princess Squarkers Pollard the Magnificent. Unfortunately for Captain Squiggly, Princess Squarkers Pollard the Magnificent thought talent shows were stupid and ran off to engineering College. Four years later she graduated top of her class when the Mech she built stomped on all her classmate's final year projects. Lady Elisabet Stone Lady Elisabet doesn't think her past is any concern of yours, thank you very much. Which is unfortunate as her's is by far the most interesting back story. Fred the Dolphin Frederica is an advanced species of dolphin evolved to swim through, and breath, almost any liquid or gas, from salt water to the vacuum of space. She was trained by the Imperial Guard to rescue lost astronauts and to locate floating mines, and served in their navy for 2 years. However the constant emphasis on parading and paperwork over actual mine clearing led to her resigning at the ealiest opportunity. After leaving the military she was in high demand with pirate crews throughout the seven oceans but chose to join the Hook Hand Gang because of their progressive policies on dolphin equality (All dolphins in the Gang may be armed with two large cannons if they so chose), Ice Cream (There is always time to stop for Ice Cream) and Parades (There will be no parades). The rest of the gang sometimes thinks she looks a little smug, which may be true, but that's only because being a dolphin who can swim through space is excellent. "Trendy" Jack When most men reach middle age they buy a hover car, or a small space ship, or tell everyone that if it wasn't for that injury in high school they could of had a successful zero-g football career. Not Jack, he decided to become a Space Pirate. And to prove to everyone that he is still young and original he got himself a pink mohawk, just like half the other pirates in space. He's secretly relieved that the Hook Hand Gang doesn't really concern itself with traditional piracy. He acts as the Gang's accountant.
  2. Exciting Opportunity! Due to the continuous expansion of, we are looking for a fresh, devoted Auction Scout for the Classic-Pirates blog. Please be certain you are able to commmit to the requirements before responding. Training Auction Scouts consumes valuable time and rescources so we only want submissions from those genuinely interested. Requirements: To seek and post a range of LEGO Pirate eBay Auctions in the LEGO Pirates Forum and the LEGO Pirates MOC Sub-Forum. You must be fluent in written English - this is extremely important! Minimum age of 16. You must be able to maintain a minimum output average of one auction post every two weeks. Advantageous but not essential: Familiarity with the Wordpress Blogging platform. Previous experience blogging or writing articles. Graphic design/photo editing skills. Knowledge of XHTML and CSS. The Benefits: Your Eurobricks username will appear on the Crew Page (including a biography provided by yourself) Get access to an exclusive hidden forum known as The Shipyard Have the opportunity to be involved in exciting promotions and projects Upon successfully completing your 4-6 week probation you will be awarded a Classic-Pirates Rank and special tag You will have the opportunity to receive promotions within the Shipyard Ranking System and work your way into higher positions. You will receive one-on-one training to further your online technical skills, improve your written English skills and gain valuable experience as a team player - these are transferable skills you can use for future opportunities. If you meet the requirements please introduce yourself and post your submission of interest in this thread.