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  1. CvS

    Pirates - Early Character and Comic Designs

    This topic is about the Pirates Comic(s), but wasn't there also a topic on the Lady Bird Pirates Books?? Or a topic in which they are mentioned? I've downloaded them once, I think from one of the topics on this forum. Can't find it anymore...
  2. CvS

    LEGO 10320 Eldorado Fortress - MOC / MOD Thread

    Still haven't gotten around to that (taking pictures)... The fort is now populated by pirates and mainly used every now and then by my daughter (together with me ;) to play. For some time now, a number of soldiers from PAB-country have arrived to take over the fort again... I have mainly been busy with Castle lately, expanding that part of the collection. In combination with a Castle MOC. (but I almost dare not say that/Castle here... ;) Really nice!
  3. CvS

    Islanders Lore

    This website (German) gives an nice overview of all the Islander-sets and a little bit of background info.
  4. CvS

    [POLL] Yellow vs Fleshies

  5. CvS

    Pirates - Early Character and Comic Designs

    Thanks! So there was some material, that only partially 'made it'. That comic would have been really nice as well. It's a shame; can't understand why LEGO didn't develop and release it... It really worked with Pirates -I think directly on the time of release / '89-'90(?)- so why not copy it to the (later) Castle sets / factions of that time? After digging up my childhood sets about a year ago -almost to the day- and using that as a start to complete the Classic Pirates sets from '89 - '95, I thereafter did the same with my childhood Castle sets. I recently completed my Crusaders/Lion Knights, Black Falcons, Forestmen and Wolfpack . (and to think that at first I was thinking about selling them, since Pirates is -still- my absolute favorite) With Wolfpack (and Forestmen) being the favorite faction within Castle. Wolf! Do you know of any lore for the Forestmen? (or is that off topic ;) The lore etc. really adds to a theme. Thanks for your work and effort!
  6. CvS

    Pirates - Early Character and Comic Designs

    What a great post! Thanks for all the work and info. Island of Mist is the black and white one, right? What is the other, second cancelled Pirates comic? Does anyone know why Pirates is the only LEGO theme that has such an extensive lore? With elobarate, reoccuring characters with specific names, comics, books, audio etc. I would think it's possible with Castle as well. A specific king and queen etc. for the Crusaders/Lion Knights, Black Falcons etc. A nice name and accompanying story for a Wolfpack leader... Castle Kids: Robber Baron comic was a one time thing? The only Castle character I know of with a name is Majisto. But there 's no story to go with it, for as far as I know. More info on the Pirates lore should be able to be found in the LEGO archives, I suppose? Maybe filling in the parts that Per Sanderhage doens't remember. Assuming such archives exist. LEGO has an archive with al the sets, so why not. Duck Bricks met with the Bionicle designer, Christian Faber, that also worked on some Pirates material (+/- 53:00). He still has that material in his private collection, so it seems, so maybe some of the other (Pirate) designers still have some undisclosed Pirates material....
  7. Just stumbled upon these guides; this is great!
  8. CvS

    Shooting and Non-Shooting Cannons...What you Have!?

    OK, cheers and agree I've only been here since march ;)
  9. CvS

    Shooting and Non-Shooting Cannons...What you Have!?

    Huh? What's wrong with bumping (old) topics? When is a topic too old to 'bump' (learned a new expression in English.) Isn't it useful to combine topics? To have one thread for a certain topic instead of mutiple?
  10. CvS

    90 Years LEGO Exhibition - Pirates

    Yesterday I saw one of the 'missing' Pirates cabinets, at LEGO World 2023: Two of the Pirates cabinets were displayed at the LEGO museum area. One of which was the same as at the LEGO exhibition in Hoorn. So now only one, cabinet number three (3), is still 'missing'. I tried to find someone from the LEGO World organisation to ask if they know where the cabinets are from, who owns them etc. but no one was able to help. More pictures. It was quite busy all day long and thus difficult to take proper pictures, especially in the museum area. At the end of the day it was nice and quiet there, but the kids started to rebel etc. (and I need a better camera/phone).
  11. CvS

    Redbeard Biography

    Ah, ok! Thanks for the info! Haven't gotten around to watching all your episodes yet. Or reading all the Lady Bird books etc. I was confused because Redbeard sounds really British in the LEGO commercials.
  12. CvS

    Redbeard Biography

    Great!! Am I missing something, or are you saying in your video that Redbeard is a Spaniard? Nice to see the pictures of the cabinets included