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  1. CvS

    New Rumored Pirate Set in July 2023

    I agree . Or just classic faces.
  2. Guardians of the treasure (euuh...whisky? ;)
  3. Owh...yes, please! Thanks. I don't have a FB-account (never have ;). I only recently made an Insta-account, just to watch/follow some LEGO Pirates related accounts Had a quick look but could only find a couple (Carlo Bellazzi), which I can't post here(?) Hadn't really thought about it, but could be a good idea; to incorporate the lighthouse. Would maybe also (partially) solve my problem with too little space.
  4. Thanks! Yeah, the lighthouse is on display on the 'LEGO-shelf' as well . Isn't meant to be part of the MOC though. Could be, but then I would have to at least replace the light for a fire or something :). Good point! I tried to fit in a canon emplacement for the Pirates somewhere, but there wasn't enough room (on the rocks). I don't really like rooftop cannons, especially on such a small hut/shack, so that was no option. Maybe instead of the rocks and bush in the front.
  5. Thanks! I had already found your work ;) Looks really nice! Good for inspiration as well.
  6. Why just my first MOC? Classic Pirates, classic story?! We visited the LEGO-store on a very wet january day this year, mainly to keep our daughter (4) occupied indoors. I, very naive/ignorant, asked the employee where the Pirates sets were :). Our daughter got a free Minifigure: a Pirates Captain! That was fate and the spark to end my dark ages. I started to read up on LEGO / Pirates and got my old LEGO from my parents house. Some City, Space and Castle but mainly Pirates, my all time favourite theme. *Now, five months later, the collection has grown 'a bit' . Regular LEGO (also for my daugther and girlfriend) but especially Pirates I am trying to complete the sets of '89 - '93. I 'm almost there, apart from the '93 ships and some smaller (North-America exclusive(?)) sets.
  7. My first MOC, as an AFOL . What do you think? I'm happy to hear tips and trics, comments! More pictures on Also of versions one and two. Beacause I have no LEGO-room, or anything that even comes close, I keep my Pirates (and all LEGO) in boxes in the indoor stoorroom in our Amsterdam appartement . I bought 6247 and 6252 in my quest to complete Classic Pirates '89 - '93*. Before storing them immediately, I wanted to enjoy them for a while in a small scene. And give MOC'ing a shot. The first version was a real quick build with a very limited number of pieces: a micro-MOC. Then I decided to build a 'LEGO-shelf' in our living room and upgrade the micro-MOC to something more full-fledged: version #2. Had a second kid in between and this is the third version. With among others Sabre Island included. Still with a limited number of (Pirate)specific pieces to do rocks, beaches, vegetation, water etc. And limited room to display it. I didn't really have a plan when I started building; ideas and adjustments came along the way (and based on available bricks ;). I hope to learn a lot more on MOC'ing in terms of rockwork, water, Imperial buildings etc. etc. The water is a future upgrade for this MOC; first need to order some bricks (and watch some tutorials ;).
  8. Sorry, sorry had something to do with work, two kids (4 years & 4 weeks), first spring day of the year... It's a nice build! Haven't decided yet which parrot I want to build to accompany him: Creator, Blocks or ... I think the latter is most similar to the original Pirates parrot , except for the colors in the wings.
  9. Got mine today! WooHoo!!
  10. CvS

    Future LEGO Pirates Set Speculation

    Wait, whut: Dreamzzz?? Is that actual LEGO? It looks ridiculous. LEGO doensn't need all that over the top stuff, in my opinion. But hé, ok, I'm from the eighties
  11. CvS

    New Rumored Pirate Set in July 2023

    ...I really hope they just honor the original pi061 in all its glory!
  12. If you want, I can mail them to you (and/or make more).
  13. Just the one, as part of a 3-pack. Couldn't find the black sword! Or this torso: I did find the hair/hatpiece. Chose that, since I really don't like the 'angry' skull captains hat. my laptop...