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Found 17 results

  1. "Everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished." This is my latest MOC designed in the style of the Architecture Skyline series. It features four of the key locations from "Avatar: The Last Airbender," including: - The Southern Air Temple (with Appa and Aang's glider) [AIR] - The Northern Water Tribe [WATER] - Ba Sing Se [EARTH] - Fire Nation Royal Palace [FIRE] Let me know what you think! Anyone who may be interested in the instructions can find them here and on
  2. Flameo my fellow Avatar fans, I’m a huge fan of ATLA and I need your help. Recently I have submitted a project on LEGO IDEAS, it's the Spirit Oasis from Avatar: The Last Airbender. As you might know LEGO IDEAS is a website which allows users to submit ideas for Lego products to be turned into potential sets. So If my project reaches 10.000 supporters it may become an official LEGO Product. Many Avatar Fans including me would love to purchase another LEGO ATLA Set since the original sets from 2006 are not available anymore. Check out my project: The Spirit Oasis Project on LEGO IDEAS All you need to do is press the support button and create a free LEGO Account if necessary. Thanks a lot, Every supporter counts!
  3. So when I read about TC13, I first had something huge in mind... But actually I think the pullback series are cute because of what they are: small, simple and quite fast. So I decided to keep in the spirit of official pullbacks, and keep it small. However, I did not go for the obvious racer or offroader car, I want to do something not done before (at least not by TLG). So I went for a helicopter. The type was not a difficult decision: after watching barmans incredible avatar helicopter numerous times, I wanted to do one myself. So how to make a pullback work without any wheels... Here is the proof of concept result of tinkering an evening with two pullback motors and some rotors: And a video of it in action. I'm actually quite happy with the way it works, although it does not use the full extend of the windup mechanism. So I'll stay with this concept and try to refine the looks in the coming period.
  4. Hi! I try to upload an avatar pic from my PC, it's within the 100x100 limit, it's not bigger than 5 KB and I still get this error: The total filespace required to upload all the attached files is greater than your per post or global limit. Please reduce the number of attachments or the size of the attachments. Any idea why?
  5. don leopold

    Leopold of Norvica

    When Leopold en Michael arrived in Norvica they met a lot of old friends who were brought in Kaliphlin as a slave. A lot of civilians who lives in Norvica were born in the Lowlands, the same land were Leopold and Michael came from. Because of the heavy rumours about a new war decide the two brothers to defend the beautiful village of Norvica. All the people who were slaves in their lives has a lot of bad memory's about that time and don't want to be slave again. They rather choice to fight till they die than be captured and sold like a animal on a marked place. Leopold and Michael understand what they have to do and want to help this village to joint the royal guards of Norvica. This is leopold and he is a member now of the royal guards of the village Norvica. And it is my new avatar.
  6. Hi, Please check out pictures of my Lego Bat Mobile (original movie) with working Bat Signal on my web site or visit Lego ideas and check out my projects under Legoavatar. The Bat Signal actually throws out the Signal in a dark room!!! Also see my other projects, Lego Avatar Mech, Scorpion, Sampson and Lego Football with Stadium...
  7. legoavatar

    Lego Football/Foosball with Stadium

    Please check out my Lego Football/Foosball with stadium (Legoavatar) on Lego Ideas or go to my web site to see my projects. The Football game can be customised to accept any Lego figurines such as Batman, Villains, Jedi, Sith, Clones, Bounty Hunters, Police, Firemen, Lord of the Rings, Chima etc...
  8. legoavatar

    Lego Avatar

    Please check out my Lego Avatar ideas; Avatar Mech, Avatar Scorpion, Avatar Sampson and my other projects Lego Football and Lego Bat Mobile with working Bat Signal!!! Check out my web site
  9. legoavatar

    Lego Avatar

    I would dearly like Lego to go down the path of Avatar... three new movies to be released soon! Please check out my recent builds on "". Let me know what you think?
  10. Migalart

    Avatar - Hallelujah Mountains

    Avatar - Hallelujah Mountains Main idea of this project was to create flying mountains that support only on waterfalls. Old wip version: Modules: For high resolution pictures please visit:
  11. Sebeus I

    Maiden Voyage

    Comic Hi there, I said a couple of days ago that I would do something special for the presentation of my latest ship... well, this is it, I will however post the ship itself later in the MOC forum. This comic features several signature figures (avatars) of Classic-Pirates members, more specifically those that had their input in my WIP frigate thread. However, I didn't succeed in including everyone I wanted to, some people don't have an avatar/sigfig and I don't always have the parts to recreate one. Also, if you're looking for a serious story...this is not it, I mean, the main character is buying baguettes for pete's sake . On the other hand, this comic does show some new pictures of my latest ship, the French corvette Beatrix. As for the plot, my sigfiggy invites over his friends to go on a sailing trip with my new ship. Enjoy. I've been wanting to do another comic ever since the TORIII ended, originally I was going to make a celebration party comic but circumstances stopped from doing that. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it, perhaps that's easier if your avatar is part of the comic . I'm sorry for the open spot on page 6. I will post the Beatrix tomorrow or the day after .
  12. Fithboy

    Avatar Aang

    Watched this series over the past couple of weeks, it was a fantastic show. Here is Aang, the protagonist, in his series three attire. My Flickr Enjoy :)
  13. Reekardoo

    AVATAR - Tree of Souls

    Another entry in the AVATAR universe :o IT'S IN CUUSOO!!! ... for a change ::) Please support! Thanks
  14. It has been a while since I have last built anything… but let’s get started. Out in the distance a mysterious creature is approaching at an alarming speed. It’s a dark spirit and it appears to be quite angry. Despite Korra’s best efforts her attacks do only seem to annoy the dark spirit, and she is soon cornered. Fortunately Korra’s uncle Unalaq, the chief of the watertribes, knows a special waterbending technique that can tame this beast. A better look at the dark spirit’s facial markings. Unalaq is not the only new figure I have made. Here we have Unalaq and his children, Desna, a boy, and Eska, a girl. Who is who of the twins? I have also made some figures of Tenzin’s siblings, Bumi and Kya. Here we have Aang and Katara’s 3 kids together. And here we have the eccentric industrialist Varrick and his assistant and secretary Zhu Li. As usual new ideas and suggestions for improvements are always welcome.
  15. Reekardoo

    AVATAR - mountain banshee

    New project in cuusoo - Thanks for the support! :D
  16. Commodore Ariel Brickson

    Starting with the avatar

    Well, while I fit the last details of my 12-guns brig (HMS Defiant) like the sails (a bit important part of a sailing ship...), I prepared an special photo to be my avatar when I can put it. It's a simple composition with my main character (it suppose to represent myself as commodore) and two redcoats. Here you have it to see it well; I hope you like it... And don't confound yourselves; even if my uniform is blue, I'm a redcoat fan . Soon I will present the ship; with or without sails... Friendly from Sapin, Commodore Ariel.
  17. glenbricker

    Mecha Tank, Korra, and Amon

    This is a Mecha Tank, Korra, and Amon I have designed. Here is a close up of the figs. I am relatively satisfied with Korra. Not sure how I feel about Amon. On the Left you can see that the cockpit opens very much like that in the animation. The canopy raises, the upper plates hinge upward, and the lower plates hinge out. This one also has the "grappling hook" The tank on the right depicts a printed canopy that more accurately depicts the Canopy form the series. I am torn though. Do you guys think this looks better or just the full on clear one? Here are some more Tank weapons, the Bola and the electromagnet. I will soon be finishing my Hiroshi to pilot the Tank. I look forward to hearing any feedback you may have good or bad! If you really like this set then you can support it on Cuusoo here: http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/29158 Cheers, Again, thank you for looking, any feedback, and your support!