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  1. Captain Hannibal Joost

    Island project: how to create water and reefs

    Nice view :) it lacks the lagoon blue, but it's really good :)
  2. Captain Hannibal Joost

    Pirate MOC Indices Discussion

    This was the first version of it. There's no topic for the second version I think
  3. Captain Hannibal Joost

    Pirate MOC Indices Discussion

    I don't know what kind of ship it is (brig?), but is it possible to add my MOC to the ship index?
  4. Captain Hannibal Joost

    Island project: how to create water and reefs

    For the final render, you're probably right. A plexi or glass will do the job. But... it's not Lego I have to say I probably plan this as a "modular" building (multiple 32x32 base plate) to transport it easily. So plexi or glass plate will be hard to use.
  5. Captain Hannibal Joost

    Island project: how to create water and reefs

    The problem with empty space is that it's hard to make waves on the beach with a transition to wet sand...
  6. Captain Hannibal Joost

    Island project: how to create water and reefs

    Hi everyone, I plan to make a big island, as realistic as possible, starting with a "volumetric" ocean (ie, higher than one plate). I've tried and look at different technics, but I can't find something beautiful. My idea was to have part of coral reefs with transparent tiles or plates or rounds above, but the result doesn't work. Any ideas or example? Thanks in advance!
  7. Captain Hannibal Joost

    [MOC] Miniature ~500 Piece Frigate Ship

    Not sure for a Lego Idea project, but it'll look great on a shelf or desktop!
  8. Captain Hannibal Joost

    Ship "Admiral's Eagle"

    Nice ship, mate! Looks like an official set :) And great colour choose :)
  9. Captain Hannibal Joost

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    Sao Feng ship to, perhaps ?
  10. Captain Hannibal Joost

    brick colors

    I red recently that 17th-18th houses or "habitations" in Martinique and Guadeloupe was painted in white or yellow ocher with timbered structure. If you're interested in, I can send you the link (sorry, it's in french, but with pictures). It's a scientific publication.
  11. Captain Hannibal Joost

    Custom pirate catalog scans

    WIthout adding shadows, I try to add some reflections, scums and directionnal lights : Perhaps it can help?
  12. Captain Hannibal Joost

    Add some light to Pirate sets!

    You're island is in very good conditions compare to mine ! Nice work with the light: it gives a new perspective and feeling.
  13. Captain Hannibal Joost

    [MOC] Pirates Fort Island

    So beautiful! I love the modular building technique, and I've already choose it for my next fort (but it'll be simplier than yours). And great colours scheme ;)
  14. Captain Hannibal Joost

    Fort Portugal

    Great "refresh" of this kind of building! I love the idea of movable part and light, and really love all the details. However, it will be hard to display on an event or exhibit and show front and back side?
  15. Captain Hannibal Joost

    18th century star fort

    Thanks :) A toy store in the North of France, last year in July.