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    Winter Village
  1. New_guy

    Winter Village: Skate Chalet

    I like the personality of this build. I enjoyed the color scheme and the angularity of the structure. Is the white hinge plate the only element holding each section together, or is there some snow out front that reinforces the connection?
  2. New_guy

    Winter Village: Covered Bridge

    Nice work. I like the paneling detail on the outside of the bridge. I think the scale is nice also. Even though the men are in the process of decorating, I think the bridge would "fit" the village theme better if it was decorated more festively (maybe a wreath or two or a string of lights). Good luck in the contest.
  3. New_guy

    Winter Village: Central Square

    I appreciate how naturally random and asymmetrical the tree looks. I think the postal center is clever too. Nice work.
  4. New_guy

    Winter Village: Undertakers

    Excellent looking hearse! Very impactful and unique choice of subject. I won't forget this build anytime soon!
  5. New_guy

    Winter Village: Coffee to go

    You should be commended for your parts usage. The amount of bright light yellow elements is extremely limited. My personal village needs a building of this color, so I can't wait until Lego releases more elements in this color. Well done.
  6. I have always admired your work and this contest entry doesn't disappoint. To make things fair for others, they need to create multiple skill tiers for the contest because this entry is truly in a separate class. Do you feel extreme pressure to outperform yourself each year or was this build no big thing for you?
  7. New_guy

    Modular Hardware Store - LDD MOC

    This was a real treat for me to see. I love all the detail you put into this project and the rendering makes it look even more spectacular. My favorite image is the first floor interior because the tools hanging on display, the wall of paint colors, and the lumber area all resonate with me (these areas are the most frequent cause of my own trips to the hardware store). Thank you for sharing.
  8. New_guy

    MOC: Chicken Bus

    Had I not seen this topic, I never would have guessed that color scheme could work. Great, fun concept and beautiful execution. Maybe try to fit a goat on there as well...
  9. New_guy

    MOC R.M.S. Titanic.

    Gorgeous interpretation. Clearly you have a lot to be proud of. I think it looks excellent and you should keep it assembled and create a nautical/Titanic theme room in your home.
  10. This is going to look awesome when you are finished. Good luck and have fun.
  11. New_guy

    Expand the Winter Village Contest IV - Voting

    4. Majorna - 1 23. Sgeuek - 1 26. Moctown - 1 30. Emma - 1 50. Hen Peril - 1
  12. I really enjoy looking at your work. You are very good at giving life and warmth to plastic bricks. I have learned a lot from you. Thank you very much for sharing with us.
  13. New_guy

    MOC Winter Market - in digital form

    I love your work and creativity. Thank you for sharing. You have inspired me to improve my own market set at home. You are probably making it difficult for people to enter the contest, since you are posting all these great ideas that are designed so well that they would be difficult to beat. LOL
  14. New_guy

    Moc: Victorian era house around Christmas

    Tremendous MOC! I love the roofline details and the sidewalk. Thanks for sharing so many details with us. Too bad this couldn't be an entry in the Winter Village Contest.