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Found 5 results

  1. snaillad

    MOC:Teapot Junction

    Hello fellow EB members Here I have made a Tearoom which has been converted from a former signal box and railway carriage still moored at the station platform. A flimsy excuse to make a railway carriage which has been on my to do list for quite some time. Tearooms and very popular and common in the UK and you can get more than just tea! Anyway a few pics and the link to flickr; The usual link to flickr: here Enjoy!
  2. Tea is an important part of the Lotus culture, and many different kinds of tea are believed to have certain properties. Some are soothing, some are healing, and some are uplifting, and they are each used in different applications, often enjoyed in special tea houses. For a long time, special tea houses known derogatorily as "Tea dens" serve lightly addictive, soothing teas and allows people to relax and possibly forget their problems and concerns. The effects have always been fairly light, and tea addicts have only been a limited problem. However, as explorers returned from El Oleonda with dried leaves of a closely related bush, the Great Trading houses eyed an opportunity... Initially only found in the wild, the new species of tea bearing bush (Camellia Oleoensis) is already now being cultivated on the Eastern end of El Oleonda around the Lotus encampments, and large quantities are being shipped back to the Lotus Empire. Unfortunately, it will only grow on El Oleonda, and all attempts to cultivate it in the old world has so far failed. The resulting tea has proven to be both much more addictive and much more soothing than the Lotii variants. Users will find themselves drifting into a nothingness of forgetfulness and inner silence, as well as an extreme passivity and carelessness. In many an alleyway around the Lotus Empire and its neighbouring states, the socalled "Tea Dens" have changed dramatically. Rather than places of light entertainment and relaxation, they have now turned into refuges of oblivion and debauchery. Rumour has it the Great Trading houses are using the new substance to control the masses, and apart from racking in great quantities of silver from its users, rivaling states and factions are finding their soldiers and workers pacified by addiction, and many speculate whether control of Camellia Oleoensis will be the new power broker for the Lotus. ___________________________________________________
  3. Hi guys today I'm gonna show my custom LEGO SWAT TEAM. You can see ALL the details in this video where I'm reviewing them. Hope you will enjoy it , PLEASE LIKE ANS SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL, thanks for supporting.
  4. soccerkid6

    Tea Box

    I made this as a Christmas gift for my mom. It was my first attempt making a functional LEGO model, and I'm quite pleased with it. See more pictures here: link Thanks for looking
  5. Hi! This is my very first post, so I think I should give a short introduction to myself. When I was a kid I used to be a huge Lego lover and builder, but afterwards I haven't almost touched a brick for almost 20 years. Just recently the passion came back thanks to the modular buildings... I really love those models! I want to present here my very first MOC, the Comptoir Florian. The name come from my favorite tea house, located in Bruxelles (Rue Saint-Boniface 17) that I used as inspiration. Most of the bricks come from the Palace Cinema (10232) and the rest are parts I found in the brick wall in the nearest Lego Store... that's why sometime I was a bit too limited with the colors available. It's a half-size modular building composed by two floors: the ground one with the bar and the second one with the tea room. Here is the front view: And the back view: Detail of the entrance: Ground floor with the entrance, the bar, the stairs to the second floor and the door on the back side: From the back side: Detail of the bar, with a samovar, the tea boxes on the shelves and a chinese umbrella as decoration: Under the stair there is a small room used to store stuff: Back side, with a rubbish bin and some flowers: View of the first floor: Details with the fire place... I love the lamps hanging over the tables and the stairs :) : In the other corner there is a bookshelf with some books for the customers. On the walls there are a few modern paintings: The stairs with the lamps again: And now the top level with the facade and the roof: On the back there is a terrace with some flowers: So, what do you think? I would like to find some space for a small toilet (maybe in the room under the stairs) and a stair to access the top terrace.