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  1. Vindicare

    Missing Minifigures?

    Had this exact thing happen to me, taped up & all. All the minifigs in the Batcave Break-Out were missing. The bags were, upon looking closer, were taped up very carefully, as were the seals on the box. It has only happened that one time out of the hundreds I bought, so I don’t think it’s all too common, but it certainly feels like a punch in the gut.
  2. Vindicare

    Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    That was my thought...I like the mech, but at the same time...I don’t. Ooh, yes...2099! I would prefer his old red/blue costume though.
  3. Vindicare

    My Case Against Artificial Rarity

    Funny you mentioned Walgreens, as that is exactly what I had in mind(and those Chase figures) when adding Funko in. I checked three Walgreens for General Grevious numerous times, nothing. Same with a few others. I rarely see exclusives here, despite their availability. A few years back..err maybe last year, I went to Barnes & Noble for their con exclusive releases, picked up a couple things. I imagine TLG doesn’t go this route for a reason. Maybe they just don’t want to dedicate that much production time to the figs? I don’t know. I can understand the gripes coming from con goers, they spend a lot of time & money getting to the con, sometimes in order to just get exclusive stuff. If I paid a bunch of money to get there, only to see it elsewhere would upset me someone too. Not because of monetary value, that doesn’t bother me, but the exclusiveness of it. Prices are mostly decided on the people who buy it. If there’s 10 figures on eBay for $100 & nobody buys any of them, we won’t continue to see them at that price. As to the practice of con exclusives, I tiptoe on the line. I can see both sides, it’s just the bad mouthing of the company that irks me. Is that really necessary? The grand opening set, I was finally lucky enough to get a store opening within a few hours of me after years of waiting. Just for experience’s sake of being there, it would upset me a bit to see these available everywhere. So I get the frustration of collectors. I stood in lines for hours waiting. A lot of hours. And the slight bit of panic that arose when I feared I would miss out on the set. I couldn’t care less of sellers were upset though. To end this novel of a comment, part of me of course wishes they were more available, but I don’t have a problem with there being exclusives. Should TLG stop with the Tour exclusives? Or what about the Billund airport Architecture set only available there? I certainly don’t think so.
  4. Vindicare

    My Case Against Artificial Rarity

    Oh no, I do get it. People are mad because they can’t readily buy everything they want from TLG, including con exclusive items. Exclusives are created to drive hype & get people to come to your shop(or booth). They are limited for just that reason. If TLG had 2,000 minifigs for SDCC it’s very likely people wouldn’t flock to their booth like they do with only 500 figs(I know with the online checking thing they have now that kinda makes my point moot, but it still stands). As I said, there are minifigs I want from SDCC, but I won’t pay those prices & I won’t shame TLG for doing this. Hell, I never got Velma because she was in a $120 set that I didn’t want, other than her. I won’t get mad at TLG for doing that, as it drives sales. I’ve seen plenty of people buy sets, then part them out. It sucks that one desirable fig is only available in one big ticket set, but I understand(I think) the motive. To sell sets more widely. It was the same with...blanking on her name from SW Rebels show...came with her Mando helmet in a big set. Would I love for TLG to release both of those minifigs in a cheap, $15 set? Absolutely. It would mean Velma isn’t $20+.
  5. Vindicare

    My Case Against Artificial Rarity

    Sounds like a bit of butthurt over missing out on something. Since you bright Willy Wonka into this, whenever I see whining about con exclusives, I think Veruca Salt & her wanting to have everything she saw in the factory. Rare items are nothing new. If something becomes collectible, there will always be a “holy grail.” Look at any & nearly all trading cards. Look at the more recent Pops! stuff. Collectibility always creates this. And lastly, you’re going to gripe about secondary prices, don’t shake a finger at TLG for not creating enough minifigs/sets, shake it at the people buying them at such inflated prices. If the con figs didn’t continue selling at the $100+ price tag, we would be seeing cheaper figs. Now, would I love to have Spider-Woman, The Phoenix, & The Collector instead showed up in regular sets? Absolutely. But I won’t moan & groan because they aren’t.
  6. Vindicare

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Ordered the Quidditch & Aragon sets, they are(might be were by now) back up on S@H. Now the agonizing week long wait.
  7. Vindicare

    (MOC) Lego Exhibition / Klodsfest

    This is great, I love all the details. I’m jealous of the table space that town has. The “sets” look great as well. What a cool’s almost like I’m at the con.
  8. Vindicare

    Alternative Diner

    The turquoise definitely is very bright, but I feel like you went too far the other direction. Maybe try red, the classic jukebox color? Getting rid of nearly all color, the pink/blue plate combo is to represent neon lights, which were fairly prominent in diners, drabs it down too much. But, a part of me does like the change. It fits better with the Modulars, as they aren’t very bright.
  9. Vindicare

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    They are out now, at least at Target. A friend found some, but when I went to one, albeit a different store in town, they had zero. They didn’t have any at the brand store I went to on the first though.
  10. Vindicare

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Take a look at both NECA & Funko’s depictions. Light grey hands, visible rbcage, just like the minifigure.
  11. Vindicare

    Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    It might be a bit too flowy, but what about Agent 13’s hair? That might work out okay. Edit...just tested that out. I dig it.
  12. Vindicare

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Ooh, good catch with making Hammer. I haven’t really looked up lately, but I have had it in my mind to get him a suit.
  13. That was the best stop motion build video...I love that the minifigs built it. And the dino helped. That’s what I call teamwork. Edit...correction, the T. Rex one is the best. Watching the Rex was great fun.
  14. Vindicare

    Lego MOC Batcave Trophy Room Ideas

    While it wouldn’t really work alongside the other known trophies in the cave, putting a real quarter as a nod to the giant coin in the Cave, and to Lord Business’ relics collection in Octan Tower.
  15. Vindicare

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom here as well. I thought it was great. But....