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  1. [MOC] Scarif by ChtiLUG

    I've got nothing other! That beach is looks my awesome. The foliage is quite impressive as well. What a massive undertaking. I'm always in awe of builds of this magnitude.
  2. Is the AFOL community became harder to please?

    I don't think so. It seems to me that when a new, large set is released, you get a pretty even mix of those who like or love it to those who don't.
  3. Gotham TV minifigs; too adult for Lego?

    Honestly, considering minifigs we've gotten thus far, I wouldn't really count these out of the realm of possibility. Deadpool' a psychotic killer. Deathstroke is Mercenary with an itchy trigger finger. Carnage is a deranged serial killer. You could certainly argue that comic books aren't as mainstream as TV is... Deadpool is in the scope now because of the movies.
  4. What are you reading?

    Good to hear about Dark Disciple...I own it and it's on my list. But it keeps getting pushed down because other books I buy. Maybe I'll have to give it a bump.
  5. Which set should I buy?

    No SW in my future...the Batwing & Bus Station are on the menu.
  6. What did you buy today?

    70607 Ninjago City Chase 76076 Captain America Jet Pursuit
  7. Which set should I buy?

    Looking at the next couple months calendars and aside from the SW specific, there's no double VIP points until....when? I saw October's of last year had it, can we expect the same this year? Gonna make a big purchase and am curious if I should hold off.
  8. "not Lego" for adults

    Lego has made leaps & bounds in recent years to cater to adults. Nearly every Licensed theme adults flock to. Sure, some of the builds are lackluster or repeats, but part of the point to LEGO is to use your imagination to build what you want. They can't & shouldn't cater to a niche market, say the Chestbuster, for example. Perhaps they should broaden what could be accepted on Ideas to include subjects like that, as that would be a great identifier to whether or not that would sell. They certainly have a bit of a mystery stand when it comes to characters, although said characters involve fantasy violence as opposed to real world violence. Deadpool for example. I'm more surprised they made Carnage than Deadpool... Look at Voltron. Sure, they have a new show to sort of piggyback on, but not everyone has Netflix nor knows of the exclusive content they offer. Plus, it's based on the 80's cartoon. SO, there's no real reason Bubble Bobble guys couldn't be done through there.
  9. Ballabreek 2017

    Oh no! The Red Hood is back! What nefarious dealings is he involved in now?! Another fun update, well done. I look forward to the next.
  10. My thoughts on Lego City\Town Police

    Eh, I don't think it's necessary to create a sub theme for adults with guns & such. We can always buy them and add them, even just he revolvers TLG offers. Plus, it seems a lot of AFOLs are tired of the constant rotation of police(outside of not getting a modular yet), so I don't see people clamoring for it.
  11. Why do you say the last wave was botched? Hardly the case. We got the Knight Bus, a great extension for the Castle, Diagon Alley, and Narcissa in a cheap set.
  12. What did you buy today?

    Build Your Own Adventure book
  13. Definitely. They very well could've woven FB in much like Rogue One sets in SW. They missed quite a few things & some old stuff definitely could've used a refresher. Just thinking about how they could've expanded on Diagon Alley...and a new Shrieking Shack. So much. Although, maybe it had something to do with vehicles, or a lack thereof. SW & Superheroes all revolve around vehicles. HP only really has two, the Knight Bus & the Weasley's Ford. To a lesser extent, there's Hagrid's motorcycle. There's just so much missed opportunities on minifigs that I'm bummed about.
  14. Home insurance

    Awesome, thanks. Yeah, I started doing a list check of bricklink prices for some high value ones...then I thought of doing a spread sheet showing what I paid for them versus what they're worth now.
  15. Post Your Superhero Minifig Collections Here!

    @Captain Britain Ha, I like the way you shoved Ms. Marvel in there. I'm not completely sold on the arms, but I appreciate the attempt.