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  1. Vindicare

    [MOC] Winter Village Police Station

    Looks great. I like the paddy wagon best, it fits in with the other vehicles in the theme nicely. Interior details are good too, just like the official sets. Just enough there to give you a good sense of what’s going on.
  2. Vindicare

    [MOC] The House of Chocolate

    My thoughts pretty much. When I saw that first interior shot I thought warm & cozy. There is one thing we both can agree on that would make it better though. Bonus points for using those 1x1 pyramid pieces as design accents, I love those parts.
  3. Vindicare

    Can't LEGO keep up with demand?

    Yes, yes, & yes. As to your last point, it’ll be interesting to see the reports of this year & their sales.
  4. Vindicare

    New VIP system

    2600 gets you $20. 650 pts gets you $5, so you’re looking at $15 with some left over.
  5. I haven’t bothered with CMF’s at the LEGO store this year but I did see comments from others about some stores identifying the minifigs so they don’t have to be felt up so much. What about limits? My initial target is going to be the Modular & the PaB/BaM, but I may want to grab a few. The centaur & Warrior in particular I’m sure are going to grabbed fast.
  6. Vindicare

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I desperately hope this is true. I really do want that set but damn if I can drop $150 right now.
  7. Vindicare

    (MOC/MOD) Winter Village Funicular Railway

    That’s a clever use of the Station & bus build. I like the hill you built for it
  8. Vindicare

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    That’s the downside I reckon to buying everything early. All I don’t have is the Hedwig & I’m not even sure I want that. That’s really the only downside to these X of Y theme to get the GWP. I suppose we could put off something to buy, but that seems like a dumb idea. I’m glad most GWP don’t involve specific theme buys.
  9. The Pug face is very similar to the Panda suit, but the Pug’s tongue is bigger. The more I look the more they’re growing on me. As long as I can find them at Walmart for the hopefully still $3.44 I’ll pick up most of them.
  10. Vindicare

    Vote your favorite set of 2020!

    Since we were able to pick 5 I went the Bookshop, two CNY sets, Diagon Alley & Cloud Jet.
  11. Vindicare

    Can't LEGO keep up with demand?

    I’d say it’s both, leaning more towards the factory side of things. In late April, my first outing back in the wilds of Target they were low on everything LEGO. I did manage to find a good amount of CMF20, but then didn’t find any again for months. Then we saw boxes showing up with stickers that had the added US box needs, piece count &...something else, which means the Mexico factory was shut down for a time. So both stores(Walmart & Target) & S@H were low on items.
  12. Vindicare

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Haha, I can see some LotR in there. I’m thinking of getting two of the HP centaur bodies/heads & just switching up the hairpieces.
  13. Vindicare

    10278 Police Station

    I would say no. They’re just weird when it comes to post offices it seems. The last one we got was the WV one over a decade ago I believe. We did get a mail plane....this year(last?), but that’s about it lately.
  14. Yes. $5 for a lot of reused hair pieces, especially super common ones like the violin kid, is ridiculous. If they’re going to charge this much, they all need to step it up in the parts department. Not necessarily new hair, but at least use rarer parts in these cases.