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  1. Types of offroad racing

    King of the hammers trucks?
  2. [TC6] Monster Truck

    I think it would be cool to see 2 XL motors for drive with an automatic gearbox and 2 servos for independent steering.
  3. Any sign of a fake engine in the truck?
  4. Power Functions Project

    9V but you will need a motor rated at 1.5A or less if you have the V2 reciever, 0.6A for V1 I think.
  5. [WIP] Buggy

    Interesting... I am wondering how you will manage to fit 2 of your XL motors.
  6. [MOC] Off Road Pickup

    Best looking Lego pickup I've ever seen. Fantastic work!
  7. [MOC] Tatra 813 Trial Truck

    You can't drive a skyline in America, nevermind one of these. :P
  8. I loved seeing the stuff people came up with for this contest, great job to everyone!!!
  9. [WIP] Rally car

    This will be interesting... Make sure it's fast.
  10. 6: 10 5: 6 3: 4 4: 3 9: 2 1: 1 All the entries were great, super tough voting!
  11. [MOC] Icon Bronco

    I agree with everyone else, one of my favourites dude!
  12. [MOC] Lancia Stratos

    Finally! Really enjoyable vid man, looks like super fun to drift but a little difficult to control on grippier surfaces haha. Keep up the great work.
  13. Suzuki Samurai 4x4

    Great recreation of an awesome vehicle! Can't wait to see the video for this and the lancia...