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  1. Hello everyone, Since I've received such amazing feedback on my model, I'm willing to create photo instructions for it if there are people interested in them. I'd charge a small fee. Please let me know if I should do them, because it takes a lot of time
  2. Wow! I'm absolutely blown away by the results I was never expecting to win, my goal has always been to present an interesting model. A huge thank you goes to @Jim for organizing such an amazing contest, also to all the other contestants for creating such awesome builds and the voters for recognizing the efforts. The results show how close in quality the builds were. Too bad there were so few contestants, but hopefully that will change by TC17. Congratulations to all once again!
  3. Oh thank you Jim If it weren't for the lack of time I would have probably done a better video. I still have VEGAS lying around but no time to learn how to use it
  4. 8. Mobile Power Station A vehicle capable of carrying several modules consisting of a base with stable and complex X-style outriggers, smooth tracks and a foldable array of solar panels. With everything retracted, its rectangular shape allows it to easily be transported. Full gallery: https://bricksafe.com/pages/kubic5/mars Functions: Solar module: - motorized synchronized movement of both outrigger stages, a complex mechanism explained in the discussion topic - lifting and locking the solar panels - rotating them - extending via a scissor mechanism - joints with vertical freedom of movement Tractor vehicle: - interchangeable couplings with a gear rack - simple winch - cargo bay for battery cells - opening doors and easy access to PF switch The reason why this machine is needed on Mars in that it can easily set up a power source in remote areas. It is able to transport a solar module, which can survive a sandstorm thanks to its powerful outriggers, and then carry the energy in the battery cells. Its shape makes it possible to carry many of these at once while travelling to Mars. Discussion topic and a simple video: Thank you for reading!
  5. Thank you both! I've added an LDD file to the photo gallery (here).
  6. What an amazing car! Definitely your best one. The shape is almost perfect. My only complaint is that the rear diffuser sticks out too much, the rear should be angled downward towards the inside. Otherwise fantastic!
  7. It's been quite a while since I've last posted a model. I'm a pretty slow builder now due to lack of time and when I eventually finish a MOC, I need to record and edit a video, which I'm not keen on, so I end up not publishing the builds (the video for this model is also as simple as it gets). I had a lot time now thanks to the summer break and this contest's theme inspired me to build this model. I'm really satisfied with it. Here is the complete photo gallery: https://bricksafe.com/pages/kubic5/mars It is a concept of a vehicle that could carry a set of trailers with retractable outriggers and big solar panels (or at least with better solar panels efficiency than we currently have). My original idea was to create a drilling machine with 4 legs (similar to set 7649) and I've actually spent about 2 weeks trying to make it work with different sizes and shapes of legs, but it was a failure. The problem with it was that I was unable to fit in actuators and their drives or even linkages while maintaining a relatively small to medium scale. It works well for a system model with friction joints, but not in Technic when you actually want to make it work. I had to abandon that project completely. What is left of it is the idea to have some sort of legs, which in this case turned into complex two-stage outriggers. This is actually how I can describe this model - as needlessly complex, but really fun. Here is the inside of the main module. Almost all space in the top half has been used, it was changed countless times in LDD to have the best rigidity and part efficiency. From the very beginning I was planning on building two identical modules and a tractor vehicle, so I optimized the part usage to consist of popular and easy to get parts. It is designed on the base of a rectangle to allow for easy transportation to Mars. The functions are: -both movements of the outriggers, controlled via an M-Motor with a gearbox -turning the turntable -raising the solar panels -extending the panels -joints with freedom of movement between the cars As you can probably tell, the most complex function are the outriggers, especially their sideways extension. It could have probably been done with 4 small actuators, but where's the fun in that? It would end up as another boring model with no technical novelties. Also, I would need to buy a lot of parts and I prefer working with what I have. That is why I went for a linkage solution. This is the part of the model that I'm most proud of, because there were so many difficulties to overcome. It's taken me 2 weeks to build a foolproof version. It couldn't have almost any backlash while only moving 45 degrees, stopping at both ends and still being synchronised. In the model there's still quite a bit of backlash, but all of it comes from the very last gearing stage. Actuators mounted in those exact spots with such gearing provide a perfect 45 deg. movement of the liftarms. It would have been to simple to just put 2 knobs next to the functions, so I went for a distribution gearbox. I had just enough space for it, the challenge was routing the drive to the previous function. I managed to open up enough space to do it, but it wasn't easy. The up-down movement of outriggers was much simpler to do, the biggest concern was to ensure that all 4 u-joints would always end up at right angles relative to the model, to be able to retract the outrigger arms. The two movements of the solar panels were relatively easy to build, I just made use of the space I had and sometimes had to go for some more unusual solutions. Their extension via a scissor mechanism required a bit more thought and planning, but works really smoothly thanks to the rubber band. I don't think there's much to explain here. The lifting function has two different knobs for easier access. The model was designed to be as rigid as possible. The front car is a bit more fragile, because I didn't have enough time for it (hence the questionable looks), but the chassis is still strong. The modules, though - I'm almost unable to bend them and you can easily pick up the complete "train" by a single trailer coupling. It has around 3000 pieces in total and weighs 3kg. The tractor vehicle is much simpler. I was left with a week till deadline and no working design for it. I went for a simple chassis, although it has some interesting connections. The cab is a modified version from my excavator, because I felt like it worked well for a futuristic design. There are no functions here that are nearly as complex as in the other module, but I still wanted to do something unusual. I managed to make two gear racks a structural element of the vehicle and was first planning to put a crane on them, but later decided it would have been too boring. I freed up some space at the bottom and fit a hook interchangeable with the standard coupling. The mechanism is secured with a worm gear. There is also a simple winch at the top and the front panel has a simple way of opening it to be able to disconnect the wires. The cargo bay can also house 22 battery cells to transfer energy from stationary modules. The operator would leave a module somewhere, extend the outriggers, adjust solar panels and later come back to gather the energy into the cells. Although I was really tight on time with this one and that's why I didn't create a discussion topic earlier (I didn't know if I was gonna finish), it was a fun build and I really appreciated the contest. Good luck to other participants!
  8. I haven't made an LDD file of this model, but a lot of things can be seen in the video with the WIP photos or on the renders. I have, however, made an LDD file of my previous crane, which can be found here. It was much less complex, but it was a good lesson for how not to build some mechanisms This model was much better and I really seem to enjoy building these machines.
  9. kubic

    [MOC] RC Snow Groomer

    Thank you for all the replies! Sounds interesting, I might try that out next time. Thanks!
  10. This project started about one year ago, when I saw this machine in real life. Previously I wasn't impressed at all, but seeing it ignited a spark. I abandoned it because of the lack of snow that particular winter to return to it later. It is inspired by PistenBully groomers, but it is not a scale model. Here is the final outcome :) As you can see, it uses Sariel's custom tracks. I'm happy to publish the (probably) first model using them (apart from his models, of course). It was however not the best use for them. They are really bad in snow. While they are OK in fresh snow, they can't propel the model on the ski slope - I was only able to drive downwards. There was also one thing I didn't consider - since the drive wheels are located so low, snow would quickly get there and melt, which caused the loss of traction. Oh well. Ready-made tracks would perform much better, but it was an interesting experiment. It's also unstopable on carpet - the model was succesfully tested by a 7-year-old :) It was designed to be failproof and it does its job very well. Other functions work without any problems. The middle wheels have simple pendular suspension. On the rear it features two easily interchangeable tillers. The one above is very detailed and its sides can swivel down. I don't know all the technical terms. It works fine, I like that I can control both sides with a single gear. The moving parts stay in place because of worm gears and friction pins. It doesn't have a razor, but it is also an optional equipment on real machines. The second tiller was designed to be light and simple, just in case the lifting mechanism doesn't function properly. I was actually surprised by how much a single small linear actuator can lift. It required a bit of experimenting with angles, but at the end it would easily lift the heavy attachment or press it down, because the whole thing was suspended on two shock absorbers. Everything can be seen in the video. I'm very happy with the front shovel. It's very sturdy, angled enough to actually flip through the snow, just like in real groomers. It is lifted by an L-Motor with two small actuators. It has the power to lift the entire model. The blade can also be rotated with the use of a worm gear. It's similar to Designer Han's Leitwolf, but functions better. I installed two shocks, which effectively reduce the backlash, but still allow for some movement and act as suspension. At first I wanted to use pneumatics, but they would look messy and not be able to keep the angle. The guide wheels on both sides help a lot when driving through carpet. The sides don't move to be more sturdy, so I added some fake cylinders. They took me well over an hour of experimenting :D Cab can be tilted and doors open. The interior is modest, but it doesn't lack anything essential. Under the cab there's a battery box for the lighting - I use LifeLites LEDs. I absolutely love them, because they have 25 pre-programmed sequentions - here we two blinking orange lights on the roof. The building of the cabin was a challenge even of itself, because the width had to be even. In the base two XL-Motors (geared 3:5) need to sit side-by-side , so I had to use bricks and plates to create very strong sides. You can't really do it with a single layer of connectors, and at 13 studs it was way too wide. At the however the use of classic bricks turned out to be a good thing. It was also my first model to use the 8878 rechargeable BB. One interesting small thing is, the on/off switch is controlled by a hidden lever with a rubber connector, which makes it comfortable to control. Overall I'm happy with the model. Performance on snow could have been better, but it is a beast when on carpet. Functions have more than enough power and the looks are also fine. I managed to hide all the electric components in the base. Some previous Technic groomers had more functions, but usually at the cost of a huge battery box behind cab or some motors inside tracks. I managed to keep my model clean and sturdy. A lot more pictures on my bricksafe: http://bricksafe.com/pages/kubic5/snowgroomer Here is the video: Thanks for reading!
  11. kubic

    [MOC] Excavator

    Wow, it looks fantastic! The color scheme is interesting and the gearbox is impressive. It would be great if you released the digital file - I'd love to build it myself. Also, welcome to Eurobricks!
  12. kubic

    [MOC] American fire truck

    Great truck, packed with functions. Did you make the water tank yourself or can you buy it somewhere?
  13. Thank you!
  14. Thank you all very much for the great comments! I don't think you have shown it in your topic, so it would be great if you added it to the list I don't actually have 42009 and I'm missing a couple of essential parts for it, but maybe one day... Thank you! There's only one extension wire going through to allow it to rotate, but it can't do it infinitely.
  15. Hi, it's been a long time since I posted a model. So here I am with another crane. I know that many people build them, but I really like this subject and I think I'm improving with every model. To begin with, I'm sorry for the quality of the photos - the weather has been bad for about a week and it doesn't seem to change. The axle setup and the outriggers are the same as in 8421. I used these stabilizers, because they don't require much space and work better then the ones I've previously used. Here is the list of functions, also visible on the renders below: -XL Motor geared 1:2.33 for drive. The third axle is driven with a differential and no suspension, so the off-road capabilities are minimal, but it drives well on flat surface -Servo for 6 wheel steering with correct angles -M Motor geared 1:40 for outriggers. They hold the model very well. When the batteries are full, they can lock themselves without any help -M Motor geared 1:168 using 56t turntable. It is equipped with four rollers made of wedge belt wheels, which is a big improvement over my previous cranes. It has no problems rotating with some load -L Motor geared 1:8.33 driving a single linear actuator for luffing. I didn't think it would be enough, but it does its job fine. The bad thing with using a ready-made actuator is the boom angle. It is only about 67 degrees, so it limits the amount of load the crane can lift -L Motor geared 1:24 + 1:2 with pulleys for winch. It is an overkill for this model, but I didn't have any more M Motors and the L has got a lot of attachment points. It could easily lift over 1 kg, but the crane itself limits it -M Motor for extending the boom. The motor is inclined to fit in the boom. It drives the rack via a u-joint and a worm gear. The boom has three sections and is based on the Grove GMK6400's excellent one I only have three IR Receivers, so luffing is controlled through a PF Switch located in the rear of the superstructure, but I forgot to include it on the renders. It is very easy to access and you don't have to hold the remote. I decided to put the battery box in the carrier for aesthetic reasons. I have just bought the rechargeable box, but it was not planned to be in this model. The box is a structural part of the build, but can also be removed by pulling out the connectors with chains. The model is lit up using 8 LifeLites LEDs with their battery just below the PF BB. All of them are in the cab and they give a nice effect. Lack of BB in the superstructure results in a big problem with counterweight. My previous crane had 0.75 kg of counterweight and this has none. It limits the lift capacity by a lot. The crane can lift 800 g on the front with retracted boom, 500 with boom retracted and superstructure slewed by 90 degrees and only about 100 g slewed and fully extended without swaying. The winch has no problems with over 1 kg, but with the values bigger than above the crane just leans over or puts a big stress on the turntable. You could probably lift more before tipping over entirely, but that's not what it's all about. The model has some manual functions. All doors open and the operator's cab can be lifted by hand. It uses a simple scissor lift and a manual lock to extend and tilt at the same time. Also there's a compartment in the rear behing some small rotor blades, which includes a fire extinguisher held by a pin. I had some space left, so I decided to put it there. The crane is equipped with many details, which for me really make the build. I have included all the lights, chains, beacons, exhausts, seats with armrests and headrests or an additional winch on the boom, which only sits on a friction axle pin, but adds to the looks when the crane sits on the shelf. Anyway, here is the gallery with some more pics. I can take more photos if you want. All of the functions work well and reasonably fast. The only slow one is the winch, but it would be harder to gear it up without an impact on the looks. I'm happy with the model and hope you'll like it too. Here is the video: I also have a link-only (don't want it on my main channel) video with some WIP photos. The build is just filled with wires. Apart from the stuff listed above it also has four extension wires. I went with the classic yellow color. For many people it's boring, but it is actually my first yellow Technic MOC. My two previous cranes were white and red because of the lack of parts. It matches the Mercedes star very well I'm happy with this MOC. I also fell in love with the 11 x 5 sloped panels :) Only things to change would be to move the superstructure backwards by a couple of studs and add pendular suspension on the driven axle. I will probably show another MOC this month. Thank you for reading!