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  1. shaggysanchez

    Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    Silent Mary is currently on sale at toys r us for $168.00 if anyone is still looking. LLC&irpidTRU=10451
  2. shaggysanchez

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Amazon will have them on sale from time to time you just have to catch them at the right time.
  3. shaggysanchez

    Lego BrickHeadz 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    These remind me a lot of the Kubros from Mega Bloks which average around 150pcs and are priced around $10-15 depending on where you buy them.
  4. shaggysanchez

    LEGO Ideas: 21310 Old Fishing Store (Fall 2017)

    My only question though is will the final set be similar to what the model currently is or will it end up being just the facade similar to a city set and not be a full enclosed building.
  5. shaggysanchez

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    You can't really compare the two sets though. Big Ben also has no mini figs which we know drives prices up in sets, Big Ben is also not a licensed set which again adds to the cost, and the good majority of those pieces in the Big Ben set are very tiny pieces. The Death Star has a lot of large plates and weighs a lot more than Big Ben. You can't just say set A. has 150 more pieces and set B. and cost half the price. There is a lot more involved in it than that. Something else to think about Tower Bridge has more pieces than the original Death Star and was just about half the price of it but I never really saw people saying the old Death Star was overpriced. If you are only looking at price and number of parts you can do that all day. The Sydney Opera house only has about 400 pieces more than the Parisian Restaurant but cost $160 more. The UCS Tie Fighter is 1685 pieces compared to the Pet Shop which has 2032 pieces yet it cost $50 more.
  6. shaggysanchez

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    You should really just go hang out in a Lego store for a few hours and I think you would be surprised. At least at my local store I have seen many parents buy the old DS for their kids that ranged age 8-15. There is a reason a $400 set was on shelves for 8 years and it's not because of just afols buying it. I bought the sandcrawler and the hellicarrier for my 6 and 9 year olds last year for Christmas. It does happen.
  7. shaggysanchez

    71040 The Disney Castle Discussion

    It might be antiquated but that doesn't mean it isn't true. As a father of two boys who are 9 and 6 I can assure you that they would have no interest in the girl characters that would come with this or any other set. To be honest when I told them that Lego was making a Cinderella castle set they had no interest just because of Cinderella being in the name they said it was a girl set. I don't know if you have kids or not but most young boys in my kids age range want nothing to do with anything that seems like it could be a girls toy.
  8. shaggysanchez

    [REVIEW] 42056 - Porsche 911 GT3 RS

    I am not so sure they have pulled the set. I was at my local store this morning and picked up copy of the set which was from the first batch that they had received the other day. While I was there UPS dropped off another 9 copies of the set so they are still shipping them out to the stores at a pretty normal rate. When talking to the manager at my store he had no idea there was even any issue with the set him and all the employees were going on about how awesome the set was as they had one built in the back for display.
  9. shaggysanchez

    10253 Big Ben

    Honest question here but how is what he posted about the price any different than all the stuff that gets posted by J2G or any of the others that leak stuff early all the time. I get that they are being fed info to leak early by their sources but how is that any different then someone showing PP the document and him leaking it out. Granted I have no idea maybe he was under the same embargo as those who got the press release but if he just happened to see the document then how is he under the same confidential restrictions. I am just curious, I get your side of things but I also see where he is coming from and think that the leaks and which ones are "confidential" could present a slippery slope.
  10. shaggysanchez

    Disney Collectible Minifigures Series 1 Discussion

    As with anything I know this can change but I was told by the manager at my local lego store that they were not going to be getting more after the first shipment as Disney wanted to sell them at their parks and stores and that all the rest would go there. I am a regular at the store and they have never really been off on the stuff they have told me in the past and they knew I had no interest in them so not a story to make me hurry and buy.
  11. I have both sets and if you go with either I would go with the QAR, while I agree it is not a perfect set I like it much better than the black pearl. I also feel that the QAR has more detail than the Pearl.
  12. shaggysanchez

    42056 - Porsche Speculation

    I would prepare to be disappointed then because printed parts are becoming more and more rare even on larger sets. The Hellicarrier ($350), Sandcrawler ($300), Ghostbusters ($350) all have stickers and plenty of them. I would assume that unless Porshe demands that there be no stickers this set will have them just like everything else sadly.
  13. I want something that doesn't feel like 3 sets that would normally run like $40, $40, and $90 when I am spending $270. I thought I would grab a couple sets for example in the same part and price range. I know not all of the sets I list are licensed sets but still you can clearly see that these sets are way better priced for what you get. I am a HUGE batman fan and have been waiting for this set but the problem is look at the actual build of the sets I listed and then look at the build of this set and tell me it should be $270. If I am spending $270 on a lego set I want it to feel like I am getting something worth $270 and I know its all subjective to what you think is worth $270 but still. I mentioned it in another thread but they have all the computers and science lab stuff and it has no where to go how do you sell a set for this price and then say oh and you just need to randomly set all the extra stuff on the side somewhere. It would be like them saying here is the new modular and here is all the furniture we made for it but doesn't actually fit in it anywhere. Simpsons House 2523 parts $199 Parisian Restaurant 2469 parts $159 Sea Cow 2741 parts $249 Sandcrawler 3296 parts $299 Temple of Airjitzu 2028 parts $199 Detectives Office 2262 parts $159 Brick Bank 2380 parts $169 Ghostbusters 4634 parts $349 So to answer your question about what do we want well I can't speak for everyone but I think this set should have been $220 at most.
  14. shaggysanchez

    DC Superheroes 2016 - Rumors and Discussion

    While I like the look of the set and the minifigures I have to admit I am a bit let down when looking at it in regards to the price. I will still most likely end up getting it mainly because my 8 year old has already asked for it for his birthday but I don't think the value is there on this one. I don't normally complain about prices but just looking at this one it falls between the Ewok Village and Sea Cow on the low end and Sandcrawler, Ghostbusters, and Hellicarrier on the high end. I own all of these sets except the seacow and when I paid for them and then built them I really felt like I was getting what I paid for. The builds for all of these sets were impressive and the size and detail of each model made you think wow this is impressive. When I look at the Batcave I just don't see it. The office and house facade is nice but everything after that is really no different then the other batcaves we have gotten in the past for way less than this. It is a big set with a lot of pieces and I get that will add up to a large cost but if you compare it to other sets of the same size it is really lacking in my opinion. All of the lab stuff and the computers don't even have a place to go in the set which is frustrating in something this size and price to me. It would be the same as building a modular and saying here is a bunch of furniture but none of it fits inside the building so you will need to build something for it to go in. Like I said the minifigs are great, the vehicles are nice, and I like some things about the cave itself but this could have been so much more and for the price I feel it should have been.
  15. shaggysanchez

    10249 Winter Toy Shop

    I know that Lego says they do not plan to re-release sets but we have seen it a couple times recently between this and the Lego Technic Race truck. The technic set was actually identical to the set that came out in 2010 (8041 vs 42041). I have to wonder with the huge growth in Lego popularity the last couple years because of the Lego movie if we might not see more of this in the future. Lego is as mainstream as it has ever been right now and with the insane amount of new fans both old and young you have to consider that releasing older sets with a few tweaks here and there could be a huge profit gain for the company. They spend less money on design, testing, and everything else that goes into a new set while getting both new fans and even old to buy the sets. I am not saying this is what will happen but its not like toy companies have not been releasing the same thing for years with tweaked looks. I know that to most all of us on this site we look at sets as a collectible but that is not what Lego is in business for they are a toy company and if releasing an older set will make them more money and get more people hooked on buying more that is what they will do. I mean most of the people on here have said they will just use their WV money on another set so Lego still wins even if you don't buy this toy shop. If they really were killing off the WV sets which seems to be a solid theory this would be a really easy way to see if all the new lego fans are interested in older sets that have since retired. Maybe all the new Lego fans out there go nuts over this toy shop and they see that its worth bringing back the series.