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  1. King Aragorn

    Just Another BNSF SD40-2 ... In 6 Wide!

    Awesome locomotive and beautiful stickers on the sides; the white steps are a great choice
  2. King Aragorn

    Union Pacific 125 - EMD GP7

    Outstanding model with beautiful details and a full working electric system in a tiny space
  3. King Aragorn

    RC Railroad Crane

    Delightful working wagon, with four motors
  4. King Aragorn

    EB Xmas Raffle 2016 - Your ideal Snow entry thread

    The beautiful prize F is just arrived
  5. King Aragorn

    [MOC] Prototyp's City Scale six wides roundup

    Superb supercars; the McLaren P1 is a true masterpiece The exaust system looks great
  6. King Aragorn

    Punching Bag

    What a beauty! This punching bag is totally cool!
  7. King Aragorn

    Retro MOC of LEGO 8860 from 1980

    Oooh sweet MOC of an evergreen set!
  8. King Aragorn

    Train Station WIP

    Great station and original idea to use gears as decorative parts!
  9. King Aragorn

    Buying and Selling MOC Instructions

    Is the ETR1000 on sale? Is it correct?
  10. King Aragorn

    Winter Village: Big Tool Hardware Shop

    Nice MOC and amazing details in the shop! I like the use of the ice cream to create the effect of the smoke
  11. King Aragorn

    Rava Town

    Wow, this is crazy! Impressive layout and many beautiful details: the large red station and the river are fantastic!
  12. King Aragorn

    ETR 1000 Frecciarossa

    Excellent MOC! I love the lines of this Italian icon of high speed. You've captured the perfect shape of this modern train. Top notch work!
  13. King Aragorn

    Winter Village: Old Church

    Amazing church: the snow on the roof looks cool! The first picture with the coloured windows and the internal light is really nice!
  14. King Aragorn

    Tram of Opicina

    Wow, this minitram is so cute! I like the funny SW scene
  15. King Aragorn

    MAN TGM 18.340 TLF 3000

    Huge and well done The big wheels are a clever idea