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Found 5 results

  1. prepmaster

    legoland battle sized ships

    Does anyone know if I could get the brick plans for one or more of the pirate ships at legoland in the scale model area. There was a neat pirate battle between two boats and the boats were huge. I'd love to build one. I have no idea how to do a hull for it. I'm hoping plans are available. Thank you for responses.
  2. Runamuck

    Worst instructions

    While most instructions for LEGO sets are pretty good, especially these days, there have been some not so great instructions throughout the years. So, what are the worst instructions that you have encountered for a LEGO set? The strange thing about this is that there are several ways in which instructions can be bad. I’ll try to avoid problems that are caused as side-effects of being scans, although those can too have problems like colour distortion, graininess or splitting pictures up into two. Some plans can be a bit annoying because the do too much in a single step, so you might overlook things being added, or have a cut-out for building some specific section, but then also add other pieces outside of that cut-out which you might overlook (6286 Skull’s Eye Schooner). Admittedly too little happening in each step can also be slightly annoying, as it can be trying for your patience. One problem that a lot of people have complained about is when the colours are unclear. The most common problem is telling black and dark grey apart. This especially was a problem in the early- to mid-2000’s where plans got a more CGI looking. One set I remember having this problem is 7103 Jedi Duel. In general the art in various problems can have some odd quirks. The aforementioned CGI plans, seen in themes like Star Wars and Island Xtreme Stunts, were pretty ugly in general. Earlier Pirates sets had an odd quirk in that the tricorn hat often looked much larger in the plans than it actually was on the figure. But on the actual bad end of the scale we have other problems. When parts and plans don’t match it’s a problem. I have seen plans with colouring errors in them such as some early City sets having the wrong colour of hands (7236 Police Car) or 2009 Pirates sets having the wrong colour of arms (6239 cannon Battle). We also had sets with actual errata sheets (7019 Viking Fortress against the Fafnir Dragon). These kinds of errors sure are confusing. There are also the occasional mismatches of pictures within the plans themselves like the box photo having things like plants in different places that the instructions show them (6266 Cannon Cove) or even outright colour errors in the box photo (6296 Shipwreck Island). There are also the occasional art screw ups. It sure felt like the instructions for 6390 Main Street has more studs in the drawings than the actual base plates have. There can also be errors where things changes places. Then there are plans that are just outright terrible. Technic plans from the 70’s have a lot of problems for me. They don’t always show very well what you are supposed to do. And at times it’s like you have to take a few pieces off to actually do what they want you to do. It can even be a bit hard to make out what pieces is actually being used.
  3. Hello Train Tech, I have seen some people selling instructions/plans for train MOCs. Out of curiosity, I have some questions for those of you who have bought or sold such things: BUYERS Why do you buy MOC instructions? Which instructions did you buy? Why did you choose those instructions? Do you prefer printed or digital instructions? Why? Could you share some particularly enjoyable or frustrating moments from using the instructions? SELLERS Why did you start selling instructions? How do you choose which models to offer instructions for? Are there models you started working on with the intent of offering instructions for them, rather than as an afterthought? Could you share some particularly enjoyable or frustrating moments from making and selling instructions? Many thanks to anyone who answers -- I'm genuinely curious to know!
  4. I am not sure if anything like this has been posted before. Is so, forgive me. I have not seen anything like this and, hence, the reason I am making the post myself. :) Occasionally I will see someone post blueprints on their brickshelf page, but I was wondering if there would be more of a need to see more comprehensive blueprints of others' models. I understand that how-a-days people use LDD or other software for planning their models... but does anyone do hand sketches of their blueprints anymore? Some things are virtually essential to have blueprints for. One's working memory is simply not large enough to rely on when you are working with tons of information. Here are a few of my blueprint sketches. Two are from the pneumatic scheme for the landing gear to my Millennium Falcon. The other is for a new Hangar that I am making for my Mecha projects. Does anyone else have hand-sketched drawings of blueprints? Pneumatic schemes are nearly impossible without some type of plan. Large projects, where stud count becomes large and increasingly important for measurements also necessarily require some form of blueprint. Like I said, many now-a-days use software, but if there are more hand-sketched blueprints out there... I would love to see 'em! Here are the plans for the Hangar. Sorry, the sketch was done lightly, so it is difficult to see.
  5. garethjellis

    Home layout ideas

    I am just to embark on a new Power functions layout and would love to see all your home creations, setup and layouts