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  1. Introducing the LEGO model inspired by the Union Pacific 1111 "Powered by our People" locomotive, which pays tribute to the employees of Union Pacific in their different roles they assume in the company. This is actually the model I started designing first when doing my latest SD70Ace line There are some parts that are not genuine LEGO but from GoBricks, as LEGO doesn't produce those parts in Bright Light Blue (yet). Because of that this model will not be available on Rebrickable but will be produced as a set by GoBricks exclusively. I've done the decals myself, it was near to impossible to find decent pictures of the graphics that were usable so I ended up ordering a decal set for a G-scale model and shrunk and adapted them to fit the model. As is noticeable in the pictures, the dynamic brake intake is completely see-through, achieved with the Slope 18 2 x 1 x 2/3 with Grille. Even the cabin door and access door to the inside of the train was added. Battery cover can be taken off to provide easy access to the Buwizz hub which is used to powered the two train motors.
  2. Better pictures (in a new post) to come, proof the design works: MOC UP 1111 SD70ACE by Barduck12, on Flickr
  3. Thx. It took several attempts to get it to work, sometimes the slopes were overlapping, sometimes it was impossible to get them in the needed position. To know how I did it you’ll have to get the instructions 😎, it’s one of the features on this design that took to much work to just reveal. There’s so much snot and weird construction solutions in it that I had several times that I was thinking; “WTF did I get myself in to” but it all comes together rather nicely (like all the grills that are offset by 1/3th to 1/2 of a plate). The CSX (the one you like most) and BNSF required some extra work because of the 1x2 brick with grille not existing is the needed colours, again making sure they stick out the same as with those bricks. I agree that the CSX is nice to see in that colour combination, my personal favourites though are the UP, Virginian and BNSF (and the unbuildable UP C&NW because of the missing bricks in dark green, but as I said, Chinese companies have those so I’m tempted to build it regardless)
  4. A non-buildable version, UP C&NW 1995 Chicago & North Western. Lego does not have all needed parts in dark green (some Chinese companies do actually so really tempted, it’s a to beautiful livery)
  5. Indeed they are. Took a whole lot of headaches and try and error to get it to align just right but the the look it gives is just mesmerising. Almost everyone uses either 1x2 bricks with grille or 1x2 tiles with grill to do things like that, I really wanted to pull it to the next level. If one really wants to you can even make almost completely see-through by using clear parts inside (and not bothering that Lego doesn’t have all of the used pieces in transclear)
  6. Bars and robot arms
  7. Ages ago (or so it feels like) in 2016 I posted my build of an SD70 on this forum: With the build of the Union Station being at a halt for the moment (some other things that take precedence) and having a bit of a designers block since the start of the year (as in; really not finding engines I wanted to try and build) I started looking on my own Flickr account at the locomotives I used to own (used too but lost in the fire in 2020), just thinking if I'd actually would rebuild one. My last "recent" diesel was the ES44AC line I did and since then I haven't done any new other more recent diesel engines, that's mainly due to the M10005 and it's coaches that I've done (and still need to finish 4 to complete that consist). So, my eye dropped on my old SD70 version and I was thinking; "not going to rebuild that, better redesign her" and thus I started by choosing which SD70 version I'd want to do and settled on the Ace. First start was slow, I had the basic floor from the older model that I lengthened by 2 studs and then started tinkering with a nose setup. If I could get a good looking nose, I figured the rest would go easy. I had done a nose for a SD90MAC-H and wanted something in the same style, but obviously without the door. crazy nose by Barduck12, on Flickr The end result for that tinkering was this: UP SD???? by Barduck12, on Flickr and I knew I had to test build it first as there are a few things I wasn't really sure about if it would work SD70Ace WIP by Barduck12, on Flickr Even there I changed a few things later to give it a smoother look. It was going to work and all I had to do was choose the initial livery. At that time I was just chatting with someone from and decided to do a livery that would be unbuildable in genuine LEGO because of the colors used (bright light blue mostly and there's not much available in that color) so my initial design would become an exclusive for them (actually waiting on the parts to arrive to test build that and to see how decals can be done but that's another story for another time as she is still a secret). With the design in that livery ready I then began changing her in to 9 other liveries and those are the ones I'm showing here today. I intend to build at least the UP version for myself and then decide between the BNSF or the Virginian for a second, won't be doing all 9 myself. The designs (in alphabetical order): BNSF SD70Ace BNSF by Barduck12, on Flickr Conrail (I know they didn't have SD70Aces in their line up but what's not to like) SD70Ace Conrail by Barduck12, on Flickr Canadian Pacific SD70Ace CP by Barduck12, on Flickr Canadian Pacific #7021 Desert Sand (which is actually an SD70ACU) SD70Ace CP 7021 by Barduck12, on Flickr CSX SD70Ace CSX by Barduck12, on Flickr Norfolk Southern SD70Ace NS by Barduck12, on Flickr Union Pacific SD70Ace UP by Barduck12, on Flickr Virginian (NS heritage) (will need decals on the 2x6 tiles that hide the Buwizz 2.0) SD70Ace Virginian by Barduck12, on Flickr WABASH (will also need larger decals to hide some stuff) SD70Ace WABASH by Barduck12, on Flickr Depending on livery the models have 2200 to 2300 parts in them, are 66 studs long and 37 plates high (from top of rail to top of cabin). Scale used is 1/42 but I had to make 2 compromises as she's actually 1 or 2 studs to short and 1 plate to high. I tried to incorporate as many detail as possible and where possible not go for easy solutions, I wanted her to look complex and I think I did a decent job at that, but what do you guys think?
  8. Time to update this. Since last post I've been very busy on this, but I'm still lacking the interior pictures to add all the details needed. So I'm building with that in mind, I can always take parts of it apart to add the details whenever I get pictures. In the following pictures are all the parts I've build so far, it's a constant challenge to get parts needed as I'm going thru bricks in a high tempo (1000 1x2 tan bricks last me like half an hour when I start building). I've connected the lights for the sign that are inside the main hall, those will just need their decals to finish them. I've also redone the outside curved wall of the main hall, noticed that there was to much stress on the bricks and that I made a few mistakes as well. Some parts I have to make compromises as it's impossible to get it just right. To add these features I had to cheat big time, drilling holes in to the plates to be able to put the minifig hands in. The slopes were added to get an impression on how this would look, height was ok but I'm going to use 33° slopes instead of these 45° ones as the roof would end up being way to high.
  9. Barduck

    [MOC] Union Pacific M10005 "City of Denver"

    Since latest reply in this topic I've added 2 more coaches to her but can't yet take good pictures off those as one is missing a decal (spelling mistake). Took this little consist to our LUG's end of the year event at Antwerp, Belgium where she stood with a small corner I threw together in a hurry: Once pictures are taken of the latest 2 coaches I will post those. Also gathering parts for the next 2. Once those are finished I still need to build 4 more, all 70 studs long. I've licensed her to Letbricks to make sets and made a video of it compared to to my version in LEGO: (admin: please remove if not allowed)
  10. Barduck

    Combining 7 and 8 wide

    My trains are 8 wide, coaches 7. Why? Simply because of weight, 7 wides are slightly lighter than 8's which is beneficial in the end, less weight means longer lasting batteries in the end
  11. actually, entered a digital too, diner coach for the COD consist UP 10303. The others are uploaded, the M10005 "City of Denver" and one of it's coaches "Ogallala". For next year I think I should manage to get the full consist build, already have the decals for it thanks to OKBrickWorks
  12. hey. There's some people that have promised me pictures but so far I haven't received any. Will be contacting everyone next week to see if they managed to get those pictures. School vacation is almost over for the smallest kids so I'll be starting to get more time soon to continue the build (to much of a hassle when they're at home). That doesn't mean I haven't been building in the past month, just very slowly. Although to be honest, September will have more building time on a corner module with 2 tracks which needs to be ready for Brick Mania Antwerp in November.
  13. IDK, the LUG I'm in seams more concerned with applying stupid rules (like only using LEGO parts and not 3th party like BT or Trixbrix tracks) than with helping LUGmembers with their projects