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  1. Barduck

    Digital Custom Rods

  2. Barduck

    Trained Bricks' custom rods

    open Wordpad. Copy paste the text you got of the wanted part in to Wordpad. In Wordpad then click "save as". Enter the desired name (f.e.: partx.dat (be sure to put the .dat part)) and change the " .txt" to "all"
  3. Barduck

    Trained Bricks' custom rods

    skip to 11:45
  4. good. judging from the measurements set in the file my 65" gondola's are right on par at 52 studs long
  5. Barduck

    4DBrix goes DIY

    So I assume it's still 2017 in your timeline here So here we have, still according to your own timeline, the fact is that Bricktracks allready has a working prototype of r104 crossings available, for which he is all ready looking in to getting molds, while TrixBrix is only doing a poll. The copying began here You actually answer your own question throughout your post. While apparently it took TrixBrix nearly 10 (yes ten) months to develop and produce the r104 crossings, Bricktracks was all ready at the stage where he was sure his version worked, had sales on Shapewaysfor them, and he had the designs ready to have the matrix cast to start making injection versions, hence he started the Kickstarter campaign. So here all ready is prove that TrixBrix copy/pasted. And that's only from Bricktracks. Same analogy goes for 4DBricks, Tom had automation stuff out way before TrixBrix had
  6. that's sexy Coaster
  7. Barduck

    Coming soon, a whole fleet of ES44's

    And a Central of Georgia version: I think I might be starting to make Andy (OKBrickWorks) crazy with all the different liveries I've been coming out with, he's done a beautiful job so far with the rest
  8. Barduck

    Coming soon, a whole fleet of ES44's

    Pennsylvania livery: Does require a total of 17 3D printed 1x2 bricks with grill in dark red (or one can go with black or reddish brown but it wouldn't look the same)
  9. More of a challenge to use as less stickers as possible and brick build it (like the zigzag on the UP). For example: all ready concluded that a CN version would require to many masking stickers.
  10. I know, I even did that search some time ago. There’s a lot more but not all are worthy of being build and from those that are, not all are buildable. So much easier when you can just paint the model
  11. I am getting the parts together for the Interstate version and will do one more after that but not yet decided which one. Won’t build them all, that would cost a fortune. I am however designing at least 3 more, possibly 5 (kinda like the idea of “a dozen ES44AC’s” 😁)
  12. missed this post?
  13. thx for all the kind comments, she sure was a pain to design. But now I have her designed in 7 liveries and working on even more
  14. She does without any problems
  15. Now that she's finally finished, complete with custom decals from OKBrickWorks, it is time to give her a proper thread. She turned out to be one of my most complex diesel engines to design and build, took almost 2 years to actually have her build as I just couldn't find a good solutions for the vents at the back. Containing over 1800 pieces, 2 PF train motors to power her, brickbuild zigzag in the stripes and a pretty complex nose, she's going to be a head turner for sure. The 1x2 plates and 1x2 plates with ladder are custom chromed from Chrome Block City. The enige in the back is my older SD70 That part of the build that caused a lot of design problems The complex nose Awesome decals by OKBrickWorks One last treat, together with the VIRGINIAN 2-8-8-8-4 triplex: