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  1. actually, entered a digital too, diner coach for the COD consist UP 10303. The others are uploaded, the M10005 "City of Denver" and one of it's coaches "Ogallala". For next year I think I should manage to get the full consist build, already have the decals for it thanks to OKBrickWorks
  2. hey. There's some people that have promised me pictures but so far I haven't received any. Will be contacting everyone next week to see if they managed to get those pictures. School vacation is almost over for the smallest kids so I'll be starting to get more time soon to continue the build (to much of a hassle when they're at home). That doesn't mean I haven't been building in the past month, just very slowly. Although to be honest, September will have more building time on a corner module with 2 tracks which needs to be ready for Brick Mania Antwerp in November.
  3. IDK, the LUG I'm in seams more concerned with applying stupid rules (like only using LEGO parts and not 3th party like BT or Trixbrix tracks) than with helping LUGmembers with their projects
  4. for the tan 1x2 maybe, the 1x2 dark red plates I've already had over 2 years, got them in a LUGbulk back then. As for side by side shots with the CoD, not possible at the moment, the table where the station will eventually be standing isn't big enough yet to hold station and tracks together, needs about 60 cm
  5. small bit of progress, waiting on parts is slowing the building pace. Added the wall (track side) to the second floor of the main hall (this is the third floor overall, main hall is just 2 floor high): Also did a draft for the doors at going from trackside to main hall, here together with how they'll look with the gold chromed pieces: Won't be doing much in the vacation months as it's difficult to keep the smallest kid from tampering with everything so won't be added extra updates in July and August. Will use those months to replenish my stockpile of tan bricks and some of the dark red pieces I still need a lot more off. As for dark red 1x2 plates, I'm settled: Roughly 9 or 10k pieces left, should hold out for the rest of the building (I hope)
  6. it's getting crazy Going through mountains of tan 1x2 bricks in no time, last order had 800 and I'm already out. Still looking good on 1x2 Dark Red plates, got like 8k left, those should last me to near the end of the build (I hope)
  7. The beams are reinforced but they do drop a bit under their weight. Luckily they are not going to serve as supports for the roof so it should be ok. Building sideways to obtain the pattern in the wall was simple, and why do it difficult if it works just as well the easy way. But not getting close actually, while the main hall may be going in it's detailing phase, there is still more than enough to build. After all this is only 1/5 of the total length of the station.
  8. Bit more progress but I'm starting to get to the point where I'm unable to continue without the much needed pictures. Added the clock at the main hall's trackside exit: Also, 3 of the 4 benches have been added so the minifig have now a place to rest a bit while the station is being build: This is where I'm at for the moment, it's taking shape quite nicely. Still need to do the rounded parts of the main hall and then start on the roof plate that will go on this. That roof will also not be easy, specially the round part, don't have a clue at the moment on how to tackle it. As always, comments, tips, .... all welcome
  9. Well, finally I've got a response to one of my mails inquiring for pictures. Someone at Portland's Architectural Heritage Center contacted me. They do not have any pictures themselves but he's is going to pass my mail to some people he knows that are local railroad and Union Station experts in the hope that one of them might be able to assist me. So a bit of good news at last, now to hope that I'll be getting the much needed pictures
  10. They are not going to be used as support, its more to give the proper look when watching inside. And the roof will come of anyway to show the inside when viewers ask for it. You're bringing very valid points. From the few pictures I have recieved I can deduct that the ticketstation is basicly the same as it used to be, but with the Amtrak symbol added. For the rest I'm still facing the same problems. It's already hard to find pictures from others room than the main hall, boarding and waiting rooms in present time, it might be close to impossible to get pictures from other eras. And, you're not being a bother, this interaction is really helpful to go forward and get a sight on where I want to go with this building
  11. The height error has been corrected, still need to build the rest until I can put the roof beams back in place. The 2 minifigs stacked on each other are to get a better view on the height of the door openings, to better compare to pictures I have so I'm sure it is as correct as possible. It does seem to be so. specially when compared to this picture: Portland Union Station by Stones 55, on Flickr As always, comments, suggestion, and most definitively pictures, all welcome
  12. Well, I did have the main hall figured out for quite some time, so on this I can work faster. This part is 2 XL MILS that are both 64x64 studs then the entrance for it (track side) is added which is another 16x64 studs. Looking at the photo from what've build, similar XL MILS are added on the left side and two times that on the right side. Those I still need to figure out and it's of those parts I don't have pictures. Reinforcing the cross beams a bit more might be needed as you've pointed out, I'll have to look in to that. Though using brackets may create to much of an offset for the inner beams (you can see those on the second photo). Prosper Portland was the first I reached out to but have not have the pleasure of getting a reply to my email. As for era, I haven't given that much thought really, I'll already be happy if I manage to build this thing. I do have to admit that doing a late 1930's era would be nice as my M10005 would fit with it rather nicely then (although it would have been it's sister train, the "City of Portland", that served the station in it's time). So reaching out to the person you've suggested could help.
  13. Got a bit more done: Still no word on more pictures, not even from PortLUG, Hope someone from that LUG follows this forum and reaches out. Once the main hall is finished I'll be stuck because there's no pictures of the rooms next to it. Today I did some extra work, added the windows and top wall at the trackside: It was while doing that that I noticed I made a mistake in the height need of the main hall and that walls and thus also the roof beams that I've already added actually need to go higher. Also the inner parts of the arches need to be higher. So next few days I'll be taking a lot of bricks of those walls to do just that. Might take a whole week to be at the point I need to be. And yes, you'll notice I've cut the tile, it's the only way to hide the wires for the LEDs And please, comments, input, ideas, ... all welcome. Still need to figure out how I can do the circular part of the main hall's roof, any ideas on that are most welcome (it is still my first building I'm doing so I'm a rooky on this)