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  1. Crazy bricks

    [MOC] ALIENS Xenomorph Queen

    Those epaulette pieces... that is so perfect. I love seeing this kind of out-of-the-box thinking.
  2. Crazy bricks

    [MOC] Terra Station Z

    This is just a shot of pure, classic space. Love it.
  3. Crazy bricks

    [MOC] Hancock Merchant Sloop and Morton Imperial Brigantine

    Looks great!
  4. Crazy bricks

    MOC | Mini Modulars: NINJAGO City Markets

    That's actually amazing! So much detail in such a small space.
  5. Crazy bricks

    <moc> GER Class a55 0-10-0

    Looks really good, love the little gap between the smokebox and chassis.
  6. Crazy bricks

    [MOC] NS 8107 "Kikker"

    Looks charming, gorgeous little loco.
  7. Wow - this is phenomenal. Can't believe how much detail you packed in here.
  8. Crazy bricks

    [MOC] - A scene for Bounty Boat & Sea Mates

    The added water really helps, that is a fantastic MOC!!
  9. That looks so cool! Such an underused scale, I think it is because Lego doesn't really do anything at that scale right now. If I remember right though, there may have been some cars released around 2010 at 12 studs wide? Can't remember.
  10. Crazy bricks

    [M4-23 - Nature is After You] - Yub Nub!

    That is stunning, the flimsy and fluid look of the real walker is captured immaculately here. Great job.
  11. Crazy bricks

    May the 4th Contest - 2023

    Exciting... Been such a strong field this year, I really think some of these designs are some of the best MOC's I've ever seen. The TIE Defender and the fallen AT-ST are some of the best IMO, but I have also really appreciated everyone's creativity with the custom ships and locations.
  12. Crazy bricks

    May the 4th Contest - 2023

    When are we looking at receiving the the results roughly?
  13. Crazy bricks

    [M4-23 - Imperial Ship] TIE/Ad x7

    My word, give the rest of us a chance at winning! This is spectacular, if I win this category ahead of you I'll feel like a fraud!!
  14. Crazy bricks


    Looks great!
  15. Crazy bricks

    [MOC] Anakin vs Asajj Ventress, 2003 style...

    That looks amazing! The lightsaber swoosh really is a highlight.