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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys! I present my new model, a BuWizz 2.0 powered Baja Truck! It features: Independent double wishbone front suspension, with servo steering and positive caster for better return-to-center Live axle rear suspension, powered by a buggy motor and BuWizz 2.0 My goal with this truck was to make a small, lightweight truck with excellent offroad capabilities and smooth suspension travel, while also giving it a realistic look with the least number of pieces. Overall I'm quite satisfied with the result! Here's a video: And more photos: More photos can be found on the BrickSafe page: Hope you guys enjoyed! -Teo
  2. Sariel

    RC Railroad Crane

    Hi guys, I hope you won't mind a Technic guy playing with Trains a little. I have created something very ugly, but at the same time quite playable: More info & pics:
  3. If You enjoy building chassis more than designing body designs, this is one of the best building styles for you: Buying Lego sets and making them remote-controlled. I have modded almost every Lego set I got over the last couple of years and made some guidlines for the best possible outcome. PLEASE NOTE: This are the guidlines I like to use. Other people might have different and I totally respect theirs. That's the best part about Lego: Everyone can build how they want, and it should always stay like that. I just thought I'd share my guidlines, as they may inspire some to also mod official Lego sets. ✴Do not change the look. Your only goal should be to make the model remote-controlled, not improving the appereance. ✴Always hide electric components. This is the statement that bothers me thr most: "I'll simply put the motor outside the body because I can't find any space inside". That way you not only wreck the model's looks, but also fail at the challenge of fitting everything inside. ✴Make reasonable changes. Before you mod a function, figure out if it will be convenient to operate. For example, it would not make sense to remote control a gearbox' motor, but having to switch the gears manually. ✴Do not add or remove any functions. The final outcome should still feel like the original model, just remote-controlled. If you follow this guidlines, your result should be a fun to play with, nice looking model. You succedeed, when the following conversation happens when showing your model to another Lego fan: A: " Look what I built" B: "Oh, nice, you got the xxx set' A: "Yes, I even made it remote-controlled, " B: "What?! How did you fit all that stuff in there? O_o" If you now feel like modding a Lego set, I've prepared some tips and set recommendations for you: ✔Make a plan: Think about where to put what component before building anything. Also have a second plan, as it often turns out something wont work the way you thought. (I often make plans before even owning the set by looking at the instructions) ✔Lights are a nice, but simple addition. You sometimes have to change the way they are mounted, but it pays off. ✔If you run out of space, remove the fake engine, it doesn't hurt that much. ✔Wires need more space than you think, so keep some room for them. (Especially when using lot of Leds) ✔A common setup is the following: Steering & driving RC, lights & gearbox' motor attached to switches. ✔Mid-range sets are the easiest to mod because they have the most space unused. ✔Assemble the set yourself, because you get a better understanding of how things work and what you can remove. I highly recommend the 42008 service truck and the 42006 excavator for modding, as they both have plenty of space left. I modded both of them, so feel free to ask me for help if you're stuck, I would be honored to help you out! Personally, I really enjoy RC modding Lego sets, and I hope this post inspires some of you to try it out too. I would love to hear about your ways of doing it! Greetings, Technirus