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  1. ItzSgtTanker

    [MOC] Moving through Halfaya Pass, April 1941

    I absolutely love the detail in this Diorama. Like what another commenter said, the Sd Kfz 222 is very recognizable. I like the angles of the armor plates. One thing I am curious about is how the vehicle is not falling down. Did you build this in real life, or did you use bricklink studio? Have a good day!
  2. As someone who has read the entire book series, I can tell you that this is amazing! There is so much detail in the builds.
  3. ItzSgtTanker

    Hello from the U.S!

    Hello everybody, I am ItzSgtTanker! I have known about eurobricks for a long time, but I never created an account until now. I have enjoyed lego ever since I was a little kid, and as an adult, I still find Lego a very fascinating product. Since I am a new member, I figured a good way to help people get to know me is by telling people a little bit about me and some of my interests. I am 21 years old. I love animals and music. My favorite bands/composers include Sabaton and Two Steps From Hell. I have been going to college for a couple years now with the intent to get a computer science degree. I love computers, so I believe that I am heading to the right path. I have quite a bit of hobbies going on right now(probably too much to mention here). Some of my hobbies include the following: Hobby Electronics. I am not an expert, but it is so fun building circuits and seeing what happens! Video Games. I absolutely love getting into a good video game. My favorite PC game currently is Stardew Valley. Lego. Obviously, since I made a eurobricks account(haha). I would say that my favorite theme is Technic, with a close contender being Creator. I am thankful that you guys approved my account! It is my intent to be a high-quality, positive community member that everyone looks up to. I will probably spend most of my time in the technic forum, since that really hits home for me, although I like most things Lego. I really like how mature this community is, and that is what drew me in. I might post pictures of my mocs, although I am a bit shy, and do not post a lot of pictures on other platforms. See you around! o7 - ItzSgtTanker