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  1. No that's not true, that's impossible!
  2. My main hope is to finally get Bo-Katan (since the mando helmets are in heavy use again) and also some of the 501st troopers with the orange helmets. If we get those figures atleast I'll be happy but even better if we get Ahsoka and Maul like you said.
  3. @jdubbs Should i temper my expectations for figs based on clone wars season 7 in the summer wave?
  4. Same! I have a whole hoth diorama set up with the ucs assault on hoth and a few other sets but i was never able to track down an at-at for a decent price so my imperials finally have a chance against the rebels?
  5. True but i don't expect it to be large for a system set, it would probably have a very small interior and be about as large as the u-wing from 2016 if it was $70
  6. Wow that's a really good build! I hope maybe the $70 set for April is the Mantis but I hope it comes with more figs than just the main crew because Lego has been putting only a few figs in the expensive sets lately.
  7. I hope so, the game was so good i really hope we get a mantis with the main crew along with the second sister and some purge troopers
  8. We already have the 104th, they came with the av-7 cannon in 2014
  9. We need so many phase 2 legions still like the 327th, 442nd, galactic marines, and clone force 99 before we get the 501st or 212th again
  10. I don't think it would be impossible to do. lepin managed to make their own model a few years back and it didn't look terrible so I'd imagine with the budget Lgo has for a ucs set plus the talent of their designers i think they could pull off a very respectable looking model.
  11. Hopefully soon, I'm pretty sure the Gunship will win with all the pushing it's gotten from Youtubers but it would be a pleasant surprise to see the Nebulon B come out on top.
  12. Thank goodness, i was looking at the 2019 set discussion page wondering why nobody was posting anymore and remembered that the discussion page changes every year? I voted for the Nebulon B because it might be the only chance we get to vote for an official Rebel Friend!
  13. Good luck! I bet it'll be an amazing festive display piece and I'm pretty sure none of the pieces in the set are exclusive other than the minifigures.
  14. Cheapest option in the US on ebay is around $300 with shipping. Some international sellers have it a bit cheaper tho. I know it would take away the rarity of the set but it would be nice if Lego made the employee christmas sets available as limited time exclusives on lego shop for the holidays.
  15. Everytime i see a review of the candy xwing i die a little? It looks so good! But i doubt it'll ever go on ebay for a decent price.