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  1. Anyone else notice the open circle fleet aka republic fleet symbol on the A-wing? I think instead of the death star turret set we could've gotten a fallen order set instead. Not saying i don't like the set but it would've been better suited for the 2020 wave while a fallen order set with cal, female inquisitor. and some purge troopers would've been awesome.
  2. New micro battle of endor promotional set has been revealed for triple force friday.
  3. Im guessing the obiwan polybag might be included with the new lego star wars game like finn was with tfa
  4. Wait is the Bruges battle pack from rise of skywalker or revenge of the sith?
  5. I guess it is mostly wishful thinking tbh but I'm really excited for the game so I hope we get something from Lego in the near future, especially with all the cool designs Lego has a lot to work with
  6. Based on the fallen order gameplay (Which I love by the way) I don't think it's unreasonable to assume we'll get some set or battle pack eventually. Neither the flame nor purge troopers require new molds, and I could see a battlepack with trooper variants and another set with Kal and second sister. That said, the likelyhood of them coming out for force friday continues to lower as we now know all but one of the sets are episode IX. Or a buildable yoda. The Mandalorian is getting a battle pack in the winter wave of 2020 so I see no reason that Fallen Order can't get that 1 slot during force friday this year. The game looks great and i would love to get anything from it in Lego form. If they made Rebel Friend as the pre-order or deluxe edition exclusive I would jump on it right away! This would be the perfect way to release him and the perfect time since its the 20th anniversary and they just made a new rebel fleet trooper print.
  7. I really hope we get a battle pack of those sweet looking purge troopers. It wouldn't even be that much of a problem for lego since they could just use the airborne clone mold from 2014 with a black and red color scheme with new printing.
  8. Same, hopefully we get a battle pack if those dope inquisitor/purge troopers!
  9. I think i saw it on reddit once, don't remember when or by who tho
  10. Oh ok, i did have some suspicions. The A-wing were getting is supposedly resistance and normal resistance A-wings are a reddish color. The only resistance A-wing that was blue was Tallies and that went boom in TLJ.
  11. I'm guessing sequel trilogy since no blue a-wings were seen in the OT
  12. Someone on instagram posted a confidential image of a blue lego a-wing. Don't know if its real or not but its since been taken down.
  13. Its been rumored that a new lego game is in the works. I wouldn't mind getting rebel friend included as the pre-order bonus like stormtrooper finn was for lego tfa
  14. Kinda disappointed they went with leia's desk again, i would've liked to see them try the table from episode 3 or something else but this set looks really nice! Can't wait for another chance to get the Tantive iv since i was too young to get the last one myself and my parents couldn't afford it.
  15. Yup I'm entering a couple submissions. Hopefully i atleast get 2nd or 3rd because i really want to get the 20th anniversary slave 1. Its a really nice set but I just can't afford it myself rn. Good luck to you aswell btw!