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  1. So no word on the May release then? I assume this means the ISD rumors that floated last year are proving correct... is the A-wing coming too?
  2. Minifig pack is live in the US, 99$ purchase. Surprisingly both online and in store.
  3. I wonder if he means themes like LOTR and POTC killing off castle and pirates themes. That isn’t that far fetched. I’m fairly certain that SW has been the main driver for no space themes returning.
  4. Brickfan reporting the JW bricktober for dec 14-16, 100$ purchase. Not the price point I was expecting.
  5. I suppose I will leave it people on this forum that regularly leak or pass along leaks to eventually confirm. It’s a nontradional source (hence why I am posting it).
  6. So the JW bricktober is confirmed to be coming to lbs (in the US at least), probably unannounced Dec/Jan promo.
  7. I’d still prefer the d2c to be one or both classic JP jeeps in the creator expert size, but the visitor center would be an ok second option.
  8. KevinMD

    Discussion: LEGO Architecture 2018

    I’d guess Eiffel first, with Sydney, London, NYC, and Chicago second.
  9. KevinMD

    Seasonal 2018

    For whatever reason they did not release an ornament last year.
  10. KevinMD

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    There are two versions of the RBR box, I believe one was a lego store version and one for 3rd party retailers. personally, having bought both to have a complete collection, I’d say it depends on the desire. If it’s to have lego designed UCS versions (potentially multiple) then go for it if the price is reasonable. If you just want the best display option of iconic SW ships, I think there is a certified superior SSD version by @onecase here: Onecase’s instructions there are a couple RBRs out there but @mortesv probably has the best, here: Mort’s instructions both probably are more costly, but visually superior to their lego counterparts.
  11. KevinMD

    [Review] 21047 Las Vegas

    Maybe we can convince @henrysunset to tackle the strip? That would be an epic MOC.
  12. Mine aren’t new. Took the S14 spider lady straight up less the cape, a small clown with pumpkin head and axe, and a vampire mix mold from what I don’t remember. Seems to be somewhat randomly put together since mine are different from the pics posted, but I didn’t buy them the wife did.
  13. copter
  14. i wonder if the gap in the set numbers will allow for another UCS. Interesting list though.