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  1. People are expecting 9516 but we’ll probably get 4480. Not that there is much difference between the two now that I think about it.
  2. To be determined. not realizing 8455 part count, this ‘hoe could be promising after all.
  3. Backhoe price point seems too low. Concerned what that set would look like. Tractor, possible they went after Deere license? I wonder if the unknown set is an aircraft.
  4. KevinMD

    Saw Gerrera Minifig

    That doesn’t even look like lego.
  5. It was literally posted in the spoiler tags a few post up from you!
  6. KevinMD

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I had a Disney error where I got Mickey’s head in a Mini bag. They sent the replacement head. I’ve also had problems with bags in the past and all they did was send a random bag. Probably depends on timing though, I think I opened my Disney series in the first week or so of release.
  7. KevinMD

    LEGO Creator Expert 10271 Fiat 500

    Plenty of folks in US order from Zavvi without issue. Perhaps packing could be better occasionally. Have hope!
  8. KevinMD

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Walmart or Walgreens (apparently). B&N already mentioned is another good option.
  9. Cool review, thanks! The tanker is really well done and probably my favorite of the models you built. Also appreciate the loaded lowboy to show size. wish these were HOG instead of powered, I would be much more inclined to purchase one or two!
  10. KevinMD

    LEGO Creator Expert 10271 Fiat 500

    I mean the number may be off, or that’s an initial run to see popularity of the concept and they will produce a second run world wide. No idea but it’s definitely limited to the UK market.
  11. KevinMD

    LEGO Creator Expert 10271 Fiat 500

    I read something saying it’s limited to 10k? We will see. Ordered 50 just in case!
  12. KevinMD

    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Interesting that they switched to the Zetros tires in the rear. I guess to help differentiate between V1 and V2, and the tires do look a little closer to the real vehicle. I’m not seeing much else different between the models at first glance though. Couple areas where they have tiled it and it looks like they’ve reworked the rear quarter panels. Hopefully we’ll see more detailed pictures soon.
  13. @Bricktrain would you be willing to move your work over to the mods and improvements thread? Would make it easier to follow all the amazing work you and @efferman are doing to make this beast better.
  14. As technic is not the primary theme I purchase, I can either wait to purchase this at 30+% discount or not at all and build an MOC instead. I do like the looks overall though and expect a few members here will sufficiently ’pimp’ this set to entice a purchase. regarding cost and/or the one hub/4 motor complaints, I wonder how much supply chain issues factor into this. Costs of all materials and associated transportation are sky high, and electronic goods are having their own supply line issues. It may be they wanted a second hub but couldn’t guarantee enough parts. Prices are just a product of the times, I’m afraid.
  15. KevinMD

    Sales Advice

    Do you prefer ease of sale, or maximum return? If ease, post all for sale together, wait for that one person who wants all your sets, and then sell. If you want the the largest return, sell individually. As far as price, do your own research. eBay and bricklink should give a good indicator of recent sales.