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  1. KevinMD

    42127 [IP Vehicle]

    Wasn’t that the original rumor that became Dom’s charger? Maybe someone got their information from the future
  2. KevinMD

    42128 Heavy Duty Tow Truck

    The other 1,000 pieces for the truck it tows? orange / white worked on the heavy lift helo, maybe blue is second vehicle. Doesn’t make sense for heavy truck to tow a car.
  3. KevinMD

    [TC19] Katana supersport

    Isn’t it just the piece from the Ducati?
  4. KevinMD

    [RUMORS] Flagship - CAT D11T

    @kbalage I’m not sure how much building techniques have evolved since the studded age but what worries me about that video is the life support dangling behind the dozer that don’t see the rest of. Not sure if it was due to limited space in the frame or what but that would be an obvious issue if they were to go the pneumatics route. With how well the blade and ripper move I assume an air tank was involved too yeah?
  5. Super Star destroyer or ATAT are easy ones but the list dwindles quickly after in my opinion.
  6. While I still think the DS rumor is crap, I did wonder if, were it true, it came with a fleet battling around it.
  7. If it achieves a purpose or look unobtainable with currently available parts and is not prohibitively expensive I don’t see the problem but I am more of an MOC buyer / builder than a MOC creator.
  8. KevinMD

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    So they’re not killing off Pete in Spider-Man 3 now?
  9. KevinMD

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Man I love your cryptic messages. Glad to hear that Helstrom is getting a tie in.
  10. I think Lego posted something similar on one of their feeds. I love the idea of mashing up SW and the holidays!
  11. KevinMD

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Who posted about two face movie lego sets? Was it one of the walls of text further up?
  12. KevinMD

    42120 Hovercraft

    Looks like a decent parts pack, double plus if it has significant parts for osprey.
  13. Can you fit a bucket? I imagine 2951 would be ideal size but fork looks good too.
  14. KevinMD

    42124 Off-Road Buggy

    Tires look fantastic, do we have a similar model in the technic lineup? I don’t recall any such one.