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  1. Of course Spiider may appear in a future wave!
  2. Let’s hope they recognize the demand for tony stank then too and get us a ton of IM sets to fill up a hall of armor.
  3. Is that the girdle armor IM is wearing? Jesus that looks terrible, especially next to thick cap.
  4. That whole thing should be soft plastic.
  5. Maybe it will be a technic set with system elements for greebling. Chiron sized, PU, 3k parts easy. /fanbois would rage
  6. Can someone link me the part on bricklink that wonder woman is supposedly holding?
  7. I wonder if you can use those parts in an iron man fig. First thought was it looked like a poor knockoff version.
  8. Maybe Scrooge’s top hat? Although ‘main’ makes me think the mice.
  9. That’s a pretty bad miss on lego’s behalf, especially since the pic someone posted from one of the DC games had it correct.
  10. Regardless this figure ain’t in the cmf. You can take that to the bank.
  11. This is my thinking. I’m surprised people are thinking anything different.
  12. KevinMD

    2019 LEGO Architecture

    Awesome, thank you for letting me know!
  13. KevinMD

    2019 LEGO Architecture

    @henrysunset any chance you have the build instructions for the original Vegas you could post? Would love to add this.
  14. I thought the problem with the tantive was the packed play features into a ship people were wanting a model of and sacrificed quality / size. I know for me, it doesn’t belong on a shelf and as such at best I am buying it for the figs (like all the MBS sets). The build up and then later let down was much more recent and painful, being a ship. I’d long since forgotten about hoth, sorry about that!