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  1. Thanks for sharing your story @QQriQ, interesting read!
  2. @jdubbs is it confirmed it’s just the shuttle, or is this going to include a landing platform perhaps? Don’t remember what 10212 retailed for but price seems a bit high for the shuttle only.
  3. I will echo what everyone else said. I let out an audible “holy shit” that startled the wife and kid. Looks amazing!
  4. Amazing work by the finalists. 33: 10 59 : 6 41 : 4 47 : 3 24 : 2 29 : 1
  5. KevinMD

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    Look at set 76141 for instance to see difference in colors. I can’t see them doing metallic but that would be awesome if they did!
  6. They’ll probably name it something stupid like attack on hoth, include a ton of figs, but make it an inaccurate disjointed mess.
  7. KevinMD

    Lego Architecture 2020

    FLW’s license aside, I wonder if this is further signaling that small structure / house sets like FW, Robbie and Farnsworth won’t be made again. Kind of bummed and I don’t think I’ve come across many architecture MOCs. Skyscrapers and landmarks seem to be the focus (and skylines).
  8. KevinMD

    8043 Receiver Question

    The two copies of 42095 I have beg to differ. They should be updated to v1.1 now though.
  9. KevinMD

    8043 Receiver Question

    Just bought a used lot that included an 8043. Had the V2s in it. My brother also has V2s in his, built from BNIB. They definitely switched at some point.
  10. Has anyone managed to get the PCB in the IR remote separated from the case? I have one with pretty bad battery acid damage and I’ve cleaned it up but the right “up” contact is not working and I’d like to see if cleaning the underside of the board would help.
  11. I look forward to adding that A-wing box to my storage unit. Looks fantastic enough for a official set though Anio’s is still on the list to build.
  12. Is the polybag itself legit? Pogo made a knockoff that has quality issues like what you describe, but I can’t find evidence if they came in a bag.
  13. KevinMD

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Further, I don’t really see a character that fits as absolutely necessary for both books/movies 5 and 6, other than say the big three and we’re already getting them.
  14. I picked up a box at target, on the shelf but untouched. Can’t say I am actively shopping right now to know how many stores have them out as this was an accidental purchase of sorts.
  15. KevinMD

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    So you bought an iconic set after the theme has been revived and you post this looking for... sympathy? if you’re a completionist you have the figs and could sell the build now before the D2C is made public and recoup money. It’s a great set and looks fantastic, personally.