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  1. New sealed will maintain for lego set collectors, but you’ll probably see a large reset on pricing for used and new open box due to a superior product. The SW line definitely showed me this with a few of the UCS sets (falcon, ISD, snow speeder, y-wing).
  2. A leak I had seen (albeit possibly fake/ a guess at the time) was that the classic Landy was indeed creator-style. It did not gain traction here (neither the technic forum nor the creator one) so I didn’t think much of it until your post.
  3. KevinMD


  4. KevinMD

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    I had thought about red skull’s car as well, but it simply isn’t a realistic set at 500$.
  5. KevinMD

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Sanctuary 2 UCS! Or a wakanda diorama. That has the giant panther
  6. I can’t think of any technic set aside from the super cars that has sold out that quickly. Mcclaren f1? Maybe the tow truck? I would think you’ll be fine sleeping in at the very least.
  7. KevinMD

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Is the Avenger’s tower on the gram legit? If so, not sure how I feel about the apparent figs but the build looks good.
  8. I’ve done this twice, with extremely limited success. Once with the Unikitty series, which had groups of different weights due to three distinct style of figure (puppy, standing kitty, sitting kitty). Beyond that, it was a crap shoot. I did this for ~100 bags. I also did this for a 2-3 cases of vidiyo series 2 boxes and hit correctly fairly infrequently, to the point I figured my successes were more luck than anything. This was with a .001g accuracy jewelry scale, btw. So I will say no, unless you have access to a commercial scale. I’ll probably see if I can borrow an x-ray machine before wasting time with a scale again!
  9. KevinMD

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    I like the cut of your jib!
  10. Not a name I expected in the technic forum! It’s impressive to see someone who builds impressively detailed Star Wars sets also do a great representation of a well known sports car. Hate the arches but I assume you do too. Looks like you got the shaping down quite well though!
  11. Can we take a moment to appreciate that kid’s hair? Are the side by side 1L liftarms (like mini-binoculars) on the rotor assembly new? I’ve never seen those before.
  12. For a second I got excited and though the mando and dc-17s. Wouldn’t that have been wild.
  13. @MajklSpajkl I think claimed this in TC19! not to diminish what ‘wigg did, he is fantastic too!
  14. well after convincing my wife to stay up past midnight to order me the book, she managed to successfully place one after the US website finally showed stock at about 12:40am. At about 2:21pm the ordered was inexplicably cancelled because the book was sold out. Gee thanks, Lego. Hope others fared better than I did.
  15. KevinMD

    [MOD] 8169 Lamborghini Gallardo GT3

    Timing on this is eerie, I just picked up a third copy and was debating what to do with it. I may have my answer!