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  1. Brickfan changed the article to say its $75 purchase on any/all themes. So we better get there early.
  2. Thats awesome! Its about time for the US. Hopefully we’ll see Endgame official pics soon enough.
  3. I’d love the MK 85 to be in the Hall of Armor set. Get all 4 new suits in one swoop.
  4. Oh thats cool. While I’m not a fan of their new looks or their inclusion in the cheapest sets I’m interested to see them in the movie. Where is that info from?
  5. @legostore_hrvatska. Croatian Lego store. Says the set is available in their locations in Zagreb and Split.
  6. The polybag rumor is true at least for Iron Man. A polybag of QR/team suit Iron Man with a small build of DUM-E
  7. Like others have said, these are surprisingly cool! The stand is amazing. These are great for people trying to build some Jurassic World MOCs and trying to put in some more civillian stuff.
  8. Ant Man’s new helmet actually looks pretty good. I was iffy on how it would look until the leakers posted in hand picturtes. I thought it would look be too oblong and flat in the face. I still like the current one since it reminds me of the comics, but this looks good and will work even better for Wasp one day.
  9. Yeah, I’m glad it ended up being true. We, as the people of this sub, have some trust issues from past events lol there is a concerning number of bored people in the world who try to pass off lists of fake sets
  10. I'm honestly so torn. I just added 5 new slots to my Hall of Armor MOC and after that I've officially maxed out space. I'm looking for any reason to not extend the build and not put any other non-important armors in there lol Maybe I'll use them as placeholders for the time being
  11. The Ronin Hasbro figure looks way different from certain BTS things I’ve seen where he has a helmet thats more comic book accurate so its certainly possible. On the other hand the Russos did say that Endgame wasn’t the title and they are known to change stuff up so who knows. But let me ask yall Iron Man collectors one question. Are we putting these Iron Man and War Machine variants in our Hall of Armor MOCs?
  12. Legocity2713

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    I think kids will love this set. 2 main characters and a small rendition of an iconic scene. As others have said, I just wish the trees were taller to be able to knock them down. Works well for a showdown with Wolverine in the woods of Canada outside of the Weapon X facility or something. I’ve been trying to collect the main characters of the saga so this alongside the microfighers escape pod set with r2d2 and c3po, is great.
  13. Smh? Dudes unclear when typing then turns it around like we’re supposed to know what he meant. Now thats worthy of a head shake. Anyway, thanks for the info I actually didn’t know Mysterio was going to have 2 suits. Guess the sets could have 2 versions kind of like Iron Man 3 Mandarin. Agreed.
  14. Yeah he has the original, the black and red duds, and the noir inspired. What is the prototype suit? All I’m saying is saying is it seems kind of early to guess that Mysterio will have 2 suits just based on the topper pics
  15. So Spidey's getting 3 suits in one movie?