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  1. Its weird that while some of the Avengers are based on the game, others (Hawkeye and presumably Black Panther) are based on the cartoon, and the Spider-Man wave is 1/3 based on the Spider-verse movie (Noir), 1/3 based on the cartoon (Anya Corazon), and 1/3 on the comics (Spider-Man’s suit). That AIM soldier looks like an Ultra Agents character. Anya doesn’t really have the white torso in the show, its black with a white spider, but in concept art it was white.
  2. Agreed. The recent promo art that leaked like a week or so ago also had Widow and Taskmaster so I’d say that those two are guaranteed. I’m glad I’ll finally be able to get my hands on a Black Widow figure that isn’t just from AoU. Any chance that it’ll be the white Black Widow suit revealed at SDCC and Yelena will have the more classic Black Widow suit?
  3. We have been waiting since 2014 for a classic AIM agent. That was the year we got MODOK and there was a Lego Club magazine with an AIM soldier in it. (Turns out that was just the artist taking liberties, but the point still stands) These aren’t AIM agents in my mind. The Avengers are fighting total nobodys in this wave and its stupid.
  4. Noir looks fantastic! Love the shiny eyes! He’s probably the third character in the $30 set then. Any chance Doc Ock is the female version from the Spider-Verse movie? Hawkeye’s nothing special. Head might pair better with the Civil War torso and legs.
  5. I always liked Vulture’s head Iron Man looks fantastic! Add an MK 50 head and it looks perfectly in place with the MCU ones.
  6. mini_legogo on IG posted a story saying “Vulture in new set will piss more people off 🌚” with the a pic of Vulture from the White Tiger/Doc Ock/Captain Stacy set from a few years back. We all probably figured it would be that version coming back since the truck is probably the main focus of the set. This is similar to the Scorpion Juniors set a few years back but at least the Scorpion was in a 100+ set. Not complaining since I have every Vulture except that one so I may have to pick it up just to say that I have all 3 Vultures.
  7. Legocity2713

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    I don't want to complain given how much we're getting from the CMF series, but how long are we going to wait for a Harley Quinn with the pigtail piece in red and black? I mean we went from red and blue pigtails to blonde with red and blue tips to the most recent blonde with pink and blue tips. The Lego Batman Movie line was a perfect time for a black and red classic pigtail piece but TLG made that weird new mold that nobody asked for. Really added insult to injury there.
  8. Legocity2713

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    This is really interesting news. I just hope they give us a Harley with black and red Zombie Cheerleader pigtails. That is all I’ve ever wanted.
  9. Agree with everything you said. Maybe a cheaper way to get the MK 85? Hope they don’t just reuse an MK 50 like in the HoA.
  10. Legocity2713

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    If Bill Burr’s character gets a figure I think my life would be complete
  11. Legocity2713

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The hot cocoa stand is super cute. I would buy a bunch of winter village polybags if the builds were as detailed as that. Sport shop is a really nice blend of classic and modern. They did a great job of making it look and feel like a part of cozy downtown of some small Colorado ski town. It looks like the tried to do the same with the Ski Resort but that just looks like a total mess. Too many colors in too small of an area and the grey elements are especially off putting. It looks to cold and not in the fun winter way. Looks a tiny bit better from the side but not really.
  12. Legocity2713

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Could be a gingerbread house? A couple of gingerbread people leaked. A man with a mustache and woman with a gingerbread skirt thats a recolor of Minnie’s.
  13. Maybe a smaller Hulkbuster like we’ve all been asking for for almost 5 years now? I wouldn’t mind one with Banner piloting it like when they attack Thanos in the Garden in Act 1.
  14. It’s especially egregious because we know how good Lego art, especially for Superheroes, usually is. Just look at the Lego Club magazines, the comics they used to throw in with sets, and the variant covers they did for certain Marvel and DC titles. Wow I didn’t know that, I went to my store around the 30th and they threw one in because I just so happened to spend $35 or more that day. Guess they had extras. I just added the CMF spaceman’s arms to the only QR suit I have and gave it to Cap. Works pretty good, except that one side has the Classic Space logo on it.
  15. The third Marvel poster/print is on #legoleaks. Hydro Man, Mysterio, and Spider-Man in front of a slightly modified version of the bridge set. Didn’t plan on getting any of them, but since I have the first 2 I might have to get this one too.