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  1. Here's that Andrew Beckett Minifig
  2. Jacob_9821

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Idk found them online
  3. Jacob_9821

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    http://imgur.com/gallery/AjLaTww Have fun with these nicely suited up Harry Potter and Ronald Weisely pictures.
  4. Jacob_9821

    [REVIEW] 70901 Mr. Freeze Ice Attack

    Bummer that the new belt piece looks really silly on the old Batmans, but then again I only have 3 Batmans so they can be replaced easily with Batman Movie Batmans. The photography looks crisp, thanks for the review!
  5. Jacob_9821

    Sexism in Lego

    It's a pretty petty point to complain about a simple analogy, which you seem to have missed the point of. The point simply was, there are physical differences between the two genders. When did I ever say that men were the standard? You act as if the people depicted as minifigures are done entirely wrong because there's a an especially fit minifigure for a fit character. Why do you act like men are the one standard? There will be marketing directly for girls, there will be marketing for guys and there will be marketing for both. Men don't buy tampons and women don't buy viagra. Obviously this will lead to commercials for just women about tampons and commercials for just men about viagra. Point is, there are differences and there is no "standard." Men aren't going to have a six pack normally, that's something you work towards. But you seem to be missing a simple biological fact; women have breasts regardless of weight (Or effort to stay thin), while men only develop breasts or "man boobs" through obesity. There's no reason why a company shouldn't use biological features to make their toys look a certain gender depending on the character. If Han Solo is a man his minifigure should be identifiable as a man without prior knowledge to him being a guy. Same thing for Leia, she should be identifiable as a woman right out of the gate. You're acting as if this is some issue about objectification, which in some cases would be true; but not the important ones anyway. Every woman has breasts, every man (at least they shouldn't) doesn't. Minifigures are not given extreme features in most cases, such as extremely large breasts or muscles, unless the figure calls for it. In this case, that's only been done with shirtless buff dudes from the Indian Jones line (could be more, it's the only example I can recall). But there's no real issue with that because the actor was buff and it was an accurate representation. As accurate as a caracature of a person could be in toy form anyway. I'm also confused as to what you would want the Lego group to do to make women "more realistic" but also allowing children to tell males and females a part from each other. Simple fact is, some people have boobs and others don't. I do not see an issue with that difference being depicted, but extreme exaggerations are pretty bad.
  6. Jacob_9821

    Sexism in Lego

    I don't see what's sexist exactly. Guys are pretty rectangular. Girls are pretty curvy. Physically, men and women aren't equal. Typically, most women have breasts while men do not. I don't see why there needs to be bowlderization, or sensorship, of a simple biological fact for children's toys. Trying to make them equal (either making them all the same, no boobs, no hips, or giving all minifigs boobs and hips) just confuses children and is an irresponsible, inaccurate way to represent these characters. Wonder Woman has a pretty good reason to be physically fit, which includes having a small waist, because she fights crime like a badass. I don't see why having a way to differentiate between the two genders in a bad thing, I personally don't see a reason for a Slave Leia version of Darth Vader or a shirtless, muscular Leia. On the sets like Friends, etc., Lego had tried to use minifigs in sets targeted towards girls for years. When they did, such as Paradisa, the sets were essentially a flop and have become collector items. Why? Girls didn't buy them. Now that Lego had appealed to girls, with lines like Friends, sales soared back in January. I also don't see how this is sexist, with Friends promoting Science, Math, Astronomy, emergency relief workers, etc. This isn't just done by Friends, but also Elves. However that line is complete fantasy, which has typically been associated with fat neckbeards playing Dungeons and Dragons. With Elves, Lego put out a product line that was atypical of who liked fantasy, and it turned out to be a success. In my opinion, we should congradulate this success rather than complaining women have boobs. Overall, I find that Lego has done nothing more than have a basic, simple system for allowing kids to see the differences between if its a boy, or if its a girl. Lego has also been progressive by supporting young girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields where men dominate the field, as well as marketing traditionally male genres, like fantasy, as a female one.
  7. Jacob_9821

    just2good fan group!

    Justin is a pretty cool guy, even though he gets thousands of comments a day he still tries to keep up with them-and Eurobricks too. He comes off as a genuinely nice guy in my opinion
  8. Jacob_9821

    Is Pharaoh's Quest worth picking up?

    Somewhat recently I found a couple of the Pharaoh's Quest sets at Barnes and Nobles, terrible, beat-up boxes, but they were all half off. I had limited funds at the time, just bought the new at the time Scooby Doo sets, so I had to choose between the Pyramid or the giant Jackal headed monstrosity and a Serpent. I went with the Pyramid, since what's better than that, and was kind of disappointed with it because of the raised base plate (I already had one from the Indian Jones set which is why I considered the other two sets at all). Back when I was a kid I thought those were some of the coolest pieces, still do today, but I appreciate building up sets nowadays more than ever before. If you can find the Pyramid set, it is still a great set that is built up disregarding the baseplate and has a lot of tiny little action features and a few unique parts, like the coffin. So far, the golden coffin has only had the lid reappear in that $15 Scooby Doo set, so to own the whole thing is a treat. As for the two other sets, the Jackal seemed kind of interesting, as well as the serpent, but they seemed to be almost like Chima prototypes. If you like Chima, you'll probably like those two sets. The only real thing of value is that Pyramid. So unless you want that, I'd skip the theme.
  9. Jacob_9821

    2017 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Some parts and prints also come out of production and inflation plays a role in it as well. The 2016 Death Star is a perfect example of what happens when a set stays on the market too long without any price hikes/part changes. Pizza Truck looks good, it isn't as over-sized as the Toy Story set, which makes me want to get the set.
  10. Jacob_9821

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    It's a nice thing to look forward to though, figures seem to be the only things that aren't leaked in their entirety unlike the sets themselves.
  11. Jacob_9821

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    While it doesn't really benefit the maker of the project, by not allowing you to change the main picture it does make it so you aren't purposely abusing the system to get people to support it. Essentially making your design appeal to others, getting their support, and then changing it to get supporters, etc, rinse and repeat. Although if they offered a main picture change at 1K and 5K, it wouldn't be as big of an issue.
  12. Jacob_9821

    IDEAS 21307 Caterham Seven 620R

    All the yellow looks neat, it's a hard color to get en masse (forgetting Minifigure heads and hands). Might end up picking this up to display with the Camper Van.
  13. Jacob_9821

    21306: The Beatles Yellow Submarine (LEGO Ideas)

    The details on these figures are fantastic, all the unusual and unique colors really fits with the original cartoon's style. I like the subtle yellow line on the pants, it's a nice detail that I'm glad wasn't missed.