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  1. Yep, but it has its own forum so different moderators with different rules Also, I'm not sure dc needs a 2020 thread yet, no real sets for a while, and the minifigs will probably start showing up in stores in late December anyways
  2. legosamsonite

    Display for Star Wars UCS sets?

    Anyone know whether or not the sammanhang will fit cloud city?
  3. A bit off topic but, I had such a dc score this week - justice League anniversary party - Superman and krypto team up - speed force freeze pursuit - lex Luthor mech takedown Plus found a new dvd compilation of the aquaman and flash movies that also came with Jessica Cruz, who I've been trying to track down for a year
  4. Looks like it's just the Simpsons triple molded legs
  5. Once I looked up the rebirth suit again, I don't mind the lack of dual molded legs for Superman, pretty much looks spot on to the source material Joker is great, the face reminds me of the 2006 print, read TDKR a few years ago but don't remember enough to get the accessory reference
  6. Sorry, re-reading that it sounds rude, was merely pointing out if you get lucky with finding a fresh box you shouldn't have an issue finding it And I got those cops like 7-8 months after the release, and trust me, where I live there are barely any other serious collectors..
  7. Why worry? I mean, its not that hard to find one figure in a fresh box of 60, I've still got five sealed cops I pulled out of five boxes in a Walmart last December
  8. Dog trainer hair would be good for him too, but to me if you put that hair on a traditional comic joker, it might make him look a lot younger 😂
  9. Well all in all I'm satisfied with the series, would have loved to get black Adam, booster gold, dr fate ted kord, atom... among others but this is pretty good, only ones I'm not a fan of are metamorpho and the fact that the trinity is mixed up However, glsd to finally get a modern Superman though Huntress will complete a comic version of the dceus birds of prey right? Harley, canary, and huntress, plus batgirl Find it funny how some of us were speculating whether it would be a while before we got joker again because of the movie, then they give us probably the 2nd or 3rd most darkest depiction of the joker in the comics
  10. It definitely isn't one hundred percent accurate. But it works for me, just the calm face, not the angry one, though as someone said, maybe theron netts face could work
  11. I think he means the limited availability of the set, retail exclusives sometimes sell out faster
  12. Maybe try this one from 2015, It's what I use on my 2006 wedge, it technically is a angry clone face though{"color":90,"iconly":0}
  13. Is that xwing pilot who I saw on Instagram who looks like Wedge new...?
  14. Huh, you saying you don't want lego to make another joker figure
  15. See the thing is that, starting with TLM2, the minifigures series are produced in the same factory as everything else, so it is now as easy for them to leak as any other minifig coming out of the usual places, there was a piece or two from both TLM2 and series 19 that leaked, which rarely would happen before