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  1. I honestly believe they do feel that way, at least on lego's end, there have been numerous sets in the last few years that have sold poorly, and the waves kerp getting bigger and more expensive, plus overall, I feel like a lot of the other toys that have been released for star wars haven't been as popular as they used to be.. I still legitimately see TFA, RO, TLJ, Solo toys in my local stores... like from original lines in 2015 and so forth
  2. At least the new minifigure book has a pretty good Maul figure in it
  3. So one last 30$ set, the last April set, and the smaller of the 2 newly uncovered summer sets are the ones we don't have a clear idea of yet?
  4. I know you wanted to step back, but I'm confused now, is there merit to this rumor?
  5. Thanks for the clarification, and bonus thanks for all you've shared with us this last little bit Personally, I'm unsure if I want the knights of ren ship, depending on figures And I have the OG grevious ship so will have to decide on that one, but have been waiting patiently for a new atat, and always a fan of cheap clone wars sets
  6. Obviously Im not trying to force information from the leakers but out of the summer sets we know of, has the one that was supposed to be a big crowd pleaser been revealed? I don't remember if it was jdubbs or hoth rebel who said that..
  7. I hope the att is a little bigger and has better figures then yhe 2015 version.. it is 20$ more in Canada than that one was
  8. legosamsonite

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I don't think the mechs are that bad but real set wise... yeah
  9. Well there is precedent with that, If I recall correctly, in 2008 star wars had a vote for the 10th anniversary set It was the home one cruiser (won and released in 2009) New slave 1 (released in 2010) And Palpatines arrest (finally released in 2012) So they could in theory make all three
  10. This pricing theory really is sad for any country that isn't America or parts of Europe. NO retailers in Canada do this, in fact Walmart Canada has recently started a VILE practice of RAISING prices on sets from last year by 10%... the sets that were 100$ are now 110.. but only at Walmart : lowest price guaranteed 😡
  11. legosamsonite

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Nope, they actually sent out a pallet to most Walmarts that had the majority of the troll sets, and a little box at the top filled with dc cmfs.. it looks weird
  12. Did you watch the video.... thats a custom he pulled up for a moc of box art, thats the 2010 model
  13. I just need a new phase 2 rex.... and ashoka.... and maul.. and maybe finally cody... oh boy.. this is exciting
  14. legosamsonite

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    It took me about 45 minutes to find a complete set, about 20 of that was just trying to differentiate between Simon baz and sinestro... very similar in pieces
  15. legosamsonite

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Got all three of the mechs at the end of December, really actually like the small impulse feeling of the subtheme, and aside from the repeat spider-man, I like the idea of getting new fig updates