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    [GoC] Class 4 Xebec - Dirty Rat

    That looks very good! Really enjoy how you made this one, it all looks so smooth. Awesome job!
  2. This looks like so much fun to play with and create stories within, so amazing job
  3. Maxim I


    Thanks! I wanted to incorporate a pokeball somewhere in the facade, so the awning was the perfect place for that Thanks for the nice comment! I do hope so as well :D Thanks :)
  4. Just like every important city, LEGO CITY has its own Pokécenter as well. A building dedicated to Pokemon and their trainers. On the ground floor, there is the Pokecenter itself, with Sister Joy taking care of the Pokemon, a Pokemon transfer system, a tv-screen, a big map and a WC. On the first floor, trainers can buy everything they need for their adventures. Pokéballs, berries, potions, maps, bags, caps, .. . When asked friendly, the Pokemart employees can even teach your Pokémon new moves with the very advanced move tutor PC; Under the counter, Pokecards can be found. On the second floor, Trainers and their Pokémon can take a quick rest and enjoy a freshly cooked meal. Sitting on comfortable pillows around a shared table, all sorts of adventures and tips and tricks are shared. Once the Pokémon is healed, the trainer has resupplied and the stomach is filled, the trainer can challenge the local Gym Master on the Upper floor. The Gym Master of LEGO City is a true Pokémaster. Here we see Roger challenging the Gym Master. After losing already a few Pokémon, his Ivysaur is on a winning streak. Alas, the Gym Master just choosed his Doduo. Flying against grass and a massive Doduo, no wonder Roger is shocked! The crowd is cheering, what a Pokébattle! ---- Well, this was fun Started it last year and kept it sitting on my desk for a while, making modifications every now and then. very happy with the result. Hope you like it as well! As an extra 2 Instagram (feel free to follow me there ) pictures I posted earlier as teaser: Close-up of Ivysaur: The POKéCENTER by night: ------ *Ivysaur, Doduo, Pokemon® and all related names, images, etc. are property of Nintendo Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.*
  5. Just before the fleets would sail out, a new admirality yacht sailed around the harbor. Loud cheers erupted everywhere they passed as it was in this small yacht that Lord Damaximus and Princes Margot showed the world their little Princes Féline. --- A small admirality vessel for MAESTRO, which will be used to increase ship levels and can be licenced in the future as a class 2 trader I would also like to thank @Sebeus I for his feedback during the process and for his wonderfull inspirational ships
  6. Maxim I

    Ideas for new City sets

    Well Pokémon won"t be a LEGO licence soon I fear (since their compitor owns the licence). But we can still dream, can't we?
  7. Maxim I

    CDC1 Tale: The end of Kaligem...

    Amazing MOC! Also awesome to see that legends and lore created by the very first Kaliphlin members are still inspiring today
  8. Playing with ships Lord Maximilian Damaximus loved to play with his model ships before going to sleep. Just like every night, his wife is calling him to go to sleep. “I’ll be there pronto, just 5 more minutes max’ he replied. They both knew that would be at least half an hour... - A build to raise my ship level. All references to real life experiences may or may not be intended
  9. Indeed awesome idea! Like it very much :)
  10. Thanks! Took some inspiration from Sebeus his vessels for the hull technique haha he might have had a say in the colorscheme. Altough he wanted pink flowers instead of white flowers, but some critics said that was not compatible with the coral. Go for it! I only have 3 different bricks in that colour, so that could be a small issue haha Thanks mate! Baby is doing great Thanks! Thanks! Haha thanks!
  11. Choosing Colors Lord Damaximus was kinda enerved. It was already a quarter passed twelve and he was starting to get hungry. His appointment of 12 o'clock was not on time. Those bloody Terrelli designers. Lord Damaximus found them kinda odd. No respect for nobility, always high fashion clothed and speaking in a bizar dialect. Suddenly he heard: "Mi excusi mylord Damaximus. Traffic was very very very bad. Mama Mia." Lord Damaximus quickly replied: "I am glad Trador is still a bustling city, but let us not lose more time. I am starting to get hungry. Show me what you got Giancarlo". "Si, si!". *claps his hands* A few soldiers entered the room, wearing what looked like a small broadside section of a ship. "Mylord. I have designed 3 options to replace the lost Purple Rain. The first option is the Purple Rain II. Same colorscheme. People would not know it was missing if they did not see the 'II' behind the name. The second option is more darker. The reddishbrown is now an extra layer of purple and the dark brown is now black. I call it the "Dark Purple Rain". More purple, more darkness." Lord Damaximus like the second option. A full black vessel with purple touches. Sweet... It was then he saw the third option... "Aaah I see you have noticed my personal favourite. 'The Pink Rain'. The purple of the second option is pink in this configuration. It is to show possible enemies we have cahones enough to sail in a pink decorated vessel! Bellisimo!" Not convinced by Giancarlo, Lord Damaximus shaked his head. "I will go for the 'Dark Purple Rain'. That colorscheme is already daring enough". Slightly disappointed, Giancarlo continued. "Dark Purple Rain it will be. Now let's move on to the replacement of the lost Tuna King. We could go for 'Tuna King II', 'Salmon King' or when thinking out of the box: 'Aquaman'. Lord Damaximus looked to the 3 figureheads Giancarlo proposed. "Why not, go for the 'Aquaman'. And now I will leave you, I am really really hungry. --------------- Preparing voyages. Some time later, many sailors were heading towards the Merchant Quays. Both 'Aquaman' and 'Dark Purple Rain' were ready to sail. Moms, daughters, sons and curious bypassers were wishing the sailors good luck. ----------------- Original vessels: Tuna King Purple Rain
  12. Thanks Haha it was indeed based on experiences with choosing stuff for the home The purple on the ship was mainly because I was looking for a way to finally use some of those not common colors. It was also the time Prince passed away, so the combination of the two led to 'Purple Rain'. Thanks! Maybe I should use Giancarlo more in future builds haha :D Haha maybe one day in the future But I wanted to stay true to the original "Purple Rain" idea (see above)
  13. Maxim I

    Playing with ships

    Thanks all Glad I am not the only one with this problem haha
  14. Maxim I

    [BTV2 - OL] The Death of COL Delange

    Great job depicting a chaotic yet historic moment! May statues be erected for him! (always nice to conquer settlements with some statues in it )
  15. Not sure anymore, hence the question: A moc that can be licenced, should also be submitted as freebuild or not?
  16. Cool bunch of soldiers you got! I like the diversity yet uniformity! The Dragoons are absolutely an eye-catcher. With the conquistador helmets and pikes, they are really nice! I also enjoy the surroundings a lot.
  17. Commodore Matt Lenoir Captain of the Purple Reign Destroyer of the Trador Blockade Fleet and the notorious Queen Annetta's Revenge and capturer of Hera's Fury. His excellent naval skills during the Battle of the Five Fleets are making him a living legend.
  18. I hate prospect builds, but you did a good job with this! Point of advice on this one, if you take an angled picture, make sure the sides of your MOC are finished as well. It is something I forget from time to time as well. In this case, it is a bit too bad you didn't took the time to make the left side of your rock work more solid.
  19. Maxim I

    [ESL-FB] The Finch sets sail

    Indeed a nice vessel to transfer small cargo. It has the 'Classic Pirates' feel all over it, so nice!
  20. Haha, an interesting cross over But it does the trick. Even without a story, you see this is some hybrid between Lotii and more 'Old Continent' vessels. So great job with this!
  21. Maxim I

    [COR-FB] Hand over of Fatu Hiva

    I fear your pictures are missing Luckily for me, I saw them yesterday haha :D It captures the job of a ceremonial handing over, so great job! And the flag is indeed very nice, I am however not sure why the pole is not at the far left (or right, depending on your view) of the flag? Now it kinda looks odd to me
  22. The build really captures the atmosphere it should have, so great job! For scenes like this, it is always nice to try a few shots at minifig hight (so it really feels you are a part of the crowd)
  23. Amazing collab! The details are an absolute pleasure for the eyes and the accompanying story really finishes it!
  24. I agree with Bregir. If I may find some Road Runners, I could use them as Oleon soldiers, but that’s the most I could do with this serie