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  1. Hey all, I'm super excited to share with you my latest MOC! It's a small battle scene in the suburbs, with a Berlin Camo Tank, modeled after the M1 A1. General Major's Last Stand by General 尓àvarre, on Flickr General Major's Last Stand by General 尓àvarre, on Flickr Would love to hear your thoughts! Please favorite on flickr if you get the chance, much appreciated :) . Thank you!
  2. Your welcome, and thanks for joining the team! The collaboration was great fun! From what I understand the story is a very minor part of the judging. Something like one fourth? Probably presentation is also one fourth. This is unfortunate for you since like you say, it's difficult for you to capture a perfect photo. Your story was really detailed and well thought out, I loved it and the way you embraced the concept of Varlyrio perfectly. No one else did that so well for this contest. I hope you don't think it was time wasted because you didn't come out as the best in a combined judgement including presentation and other things, and with close competition! Your work was valued by me for example, and the art you ended up with was more important than winning, as you noted . Keep up the great work!
  3. Hello all, I believe this is the correct place to post this! I'd not based on one specific design like the F15, but it's a model inspired by and hopefully accurately representing a modern Fighter Jet. I hope you like it! Please favorite the picture on flickr if you can! Strategic Shiryokan Multi Role Aircraft by General 尓àvarre, on Flickr The aircraft features an accessible cockpit: With room for at least two pilots (not very comfortable tho): Four aileron flaps: And fully retractable landing gear (bonus swoosh!): Hope you like it!
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    [MOC] Modern Military Fighter Jet

    Thank you, just now saw your comment. I'm glad you stopped by!
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    [MOC] Modern Military Fighter Jet

    Thank you, that's exactly the airplane that inspired this camo scheme! Glad you like the part usage . Thanks for commenting!
  6. Hello all, hope you'll like my latest model, a helicopter carrying a floating island Field Hospital: Flying Fortress II by General 尓àvarre, on Flickr Let me know what you think, I was super pleased with the copter, and it took me just two and a half hours to do it! Thank you for stopping by, please favorite it on flickr if you like it :) . Thank you!
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    B-11 Superfortress

    Hello again, all! Thank you for your support, I made another MOC now: ̶S̶A̶N̶ B-11 Superfortress by General 尓àvarre, on Flickr Here you can see a view from below with the wet-wing interior revealed:And of course a swoosh: Please favorite the image on flickr if you like it! Comments are very appreciated as well, i tried to pack a lot of detail and even some features into it!
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    Undersea Base

    Thank you, sir! Excellent thought, I should have done a blue backdrop!
  9. This is a bit more of a fantasy MOC, kind of like a cyberpunk underwater station! Hope you like it: Deep Sea Base: Yatmitsu by General 尓àvarre, on Flickr Deep Sea Base: Yatmitsu by General 尓àvarre, on Flickr Check out more on flickr, and please give me a like there or a comment if you can :) . Thank you for stopping by!
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    General Major's Last Stand

    Thank you very much for the thoughtful comment! Yes it is a little damage, or else perhaps a vent! Thanks again .
  11. Hello all! Here is a small fleet I built: Operation: Kamikaze by General 尓àvarre, on Flickr I'll be posting more micro ships over the course of the next week, stay tuned :) . Please give this a like on flickr if you think it's worthy, thank you very much for stopping by! All comments are appreciated!
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    Ballistic Missile Submarine

    Thank you sir! Good idea, the scale is indeed a bit off back there: I realized too late I should have made the fins all two studs shorter! Also that's a good idea for the part: I wish there was a larger three finned propeller, but since there isn't (or I don't have one) I should have tried that one out . Thanks!
  13. Hello all! Here again I have another naval creation I made, this time it's a nuclear submarine. Any comments or critiques are very welcome, thank you! This is a cutaway attempting to show a lot of the real details the submarine should have, including the sonar device, the crew bunks, the bridge, the torpedo tubes and of course the engine: Ballistic Missile Submarine by General 尓àvarre, on Flickr There are also several play features like hatches to see more details which you can see in the comments on flickr! Ballistic Missile Submarine by General 尓àvarre, on Flickr Also, if you like it please stop by on flickr and give it a favorite, thank you again .
  14. A new build :D ! I hope you like it, it was a lot of work! Shiryokan Nuclear Ekranoplan by General 尓àvarre, on Flickr Doctor Aito Olezka by General 尓àvarre, on Flickr More shots on the flickr page, please favorite it on flickr if you can, every like is very appreciated! C&C is also welcome, thank you for stopping by!
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    Nuclear Ekranoplan!

    Thank you, yep, its definitely more artistic than accurate . Speaking of which, I am about to post a submarine, it'd be great to have your thoughts there, doubtless a few details are off or there are some engineering issues, although I did my best to make it completely realistic and accurate! Thanks again! Haha, that's true for me too until I saw it a few weeks ago! Then I decided I had to build it for sure . I don't think this quite is steampunk, but it is kind of realistic near future . . but also a little on the fantastic side! Thanks!
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    Nuclear Ekranoplan!

    Thank you! Thanks for the thoughtful analysis, that indeed is a runway for airplanes, but one would assume it's only meant to be used while parked in the water, but used for transporting the aircrafts faster. Your point is excellent, it was based in part off this artists design, which might have the same problem . I also based it heavily off real Soviet Ekranoplans from the cold war. Thank you! Thanks! That's achieved using only small 2x1 bricks, and a little bit of brickbending. I used every single 2x1 in black that I had .
  17. Hello, all! Here is my latest build of a burning Russian iron mine shaft. Above ground there is also a black Sedan, which, for the most part, is based off this black Sedan MOC. I did make some changes, but most credit for the car goes to the builder of that! Clandestine Operation: Russian Objectives by General 尓àvarre Hope you like this! Drop by on flickr and give me a favorite if you are willing please :) . All comments are welcome, gentlemen!
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    [MOC] The Russian Mine!

    Thank you very much, guys! I appreciate it .
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    The De Cioto Family

    Hello all, here are a batch of figs. They are my family, built thanks to pressure from @Basiliscus . The De Ciotos by General 尓àvarre From left to right: Aluysio De Cioto, Arama Di Athena De Cioto (wearing her armour), Aramo De Cioto, Cetiago De Cioto, Raimonde De Cioto, and Fiorello De Cioto. (Missing member of the family: Arama's half-sister, Ercilia De Cioto, who is a character shared by me and Rogue basically, I don't know but I suspect there's already a fig for her). Aramo De Cioto: There are two heads of the De Cioto family. Aramo De Cioto handles most of the Eastern affairs, and deals with the intrigues, while his Uncle Cetiago deals with . . well, the crazy stuff out on the Western side of the island. Aramo alleges that he is a direct decedent of the legendary Aureo De Cioto, and prides himself on his long noble lineage. He has two daughters and one son, and he was nothing less than thrilled to see his oldest daughter, Ercilia, married to the Rego, viewing it as a long awaited step in the right direction. Kind and thoughtful, if devious, nothing puzzles Aramo more than his namesake, Arama, who turned out to be the wildest De Cioto in several decades. He is very fond of his wild daughter, however, and they live together in a branch of the large Amancio Mansion in Illaryian, although they have many other lands and castles throughout Eastern Varlyrio. (no picture) Ercilia De Cioto: Ercilia is a rather brilliant lady. She is the daughter of Aramo and his first wife. She was married to the late Rego, thanks to her beauty and grace, and had a very nice time, and his apparent death threw her happy life into chaos. Some whisper that she had to do with his downfall. Which may be true. Others whisper that her heart was torn in two by his death. Which also may be true. No one knows much about her, actually, although she appeared in public many times as the graceful queen. The truth is, not even her family knows her well: but it is certain that she is very close to Arama, and the two half-sisters are purported to love each other dearly. Aluysio De Cioto: Aluysio, Aramo's second eldest, was born right before the death of his mother, but oddly enough the dashing young soul turned out more like his half-sister than like his sister. Aluysio and Arama make a very deadly and clever duo, and do many things together . . . including some rather underhanded things, like taking out political enemies. Nevertheless, Aluysio is fairly staid (compared to Arama), and joined the Royal Guard, and then busily fought his way up in the ranks, until with his brilliant swordsmanship and well known good character (only because no one has caught him during his black operations with his half-sister) Aluysio almost made it to the very top rung, as Captain of the Royal Guard. Arama Di Athena De Cioto: After Aramo's first wife died mysteriously, he married again, only for his second wife to also sadly die while giving birth to Arama. Even while she was little, Arama was a feisty little girl, and not much changed, since in pity for her Aramo let her always have her way. Wild and dashing, Arama always has some mischievous (or more deadly) trick up her sleeve, and is unquestionably ambitious. Although she actually doesn't hide her attitude and the fact that she conspires and fights (like a wildcat) all day long, she does throw most people for a loop with her unexpected and unpredictably mad actions. And by always wearing her thoughts on her face she manages to hide what she's actually doing almost all of the time. Cetiago De Cioto: Aramo's Uncle, Cetiago De Cioto, is a strange wanderer of Western Varlyrio and has a passionate infatuation for gold. Nothing else shiny will do, but that glossy gold shimmer never fails to catch his eyes, and he actually occupies much of his time searching for a long famed golden dye. If he could only find it he would change his white hair to gold, and become pretty much invisible in his large goldmine near the dwarvish mountains of central Varlyrio, where he vowed to settle down as soon as he found the golden dye. Raimonde De Cioto: Unlike his rambling father, Riamonde set's his mind on something (something real, usually) and get's it. For example, he wanted an eye-patch, and he dueled like a devil with all the best archers in Varlyrio, challenging them to take out his eye until at last, a good deal of dead archers later, Raimonde got his wish while dueling with an even better archer than most, and so he quickly got an eye-patch to cover his right eye. And then he dueled with the same man again and killed him, and took all of his gold. Fiorello De Cioto: Arama's little cousin, ten-year-old Fiorello is a little brat. Not surprising, considering his father; but he is very unlike his father in at least one thing: he likes to read. On the other hand, perhaps you can guess what it is that he likes to read about . . . yes, gold. When he was little an unfortunate accident occured, and it should be no surprise that when his hand had to be cut off his father promptly arranged for a hook to be placed in it's stead. Yes, a gold hook. -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- Hope you like them! Feel free to kill or rob, or blackmail, or kidnap most or all of them, but it'd be nice if some of them could last so I can continue the story . Arama Di Athena De Cioto is my main character. C&C is welcome!
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    The De Cioto Family

    Thank you! We'll see when I have the time, unfortunately I am very busy right now! Thank you, glad you liked them! Thanks! Minifigs are super enjoyable, plalying with combos and posing them! Let's be honest, this particular family is like the aristocracy of France. Too much money = no family business. They have lands that other people farm for them, etc. And of course, you could certainly call mining gold the family business, at least for Cetiago and his side of the family. Yep, I liked those too! Unfortunately I don't have the time right now, sorry to disappoint, we'll see if I get the time, but don't get your hopes up.
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    La Cospirazione (Story)

    I had the same idea as Louis of Nutwood apparently! To make the reading easier, for those who hadn't read the story yet, or for those who want to find it all in order, I'll post the whole story here, with each main scene and a few of the best illustrations. I hope you enjoy it! I'd be glad to hear your thoughts. P.S. I would recommend listening to this piece of music from Assassin's Creed while reading, it really flows with the story! And so without further ado: La Cospirazione: Part I It was a calm, quiet evening, and the only noise stirring the silent streets of Tergiversa was the resounding trod of heavy boots on the rough streets again and again as Alesio de Fiori hurriedly made his way to the outskirts of the city. As he approached a small gateway he heard voices and paused, warily peering into the shadows: all was safe. There was a man on horseback, another sitting on a small part of the wall, and two others figures outlined a little further back, one a tall Minotaur and the other a slim girl. As Alesio arrived the man on the horse jumped down and grasped his hand in excitement. “Tomorrow!” exclaimed Staffan Conzaga, stamping the ground. “All is arranged! Tomorrow we will meet in the palace of Illaryian: there will be none to stop us! Di Carlo will be crowned Rego and by Sana Argenta, the people will be wildly pleased with it!” Di Carlo nodded, and Alesio stroked his beard. “All seems to be going well. Supano should have known his days were numbered. Are there any final matters to arrange, Luca?” Luka skipped off the wall and there followed a short talk, all in hushed whispers. Finally everything was settled, just as the sky began to darken. “Addio, gentlemen,” Staffan remarked, climbing onto his horse with a short glance at the sky. “Tomorrow then, at dawn, I will meet you in Illaryian.” “Godspeed!” Luca waved him off. Then he leaned back casually on the wall as the man and his bodyguard the Minotaur galloped off. “An ambitious man,” Alesio remarked. “Aye,” di Carlo assented carelessly. “He will stop at nothing,” Alesio flipped a knife in the air. Luca looked up thoughtfully. “None of us will?” he ventured with a sharp look. “What I mean is ... ” Alesio de Fiori fingered his knife suggestively. After a short silence he added, “I don’t think you should let him escape out of your hands.” Di Carlo stepped back in affected horror and ventured no remark. The girl leaning on the wall watched out of the corner of her eyes. “This will be the last time Staffan Conzaga ever plays himself into your hands,” Alesio leapt forward and spoke with animation. “If he once gets away he will grow all too powerful. He is cautious and scrupulous: we will never be able to get him in his fortress at Laryian, and he will stop at nothing. I promise you he will not be satisfied with the gains tomorrow’s work will get him. He has played himself into your hands this once, but it will be the last time. Finish him now or it will soon be too late.” Alesio frowned and let the knife slip into his belt. “And you will live to regret it.” The girl inclining against the wall leaned closer, moving her fingers nervously. Alesio saluted her and shook Luca’s hand. Not another word was exchanged, only De Fiori mouthed silently, “Assassinate the man.” Then Alesio De Fiori pulled his cloak about him and walked quickly away, back into the city, and Luca watched him out of sight with his hand held pensively to his chin. “Assassinate him?” he mused, eyeing the girl with a slight grin. “I suppose we just might be able to do so.” .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. The beautiful blue water of the canals of Illaryian calmly reflected the stately arches of the Rego’s munificent palazzo, but all else in the city was far from calm, and inside the luxurious palace halls there hung a thrilling atmosphere of victory and success. Soldiers and guards marched hurriedly to and fro through the palace’s otherwise empty halls, and, besides that, throughout the courtyards and rooms barely a whisper could be heard; save the whisper of the wind as the fresh air seeped in through the open windows. But in one corridor a calm and even voice broke the stillness with measured tones, as Luca di Carlo, the Rego now of the twin lands, conversed thoughtfully with Staffan Conzaga about the affairs of the Realm. As they finished the talk Alesio De Fiori walked in and bid them adieu. “Sirs, I have matters to attend to,” he bowed, “and will make my way to my house now.” “Aye, sir,” Luca di Carlo nodded. Alesio thought that he seemed to be looking past him, and looked briefly around. There was only a distracting shadow moving behind the pillars. He bowed again to Staffan. Bowing shortly in return Staffan cried vehemently, “Well met, sir! Without your aid, I swear by Sana Argenta, we would have never seen a day this glorious!” He chewed vigorously on an old herb popularly used by the farmers of Northern Varlyrio. “Who would have thought that it would be so simple? Such a show as at the coronation today I have never seen. Far too much shouting. Ah, yes, addio, sir!” Alesio walked smartly out, just tipping his hat as he passed out of sight through the archway. “I as well will now leave, with your permission, Rego,” Staffan grinned conceitedly. “There are pressing matters to attend to at Laryian, and I expect we shall not see each other again, for some time.” The olive merchant merely grinned good-naturedly in return, and waved his hand casually. “But au revoir, di Carlo,” Staffan smirked, lowering his eyebrows in a clever way. “When we do meet again, remember the ones who put you into your position.” “I will remember you,” Luca commented with boyish insouciance, “very kindly for your aid and support. No better man could I have by my side, sir.” A sound flowed through the room as of the barring of a door. Staffan turned, startled for a brief second. “Farewell,” he said, dismissing it quickly, and walking a few paces. “Minos!” he loudly shouted through the passageway.  "Minos!" he shouted loudly. “Oh, Minos is already gone sir, I dismissed him,” Luca smugly remarked, pushing a loose tile around on the decorated floor. Staffan looked at him keenly, a puzzled look in his eyes. The sound of footsteps in the corridors increased. “I do not need to say, my dear Staffan, that he has been well payed,” Luca genially observed. Suddenly from every direction the Royal Guard poured into the room and Staffan stepped quickly back. “What does this mean, Luca?” he bellowed. “What are the guards here for?” Luca di Carlo waved them up with nonchalance, and Staffan turned pale.  Luca motioned the guard to close in. “What … what is this, man?” “It was not my idea, sir,” Luca grinned, stepping up till his face was within a few inches of Staffan’s. The soldiers clamped into a square about them, leaving no room for escape. “And I am sorry for the fate that befalls traitors, Staffan Conzaga. But the only place for traitors in our Realm lies below the dirt; and I do not mean the Sunken City.” “Traitors? What do you speak of?” Staffan cowered, his trembling hand clutching something behind his back. “What do I speak of, sir?” Luca’s voice rose now. “Matters to attend to at Laryion? Your proud domineering air? A dagger in your hand?” Luca grasped Staffan’s hand and dashed the dagger he held in it to the ground. It slid across the room, and Staffan fell to his knees, powerless in Luca’s grasp. “Oh, consider my family!” he cried. “Your family? You are very close to them,” Luca mocked, “while they are all leagues and leagues away, where you sent them, far away from you! Except the girl Poppa. Ah, but she is in a dungeon somewhere now. Non importa, I will take care of her and assure her an honorable husband in due time.” The Captain of the Royal Guard bent over and retrieved Staffan’s gilded dagger. “No!” Staffan cried, violently seeking to shake himself from Luca’s fierce hold as the Captain of the Guard approached. Luca Di Carlo only soberly remarked, “Such be the fate of all traitors in our Realm.” Then he threw Staffan to the floor, and at his signal the Captain of the Guard bent down and buried Staffan’s own knife into his heart. Staffan's death. It was over, and silence reigned once more in the vast halls of the Palazzo of Illaryian. .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. La Cospirazione: Part II Alesio de Fiori was deep in thought as the little gondola floated calmly down the canal. Darkness was falling, and by the gleaming evening light he surveyed the beauty of Illaryian with a keen eye. Supano Amancio had been dealt with, but there was much left to arrange. Cadgie had gotten himself into another mess. The Rego, Luca di Carlo, had informed him that Staffan was sewing mischief in the North. But it was mischief in the palazzo that Alesio mostly feared. Was Luca to be trusted with the elimination of the most powerful and influential Varlyrian noble? The Rego had sworn that he would resolve it all today, and Alesio expected that Staffan Conzaga would never leave the palace again. But doubts troubled him. And then there was Capri, that troublesome little creature. More mischief was to be expected in the De Fiori castle than anywhere else while she was around. Something caught Alesio’s eye in the water. He swore something had moved, and he silently touched the shoulder of the gondolier. “Assassin?” he whispered, pointing to the shadow fliting across the water. “Ašišī!” cried the gondolier in a terrible fright. With one quick motion he dropped the oar and dived off into the water, rocking the gondola, so that as Alesio spun round he stumbled to one side. There on the bridge, under which they had just passed, crouched a dark, masked assassin with a dagger in his belt and another in his teeth. He had already leapt into the air, and Alesio just had a moment to grasp the oar when the assassin landed beside him, dashing the dagger into his side: but for the sway of the rocking boat it would have gone to his heart. The assassin leapt into the air! Alesio struck the man who with his other hand sought his second dagger. There was a fierce struggle, until Alesio managed with a quick move to draw his knife and bury it deep into the man’s breast. “Who sent you?” Alesio furiously seized his coat with his free hand. “It is the Cioto, signore!” gasped the man. “The Cioto?” Alesio grit his teeth and closed his eyes. Everything was spinning! He dropped the man who tumbled into the blue canal waters, and grasped the prow of the gondola. The blue water of the canal turned red with the assassin's blood. “The Cioto?” he repeated faintly. So then! There was more mischief afoot than he had expected! “Intrigante!” He sighed as another thought came to him. “Which Cioto?” .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. La Cospirazione: Part III It was a calm, quiet evening, and the only noise stirring the silent streets of Tergiversa was the resounding trod of heavy boots on the rough streets again and again as Alesio de Fiori hurriedly made his way to the outskirts of the city. As he approached a small gateway he heard voices and paused, warily peering into the shadows: all was safe. There was a man on horseback, another sitting on a small part of the wall, and two others figures outlined a little further back, one a tall Minotaur and the other a slim girl. Cadgie De Fiori had indeed gotten himself into another mess. And if the mess he made was not enough he had Capri De Fiori to handle for the day, and that may have dwarfed all the other problems he had in life. It’s not quite certain in fact how much of a hand she had in all of his problems. But problems he had, and of a sobering nature. “Dawn. At dawn Alesio arrives. At dawn Capri should be off my hands. At dawn I must see those brothers. And I don’t think they have good intentions. It was certainly not wise to accept their tryst after that affair with those people the other day. And certainly Alesio must arrive. And most certainly I must not take Capri tomorrow.” But Alesio did not arrive, and Capri did accompany him: much more due to her willful nagging than to his own wishes; perhaps it also had something to do with her remark, “You can’t leave me here alone in this bleak old castle! I’ll follow you on foot!” To which Cadgie had pertly answered, “I go by gondola, signorina!” “Then I’ll follow you swimming, signore!” was her impudent retort. Well, that would have been worse. Since Capri did not know how to swim. But Cadgie knew she would keep her word, and he did not wish to spend part of his busy dawn fishing the girl out of the water, so that is how they both found themselves disembarking in the busy little piazza near the southern end of Tergiversa. “Sit here,” whispered Cadgie, motioning to a wooden bench by the waterside. He sighed deeply. “Please, Capri, don’t move unless I tell you to.” “Are you going to fight?” Capri cried impatiently, looking over Cadgie’s shoulder at the man pacing up and down near the statuette in the center of the piazza and the small crowd that was gathered near him. Cadgie smirked very good-naturedly at her. “Now, Uncle, you know it’s not good to go fighting other people, what is none of your business.” She stood on the bench and looked down on him. “If you kill somebody I am going to tell my father!” Capri imperiously avowed. “And I mean it, sir, and my Uncle!” “Unfortunately,” Cadgie remarked with a sarcastic smile, “it is my business.” He tapped his fine sword proudly. “I am Captain of the Guard, Capri De Fiori, and if these trouble makers want trouble, it is my task to give it to them!” He put his hand to her lips to stop her from talking anymore and sweeping round marched to the center of the small piazza. An alley led away to the left, and a man leaning against the wall there leapt off it and moved forward, backing up the fellow who had been pacing up and down. “Look here, De Fiori, you gentlemen are too proud,” began one. “Is it true,” took up his companion, who wore a heavy black jerkin, “that Susto and Falco de Fiori, and the guard of Tergiversa, were the chief conspirators and collaborators who overthrew Supano Amancio?” “Explain this, Cadgie De Fiori, or bring the murderers here and have them answer.” Cadgie grasped the hilt of his weapon and snapped, “What murderers?” “Susto and Falco De Fiori!” cried both men vehemently. “Who dares to insult the name of Fiori?” answered Cadgie, enraged. “Quelli in incognito,” they retorted fiercely. “We’re here to settle a debt, De Fiori, and you must pay it if your sons will not!” continued the man in the black jerkin. A pair of swords flashed out and glittered in the sun. Cadgie threw himself at them at once. “The De Fiori’s have no innocent blood on their hands, Gentiluomini!” he thundered. “He who says otherwise may answer to my blade!” A cloud of dust rose into the air as the two men stepped forward and lashed out with their blades. Cadgie De Fiori, a skilled swordsman, defended himself with skill, poise, and tact, but the supposed brothers who were matched up against him were incredible warriors. Blood was spilt on both sides, as they marched up and down the streets dashing about with their swords, playing with the point and the edge of their weapons, and taking advantage of every aspect of the environment around them. Twice Cadgie had one of them trapped against the walls, and once he cut deep into the arm of the foremost of them. But the unequal combat left only one possible outcome, and at last one of the attackers dashed Cadgie De Fiori against the statuette in the center of the piazza and put his sword against his throat. “It is the end of the power of the De Fiori’s,” the man whispered coldly. He forced open Cadgie hand and his sword clattered to the ground. “At least the De Fiori’s are no murderers or cowards!” Cadgie hurled back at him, striking him across the face with his heavy metal gauntlet. “You will pay for that blow, Fiori!” the man brandished his sword wildly as he recovered his balance. Cadgie gasped, dashing for his weapon. But with fire in their eyes both men leapt forward and plunged their swords through Cadgie De Fiori’s mail breastplate. Then with a final blow the one struck him to the floor. Capri De Fiori had watched the whole fight on her tippy toes, restlessly hanging on the edge of the crowd, and with a frightened cry she jumped forward as the man dealt the final blow. She threw herself at her uncle’s side, crying, as the assassins sprinted quickly away. Cadgie De Fiori’s eyes lit as he saw her face bending over him, and he whispered fiercely, “Capri!–” “Poor Uncle, what did they do to you?” She passionately gritted her teeth. “Listen Capri,” the Captain of the Guard said briefly, holding on to life for only a moment more, “they have plotted the end of the De Fiori: girl, run!” Capri whirled round with wide eyes and saw at once what Cadgie De Fiori meant. A troop of soldiers were rushing at her! She quickly kissed her dying Uncle on the forehead and then leapt up and sprinted for the alley, but she could not beat the soldiers, who with cries and shouts intercepted the girl, seizing her by the hands. “Don’t struggle, little girl,” one of them whispered kindly in her ear. “Va bene,” Capri answered in resignation. She let herself hang limply in the hands of the soldiers as they dragged her away. Then as the fateful piazza square slowly passed out of sight she said softly, “Addio, Uncle!” "Addio Uncle!" She knew she would never see her Uncle, Cadgie De Fiori, Captain of the Guard of Tergiversa, again: for he was dead. The abandoned Piazza. .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. La Cospirazione: Part IV Alesio arrived late to the De Fiori castle in Tergiversa. He was weak, weary, and haggard, and as soon as he entered he felt in his heart that something was wrong. “Capri!” he cried loudly, and the echoes of his shout reverberated off all the walls, down the long halls, and throughout the castle. But there was no answer. Alesio dashed forward, slamming through all the doors of all the rooms, wildly calling Capri, and Cadgie, and the servants! Not a soul was there! The servants had all gone out deeply frightened, some of them searching with the royal guard for Capri and others burying Alesio’s brother. It took the wounded man only a few hours to learn all this, and in spite of his wounded side, with gritted teeth and burning eyes he leapt on his horse and rode madly back to Illaryian. Later that day the doors of the Palazzo of Illaryian burst wide open with a resounding clang. “Where is Capri!” roared Alesio with all of his might. “Luca di Carlo, son of an olive merchant, I demand your presence!” Alesio flung a heavy gauntlet onto the ground, and the tiled floor cracked. It was Cadgie De Fiori’s gauntlet. Footsteps then sounded in the corridor, and Luca appeared all out of breath, running up to Alesio and grasping his hand. “What is it man? Why, you are pale! Accidenti! Alesio, you frighten me!” Luca cried, startled. “Capri has been kidnapped,” Alesio flung out the words. “My brother is dead!” Luca gasped and gnashed his teeth. “Impossibile!” Luca dropped Alesio’s hand and spinning round paced the length of the room. Alesio sunk back against the wall. “The only clue left was this, sir,” he said, holding out a small slip of paper. Luca leapt up and grasped it eagerly. “Signore, Ercilia has given me the word. Capri is to be taken, and the Captain of the Guard sla–” The paper was torn, but Luca grasped at the ray of hope it offered. “Ercilia De Cioto!” he cried eagerly, marching to the edge of the hall and crying, “Man!” As a footman approached Luca looked briefly at Alesio, and then he spoke rapidly. “To the stables! Fit out the horses, order the Royal Guard to arms! We march for the De Cioto palace!” “The palace of the Amancios, signore?” the footman gasped. “The Amancios,” he warned, trembling, “still are very powerful, although the Rego is dead, and Ercilia is a popular and influential friend of the people.” “Go, man! Il demone take the Ciotos and their influence,” he cried excitedly, “if they dare go about murdering the Fioris in secret, besides the very throne! Come Alesio! Peste, man, you do not even mention your own wound,” Luca sprang to Alesio’s side to offer his hand. Alesio pushed himself off the wall and bowed, refusing the hand but saying, “It is a trifle, sir. Do you think there is hope, Luca?” he added with a slight tremor. Luca di Carlo’s eyes glinted. “They will pay,” he averred. “And we will find Capricia! Even if every Cioto has to be interrogated and each of their mansions ransacked! To horse!” And without another word they sped out of the room. .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. Very early the next morning, just after dawn, the doors of Amancio Palace were crashed through with a deafening noise. Luca leapt off his horse and shouted with a powerful voice, “Smash every piece of furniture, search every wall, and do not let a man escape! Find the girl!” “Capri De Fiori!” cried Alesio. “Where is she?” He sprinted up the stairs as the soldiers marched through the archways and doors, crushing and searching everything, everywhere, and seizing the weapons from the startled guards. Meanwhile Arama De Cioto, a thin girl with a long flowing black cape around her neck, snatched a narrow rapier from the wall and leapt down the stairs at the head of a group of retainers. Alesio met her midway and dashed aside one of her men. “De Cioto!” he snapped, adjusting the sword in his hand. “Do not cross swords with me, girl: tell me, where is Capri, my daughter?!” “Signore De Fiori!” she cried astonished in response. “I see there is blood on your mail,” she breathed sharply, dashing up with her sword and trapping Alesio against a corner of the balustrade. She raised her hand and her retainers passed them both quickly. Descending the stairs they threw themselves upon the Royal Guard with fury and loud cries and shouting broke out. Luca watched nervously, pacing up and down and shouting commands to his men. Then he saw Alesio with Arama De Cioto on the parapet of the staircase and with a start he rushed towards them. As there were soldiers on the ground floor, blocking off the stairs, Luca jumped up and grasped the top of the balustrades. As he pulled himself up he saw Alesio fling the slim girl back and heard him say, “What do you have against us Fiori, you Ciotos? Hand me back my girl and we will leave you in all the peace your mind can achieve!” The girl shook her head and laughed. “Capri is dead, signore!” Before Luca could leap down and grab Alesio’s hand he sprang forward and struck Arama a fierce blow at her side. Her thin rapier shattered in two and she shrank back as the sword cut through her leather coat and blood seeped through it, turning it from blue to red. “How dare you,” breathed Alesio with fury. Luca put his hand on De Fiori’s shoulder. But just then a shout rang out. “Capri! Capri è vivo!” cried the soldiers of the Royal Guard. “Out, now out of here!” Luca exclaimed, grasping Alesio’s cape and dragging him towards the lower stairs. Luca let him go, looking back as he sprang down the stairs. The sound of shouting and approaching men could be heard from the floor above. Alesio waited no longer and muttered, “You will pay dearly, De Ciotos.” Arama clinched her firsts and watched them leave as her men rushed past her. Then she leapt vivaciously up the stairs holding her side tightly. Just as she reached the window the troops had forced their way out, with Capri De Fiori, and were hurrying to their gondolas and horses. “Goodbye, Luca,” she murmured with laughing eyes and a quick smile. “Ci vediamo domani!” .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. The palazzo grounds of Illaryian once more: “It is quite difficult, girl,” Luca said with a sigh. “You can’t imagine it. If only you were Rego.” “I don’t want to be Rego, capretto.” “Well what happened. Don’t leave out a single detail.” “Very well, signore. The assassin failed to kill Alesio.” “I noticed,” Luca remarked dryly. “And my guard took Capri as your men dueled the Captain of the Guard. The paper slipped out of my hand. Touché, you know that, signore, it was your suggestion. When Alesio came to the De Fiori castle in Tergiversa he found it empty, and he came here. You managed it all nicely from there. Il fastidio, my side hurts. Well, what would he have said had he known that Luca Di Carlo had hired the assassin who slipped my name to him, and the men who killed Cadgie? And them all?” She laughed merrily. “They are certainly unsuspecting.” “Accidenti! It is over at least,” Luca rejoined, flinging a gold coin into a pool in the courtyard. “Over?” laughed the girl. She blinked her eyes. “I doubt that! It will be over when you find a knife in your back,” she added. “That is so, Arama di Athena De Cioto,” Luca wryly frowned, with a cheerful look at the girl by his side. “Thank you for pointing it out, De Cioto. That is just so.” .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.
  22. Hello, all! Here is an oil Rig I made based a little off the map from CoD called Rust. I hope you like my version, check it out on flickr! Covert Operation: E5 Takedown by General 尓àvarre Please give this a favorite on flickr, if you like! All comments and criticisms appreciated! This was a very enjoyable MOC to make, and I hope to make more Call of Duty inspired scenes soon :) .
  23. W Navarre

    La Cospirazione (Story)

    Thank you very much, my man! An ode to that indeed, that's what I meant to make this :) . I agree with you, but it was almost a necessary evil to use all the families. I hope that the confusion did not ruin the experience of reading the story. Thank you for the kind words! Writing about Varlyrio is such a thrill, I sure hope to have time to write again soon! Maybe when those Conzaga's take a jab at me, which I'm expecting any day now .
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    Varlyrian Family Intrigue Thread

    You certainly may have gotten closer to the truth than you imagine! That would be an exciting event indeed, however at present the De Cioto's thankfully have never heard even a word breathed of the Di Ciotos... although for decades and decades past, deadly warriors have roamed the forsaken realms of western Varlyirio, seeking for . . . someone. However it will take much time to reach the point where I can write again about the Di Ciotos, so for now no dueling between them . At the moment you'll have to put up with one Cioto in the west, and one in the East!
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    Rise of the Baiamontes (Full Story)

    Well done! What impressive descriptive powers, to call to mind every single detail of what is happening, I really like the passage where the Rego talks to the dwarf Rhloder. I think just one or two exclamation points would help! The builds really bring the scene alive, and brave General Baiamonte was an impressive character! I believe I already commented on all of the builds. Certainly they are amazing and awesome, and do a very good job evoking the atmospheres for the various scenes and settings of the story. I do think the story could also use a little bit of rush, some adrenaline needs to get pumping through our veins... there was a good deal of suspense, and the final moments indeed were climactic, but I still wished for you to choose one particular moment and add speed and fear, and an urgent sense of time running out! That would have really gripped us, once you had the character of Rufus well developed and all the background information about why he wanted revenge. All said, very nice story, good sir, well written and neatly thought up. All that historical background is quite amazing. All hail mad Rufus, indeed! If you win the challenge and Rufus is enthroned, I wonder if you would keep writing about him? In the words of the famous author himself, skol!