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  1. W Navarre

    Riddlers Guild

    Lol, that's really a good play off . Took a second for me to catch on. I like the floor you made a lot, and you minifig interpretations. Still laughing!
  2. W Navarre

    PrenmĂ´r Forge

    I love the micro compared to the full size version! Great roof! The inside is sweet too, great texture for the chimney.
  3. W Navarre

    Fort Cander

    Very cool, the wood shack is awesome! But the trans clear blocks on the shore look wrong, if the water is tranquilly lying below the bank, it's unlikely it would splash so far up, and at any rate it is not a convincing element. Good MOC though, keep building!
  4. W Navarre

    Book III - Challenge IV: The Turning Point

    What a nice challenge! I would be very glad to enter, and I think I should be able to find the time! Very much looking forward to other people's creativity as well!
  5. W Navarre

    Ambassador Gisela

    Yeah, what really caught my eye was the left top corner where the blue color changes a little, which looks so real, like haze clouds merging into a bluer sky.
  6. W Navarre

    Ambassador Gisela

    Great work! The story is a nice beginning for expanding the Conzaga's policy, as well as explaining about Gwenllian's story. My favorite of the builds is the last one, are the ocean, sky, and clouds all LEGO? The clouds work very well.
  7. It's cool once again how you blend different things, even different scales for the pictures. One thing though, Z is bad at finding shade, he's in the one sunny spot . Haha, great build and funny bird!
  8. W Navarre

    Dawn at the Cathedral

    Actually, Sana Argentum or whatever didn't even become a legend until after the islands separated, but what have you, clearly the rumors of the antiquity of the building have been exaggerated ;) . Haha, nice work, I think it looks cooler with the people in some respects, and it's great how when they aren't in the picture again it looks even more lonely.
  9. W Navarre

    Desert oasis

    Yes, that is worth it, it looks so great with the merge from dark orange to tan! Lovely oasis! I just did a huge landscape (water) with cheese slopes too, even bigger than this, and haha, I totally know what you mean!
  10. W Navarre

    Prelude: What Lies Beneath

    What a great fantasy look you have achieved! The first look kind of takes your breath away because of the nice bright colors, well done depicting the Kolgari underground!
  11. W Navarre

    Bad News At Olav's Hall

    Nice house, it has a great interior too which is always a trick! I wouldn't use so many grille tiles for the snow though, it ceases to look natural.
  12. W Navarre

    Harvest Time in Zamorah

    I like the effect of cut down wheat field very much. You did a super job with the foliage and landscape, looks like they really are a group of people hard at work!
  13. W Navarre

    Barrunda Manor

    Quite fantastic, I like the crops of corn!
  14. W Navarre

    The Ulfgang Stockade

    What great details you have on the wood fort!
  15. W Navarre

    Mophet training ground

    Cool, I really love the Roofs, and your color coordination is better than ever before here! Even those charming windows have the right color bars!
  16. W Navarre

    [AoM House Phase I] Goatherd's Hut

    Lovely, just shows you don't have to build big to get a fantastic MOC, I love the roof and the use of the round printed logs, and NPU with the treasure chest top, and nice fun detail with the micro scene!
  17. W Navarre

    GoH Book III

    Great poem, the build is also very neat with the before and after faces !
  18. Nice story, I will keep following it to see what happens! It's also awesome to get a second look at the details of the MOC, and the picture of the mage and his power is awesome, you do great with story shots like that!
  19. W Navarre

    A Betrayal In The Woods

    Wow, that must have been a vicious slash to cut the leg right off, haha! Nice story telling, I only complain that the posing because Eoin really should be between Sarkon and the Orc, not way to the left in the second picture. Good trees!
  20. I wish I had an elephant like you, you use it very well, and the cart here is also awesome, the length of the road and the landscape also gives a great sense of travel and weariness, but the winner for me is the shot with the blurry people and the bars, it makes me feel like I am just recovering from being knocked out, spot on!
  21. W Navarre

    Western Gate of Zamorah Valley

    I like the cohesive way you do things, brilliant idea to make a micro map first! This is a splendid build sir! Keep it up!
  22. Very cool, the best part is the light aqua used as snow, that adds to the frozen charm so much!
  23. W Navarre

    Nordheim at Night

    Nice lighting, it looks more like early dawn. Also good snowy roofs!
  24. W Navarre

    Temple of Afe'aa

    Awesome, look at those floors!