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  1. Pengfei

    Military Jets

    Hi, folks! I tried to build some military jets for last several months. My goal is : 1. Mini-figure size, but relatively small. Mini-figure should fit in the cockpit. And not big as this, Of course, more details and precise could be more big the scale is, but people seldom have thousands of bricks and tons of time to do it. 2. Realistic. There are already tons of small Lego jets sets, but few are realistic. Such as those ones, Those looks cool, fantasy, but not suitable for atmospheric flight. I know, Lego jet can't fly! 3. Compatible. The final model should able to be modified easily, and should be compatible to attach various weapons and attachments. The procedure is painful, but eventually I came up with two models. I am still working on a third one which is an twin engine variable wings jet. It will be a little bit bigger than these two in size. And it is more struggling than these two as well. Will post the pictures when it is done. Posts of Comments and ideas are welcome, and recommendations are appreciated. more one more Will post the second one later after rendering.
  2. Thanks, my friends. Finally, I designed a new part seems suitable for this purpose. Any comment? This is how it looks like after 3D printed.
  3. THanks, Stephan. I downloaded that app, but for some reason, it dose not work on my laptop. An error pop up when I running it. But I found another app, the parts designer. Which can make a part in .Io file.
  4. @StephanThank you! Is Brick Studio editor an app and would you please provide me the link where I can down load it?
  5. Hi! every one here, Happy new year first! I have been troubled years that there is no suitable parts to build a jet plane nose. So, I designed one with Catia 5. Just like this. It is a little pyramid with only one stud on top. Though it is simple, but in experiment, it dose a good job of making jet, especially jet fighter nose. Now, I would like to incorporate it into LDD parts library, or Studio parts library. Any one know how to do it?
  6. @imvanyaI saw that one before. He did a great job creating a new style of jet fighter nose. But what I want is a more universal one, which means it can be used to build all sorts of jet nose.
  7. Pengfei

    Compact Jet

    Thank you for your appreciation, guys!
  8. Thank you all! I checked those parts, the 18591 is suitable, but not universal for jet fighters. Same as others. I tried to design one of my own with Citia 5, but do not know how to incorporate it into parts library of LDD or Studio. @JurssHi! Jurss, I designed a universal part may suitable for jet fighter. Do you know how to incorporate in into parts library of LDD or Studio? Or do you know any one who can help?
  9. @Johnny1360Hi, Johnny1360, glad to hear your reply. Could you please take a photo of that piece and post it here? So I know what it looks like?
  10. Hi, Happy new year! Calling for Lego airplane fans, especially jet plane fans. I tried to build some jet plane for years. But could not find a suitable part for jet plane nose. I tried some ways, but neither looks great. Any one has the same trouble? And any one has any solution? I have something like this And something like this And something like this And something like this But, non of them looks good and can universal.
  11. Pengfei

    Compact Jet

    I found a new way of using the Lego technical parts on building a jet plane. And here is the linkage of there pictures:
  12. Pengfei

    [MOC] Borderlands Outrunner

    incredible! I have played that game, so I am really impressed by its high fidelity!
  13. Hi, all my friends here! I just posted a contribution on Lego Ideas. That's a cute and creative Lego jet- plane set. Check it out! If you like it, please support it on the official Lego Ideas website to help me make it real. For getting this set actually into the Lego market, I need to gather at least 10,000 supports. Thank you for your interest and support, and don't forget to share it to your friends!
  14. Hi! every one! Have a long time haven't log in, then saw plenty of impressive stuff. I went to another State and worked for months, and had some ideas come out during that period. Here is what I got. Thank you for your attention!
  15. Pengfei

    Jon Hall's Airplane

    I think I'v seen this somewhere. Amazing works, wonderful usage of Bionicle elements.