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  1. Pengfei

    [MOC] Borderlands Outrunner

    incredible! I have played that game, so I am really impressed by its high fidelity!
  2. Hi, all my friends here! I just posted a contribution on Lego Ideas. That's a cute and creative Lego jet- plane set. Check it out! If you like it, please support it on the official Lego Ideas website to help me make it real. For getting this set actually into the Lego market, I need to gather at least 10,000 supports. Thank you for your interest and support, and don't forget to share it to your friends!
  3. Hi! every one! Have a long time haven't log in, then saw plenty of impressive stuff. I went to another State and worked for months, and had some ideas come out during that period. Here is what I got. Thank you for your attention!
  4. Pengfei

    Jon Hall's Airplane

    I think I'v seen this somewhere. Amazing works, wonderful usage of Bionicle elements.
  5. Pengfei

    Jon Hall's Airplane

    @Digger of Bricks No, I didn't know he before. But thank you for introducing his works to me. I like them!
  6. Pengfei

    Jon Hall's Airplane

    That is what he is amazing. He really knows well of Lego elements and manipulates them just right, so the whole work looks even not like Lego. I mean It is so smooth that not as what the Lego should appear.
  7. Pengfei

    Jon Hall's Airplane

    Yea, me too, want to know that.
  8. Pengfei

    [MOC] [Review] Alien Xenomorph by BuildBetterBricks

    Impressive! I like it! The head and the tail are fancy. and the slobber is cute.
  9. Pengfei

    Jon Hall's Airplane

    Hi! every one here. First, happy Thanks Giving! Second, is Jon Hall here? Or is any body know Jon Hall? I am one of his/her follower. Here are some of his/her works, there are really fantastic!
  10. I recently built a cute aircraft on LDD, but lack of essential bricks to build it in real. Any one who can finish it in real bricks? If any one interests in it, I can provide a digital instruction.
  11. Pengfei

    Raffle: A Nuisance in Newbury

    The headless knight ( From movie "Sleepy Hollow") is coming! Watch out your head!
  12. Pengfei

    [MOC] St. Alexander's Church

    Great works! I like the details of the adorn on the lintel!
  13. Pengfei

    HMS White Card (Now finished!)

    What a pretty ship! Looks like a wooden model ship! It is so exquisite, especially the rigging.
  14. Hello, everyone, This is Pengfei, I originally come from China, but now I am living in the U.S. I am a big LEGO fan. I really wish I would knew this forum earlier. I build Lego both with LDD and real bricks. I especially like to build Lego aircraft. It is really nice to meet you all! Let's have a big fun together! Here are something I have built with LDD