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  1. NICE JOB !!!! very smart the use of the red bushes as an explotion ( i will keep it in mind :p )
  2. nice one :) would love to see more pictures with full light espesially the choper and the carrier.
  3. Bandaud is ready to strike on B1 to take control of the lighthouse ... T1: The sea is perfect for fishing ... T2: Have your eyes open soldier .... Gus: On my Mark ... 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... More photos :
  4. In C2 on terrorist base Bandaud SF are ready to destroy the terrorists coms ... Gus: All in position. Be ready to engage ... VOIP: Ready sir T.N.T. : Ready 2 Ter 1: Hurry up ... we are under attack ... some helicopters hit our position. Ter 2: We go as fast as we can boss Ter 3: No birds in the sky so far Gus: HQ we take place in C2 ready to engage the coms ... More photos:

    GLA Hunt - marvelBoy123 - Alsarh 2/4

    nice tank !!!

    GLA Hunt - SATSOK - BANDAUD 3/4

    from my end ... an airfield is as it is ... not too much going on ... the tower took me a lot of time of building the interior and a bit of a puzzle how to fit the glasses verticaly. The fuel truck and the ammo truck are made from scratch The airfield floor took me a lot of time (tetris) of making it ... so i dont understand were you see the rush :/

    GLA Hunt - SATSOK - BANDAUD 1/4
  8. In a secret airport with the code R-26, Bandaud is preparing an attack on D2 to destroy storages buildings from where terrorists send and recieve supllies from mainland. They use a "secret" type of helicopter known as RAT (cause of the look) and the squadron is called "RR" (Red Rats) Crew: Ready to fill them up sir GUS: I want a clean job ladies ... Crew: 3rd one ready. RR1: Permission for take off Tower: You are free to go ... RR2: RED RATS HURRAH !!! GUS: Come back safe !!! more photos: