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  1. Thank you all for your kind words ... looking forward for the next ep. :)
  2. Hi all Cause of some personal issue didn't had time to complete the mission ... so i present my starship who suppose to have an interior for the bombing squad pilot + 2 ... never got there. Comments are welcome ... so is pay pal, vouchers, ticket restaurant etc :p
  3. Nice one :) Reminde me a bit of a bat !!!
  4. WOW !!!! Loved the colors ... great job !!!
  5. Beers to all !!! :p count me in
  6. Great vignette loved the carbonite build!
  7. thank you :) i use to make comic in GBW ... i think it looks better this way. thank you :) I always try to put something funny in my builds :p
  8. AWSOME !!! Tons of details and wonderful blend of color in it !!!
  9. Very nice pod ... would love to see it in real lego :p
  10. Even though i am not fun of "io" ... its a nice build :)
  11. Nice diorama m8 Love the wall pattern and the buildings at the back Great job