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  1. Our satellite detail has confirmed what we believed. We cannot wait for activity in the Brick of Nations and must strike. Bandaud drops a team at Grid D3 on the map region near where we photographed earlier and destroyed the rebel outpost and supply line from Erotema into Alsarh. PILOT: Hurry up !!! We have a small window until the next bombing. VOIP: West clear ... TNT: North clear ... BUCKY: South clear ... GUS: enter the bunker ... with extreme caution. Collect all the info we can find. JONES: Get your NVGs ready ... FIRE IN THE HOLE !!! MORE PHOTO:

    Post up your vehicles!

    Experimental sub hunter RV

    Post up your vehicles!

  4. Somewere in the borders of Bandaud ... Satsok: Let's go ppl ... TNT: Go to Special forces they say ... its fun they say ... Voip: Enjoy the walk ... time to "burn" the BBQ ... lmao !!! more photos:
  5. very nice :) Loved the "burned" trees !!!
  6. Very good job ... loved the raparound in the barels :p
  7. Very nice story and detailed build WD !!!
  8. After the interrogation of the Eroteman forces, we've found that there is a connection between bombing of our city and the insurgents found in the caves. The Eroteman military has been hands off with stopping these rebels in exchange for them agreeing to leave Erotema alone. The source seems to be coming from Alsarh. We decide to use our spy satellite instead of going through Alsarh bureaucracy ... the result didnt surprise us. The photos was taken at C2 today morning . We must take action know !!! photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 As you may notice someone provide terrorists with new tech armoury ... we must find how is behind this ... ASAP !!! more photos:
  9. you dont like me anymore ... lmao nice LDD ;)
  10. ... no words ... awesome build !!!
  11. ... after taking the Eroteman force in our custody, the team end up in NewBrickika at H3 in a quiet outpost at the borders near to a village called Derinful. Tower: All clear in the horizon ... no movement in Briange Eroteman force leader: Thank you for transferring us here with safety Satsok: Not a problem at all ... after all Plighia ask as to. And dont give too many sausages to the dog he might be ill :p NewBrickika Gunner: Enjoy your BBQ guys all are under control, nothing can pass through here. Just keep some beers for us too :) NewBrickika Sniper: Coming up the tower ... (go to the army they told me .... it would be fun they told me ... getting up the stairs after sausages and beer ... pffffffff) more photos:
  12. SATSOK

    Contract Missions

    Bandaud need a contract mission ...