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  1. ... no words ... awesome build !!!
  2. ... after taking the Eroteman force in our custody, the team end up in NewBrickika at H3 in a quiet outpost at the borders near to a village called Derinful. Tower: All clear in the horizon ... no movement in Briange Eroteman force leader: Thank you for transferring us here with safety Satsok: Not a problem at all ... after all Plighia ask as to. And dont give too many sausages to the dog he might be ill :p NewBrickika Gunner: Enjoy your BBQ guys all are under control, nothing can pass through here. Just keep some beers for us too :) NewBrickika Sniper: Coming up the tower ... (go to the army they told me .... it would be fun they told me ... getting up the stairs after sausages and beer ... pffffffff) more photos:

    Contract Missions

    Bandaud need a contract mission ...
  4. Buckie: Perimeter is clear Gus: WTF happened here ... must be a new type of gas. GUS: Voip inform HQ that we found the lost patrol ... at least what left from them :/ VOIP: Aye aye capt. - This is HAWK team, HQ do you copy ? - Go Hawk team. - We are at I14 borders with I15 and we find the lost team in the entrance of an old mine. All are dead. I repeat all are MIA. Some type of new gas got them. The only thing that we found is their bones the vests and the helmets. Even their guns have some kind of strange rust. Evacuate is not possible. We might be infected too. Waiting for new orders. - Ok Hawk team. Stand by and ... keep calm. More photos:
  5. Great work ;)

    The Brick of Nations

    Alexandra: Bandaud is here to help you in any way ... just ask for it !!!
  7. Thank you :) Thank you :) Bandaud is an " openmind " country LDD or Pdf is more suitable to you ???
  8. After locating the lost ships on C8 in a narrow (by nature) harbour, Mr.P has decide to activate a new type of assault ships project. BUCKY: All clear ... TNT: Sea is warm and ... clear VOIP: We have a green light !!! SATSOK: The ship will pass. And then will perform a test fire at the open sea. Sailor: Fire !!! Album:
  9. After the capture of the terrorist ... Terrorist: I will never talk. Satsok: Well ... we'll see about that! HQ: Live feed with New Brickika is on. More photos:
  10. Very nice work !!! Well done