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  1. Nice work: you put so many video together and several are completely new for me.
  2. Ex cinno

    [MOC] NMBS/SNCB Class 77

    Great job Sérgio, your models are always at the top, as usual.
  3. Ex cinno

    [MOC] Vossloh Euro 4000 - Takargo 6000

    Nice work, I really like it.
  4. Ex cinno

    Getting a bit more serious on G Scale trains

    Great job. I like all your models, even if you work on a scale that is not familiar to me.
  5. Ex cinno

    Quadruple crossing automated by Arduino

    Great job, as usual since I follow you on your youtube channel
  6. Ex cinno

    MOC: EB 700

    Thank you both for your kind words.
  7. Ex cinno

    Trans Europ Express (TEE) VT 11.5

    What a huge job here: so many pieces and everything in the right place. Only a master like you can build a 2.5 meter long train with incredible details. There is always something to learn from you.
  8. Ex cinno

    MOC: EB 700

    Thank LEGO Train 12 Volts, I'm glad you appreciate my work and I was sure you knew this old locomotive.
  9. Ex cinno

    My first Lego trains book

    Hi Metta, also Amazon Italia and other online bookstores sell my book but I don't know if they send it outside of Italy. Here the link for Amazon site: https://www.amazon.it/italiani-istruzioni-costruire-locomotore-mattoncini/dp/8869283097/ref=sr_1_1?__mk_it_IT=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=1L4Y0RDSBRCV2&keywords=treni+lego+italiani&qid=1556720482&s=gateway&sprefix=treni+lego+italiani%2Caps%2C144&sr=8-1
  10. Ex cinno

    My first Lego trains book

    Sorry zephyr1934 but in the previous answer I forgot your request about a couple of teaser of my book. You can see them here: http://www.sanditlibri.it/treni-legor-italiani.html Just clik "Sfoglia l'anteprima". Hello ivanlan9, here you can see some preview of my book: http://www.sanditlibri.it/treni-legor-italiani.html Just click "Sfoglia l'anteprima" Some more information: the instructions to build the two versions of the E424 have no comments and therefore can also be used by those who don't know Italian. Instead the first 80/90 pages of my book are composed of text and photos of eight more model, among locomotives and carriages, all originally designed by me.
  11. Ex cinno

    MOC: EB 700

    This time, after several models inspired by “Ferrovie del Sud Est”, I went back to the Ferrovie Nord in Milan and in particular their EB 700, a railcar that once Milanese commuters knew very well. With its 1285 pieces the EB 700 is so far the locomotive with the most bricks I've ever built. It's 7 studs large, as usually for my moc.
  12. Ex cinno

    My first Lego trains book

    Thank you a lot zephyr1934 for your nice words. By the way, may be you particulary like it because you haven't seen my last background yet. Thank Vilhelm22. I'm sorry, but unfortunately there is no English version of my book currently being processed.
  13. Ex cinno

    My first Lego trains book

    You have nothing to envy, you are a master for me. By the way: may be you could find a little surprise in my book... Thank traintraum for your nice words.
  14. Ex cinno

    FS Wagons

    Very nice work, as usual. I am pleased to see your return to Italian rolling stock
  15. Ex cinno

    My first Lego trains book

    Codice ISBN 9788869283093 Thank you. Claudio Good evening Holger and thank you for your kind words. I bought your book when it came out and really loved it. So much quality content and pics! I can definitely say it was my biggest inspiration to try to publish something for italian readers too. My book is divided in 10 different chapters from letter A to L, plus introduction and a SNOT tecnique chapter. Every chapter tells the story of a locomotive or carriage, starting from the real one to the model I created with Lego. I wanted to give all the readers and train lovers the opportunity to share with me my passion for creating something new and different from pre-made sets, so I included in the book the instructions to build my custom 7 studs E424, also in mini-scale 3 stud version. The book is published by Sandit, http://www.sanditlibri.it/treni-legor-italiani.html and is also available by Amazon https://www.amazon.it/TRENI-LEGO-ITALIANI-Claudio-Calzoni/dp/8869283097 Claudio