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  1. Ex cinno

    my moc train

    Nice work dario76, yours it's a very impressive bunch of steam locomotives.
  2. Ex cinno

    My biggest Lego train layout so far...

    Very amazing layout, as usual from you: here lights give a special touch to your work.
  3. I have seen this wonderful opera at Model Expo Italian 2018 in Verona and I must say that it's a real masterpiece. By the way, many thank you for the picture with some of the best italian train builders : I am proud to be one of that guys.
  4. Ex cinno

    Nike Jordan Air 1

    Here some pictures from the Model Expo Italy 2018 where I have set out my latest moc: a pair of Nike Jordan Air 1 in red and blue version. I made them for my daughter Valentina, who loves basketball and Nike's shoes a lot.
  5. Ex cinno

    CP 2600 - Portugal

    A nice start for your new collection, now I am waiting for the next step.
  6. Ex cinno

    [MOC] AGV High Speed Train

    A piece of art, no other words to comment this masterpiece.
  7. Ex cinno

    Minifig Contest Voting

    I Choose #14 and #16 .
  8. Ex cinno

    NS DE4 / SBB RAm TEE

    Great project, now go ahead with its realization.
  9. Ex cinno

    [MOC] Type 33.01 4-6-4 locomotive

    Your steam locomotive is really beautifull: nice work.
  10. Ex cinno

    EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    This is really a good news, thank a lot @CopMike
  11. Ex cinno

    MOC: E656 the Caiman

    Thank you all for your nice words.
  12. Ex cinno

    [MOC] Coastal defense battery

    Nice microscale work, with a perfect choice of the colors.
  13. Ex cinno


    Nice work here, and very unusual too.
  14. Great work, It's so realistic that I seem to be there on that boat.
  15. Ex cinno

    Bus stop using brick separators

    Nice idea and MAB train station too.