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  1. [MOC] AGV High Speed Train

    A piece of art, no other words to comment this masterpiece.
  2. Minifig Contest Voting

    I Choose #14 and #16 .
  3. NS DE4 / SBB RAm TEE

    Great project, now go ahead with its realization.
  4. [MOC] Type 33.01 4-6-4 locomotive

    Your steam locomotive is really beautifull: nice work.
  5. EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    This is really a good news, thank a lot @CopMike
  6. MOC: E656 the Caiman

    Thank you all for your nice words.
  7. [MOC] Coastal defense battery

    Nice microscale work, with a perfect choice of the colors.
  8. Gypsies

    Nice work here, and very unusual too.
  9. Great work, It's so realistic that I seem to be there on that boat.
  10. Bus stop using brick separators

    Nice idea and MAB train station too.
  11. FS 207 - Badoni / Breuer type IV

    Your little shunter is amazing and the Badoni's book is interesting too. Nice work.
  12. MOC: E656 the Caiman

    Hi all. After a long wait, I finally added the E656 to my collection of Italian's locomotives. I made this model as always in 7 studs and I used more than 1200 Lego parts to build it. The Caiman, this is its nickname, is rightly considered a true classic of our railways and many afol built it, so may be you have already seen other version of it. This is my personal one, maybe it's not the most faithful to the original, but I like it that way.
  13. MOC - 12V DB BR78

    Very interesting project that takes us suddenly in the 80s. Really a nice idea @Paperinik77pk
  14. [MOC] There's a new family owned pizzeria in town.

    Very good job: your moc is "fresh and clear" but his charm is indisputable.
  15. MOC - Lego Clockwork Locomotive

    Great job @Paperinik77pk, even if I don't have very familiar with lego technics I appreciate a lot your work.