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  1. Asper

    Motorised Narrow Gauge Trains

    Wow, great solution for the drive - and wonderful trains.
  2. Asper

    [MOC] Quarter Scale Rail

  3. Asper

    New Century Corner III

    Wonderful! The olive green is my favorite.
  4. Asper

    [MOC/WIP] EH800 JRF

    Wonderful! Great model! It's the first time I've seen 5wide tracks.
  5. Asper

    [moc] Reading Camelback 0-4-0

    Tank you!
  6. Asper

    [moc] Reading Camelback 0-4-0

    Interesting prototype and great Moc! What parts did you use for the chimney/stack (what's the proper English word?) ?
  7. Thank you! And yes this is the start of a (semi-)permanent layout in the garden. Currently a very limited circle to test what happens to the tracks and switches outside. Maybe end of summer would be a good time to report about the first experiences.
  8. Thank you! Yes, I plan to add rolling stock. Log is one of the "natural" options - the V52 was used on the "Odenwald Express" (some say Odenwald means "Odin's Woods") so there were plenty of trees to be transported. (Another important freight were lampshades(!) - there were three factories around the station Limbach... )
  9. Thank you! The straight tracks are LEGO. The curves (R72 and R88) and the switch (R104) are from TrixBrix. Most people can't tell the difference from a distance.
  10. Asper

    [MOC] Steward's Glen Station

    Wonderful station.
  11. Using the LEGO standard gauge I built the same diesel engine as shown in a previous post with a different scale. It's the V-52 of the Deutsche Bundesbahn - running in the 1960s between Mosbach and Mudau. LEGO standard gauge is almost 40mm (5studs). The real train ran on 1000m, so I chose a scale of 1/25 - one stud is 20cm, 5 studs is 1m. The engine is 12wide and approx 50 studs long. It's powered by 2 XL Power Functions motors and remote controlled by a BuWizz. It's designed for standard LEGO gauge, but can only handle R72 (and greater) curves. To run smoothly additional weight is needed (metal spare parts from shelves) - it weighs 1.7kg. (It was my entry for the Brick Train Awards - "Best Other Locomotive" in Europe)
  12. This is so good! Wonderful - thank you for sharing!
  13. Asper

    [MOC] BR05-001 with 7 coaches

    Wonderful train! So many clever details!