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  1. Asper

    [MOC] BR05-001 with 7 coaches

    Wonderful train! So many clever details!
  2. Asper

    [MOC] 1930's Frisco Depot

  3. Asper

    Narrow gauge "Odenwald-Express"

    Yes, that's really cool! And all 4 steamers still exist! One can bee seen as monument in Mudau and one of them is still active pulling historic trains (see German website of the "Alb-Baehnle"). While I was searching for more narrow gauge prototypes I started collecting information about the "Albtalbahn" near Karlsruhe, where I live today. This was also narrow gauge and then changed to standard gauge to be integrated into Karlsruhe's public transport system. And then I found out that they got the one of the diesels (modified for standard gauge) and one of the steamers was used changing gauges. The diesel then also was sold to Italy, so I guess both diesels are still active in Italy! For both diesels I found "curriculum vitaes" (German but with images): and I'm not sure if this develops into a new hobby, but learning about the (surprisingly long!) history of single engines is sometimes real fun!
  4. Asper

    Cereal Docks

    Wonderful, great MOC with many details. Thank you for sharing!
  5. Asper

    Narrow gauge "Odenwald-Express"

    Maik has posted an image from their narrow gauge layout - text is in German, but the image is impressive. And they documented their standard with R40 curves and switches made from 100% LEGO parts: narrow-gauge.pdf
  6. Asper

    Narrow gauge "Odenwald-Express"

    Thank you! Do you mean this Duplo part? I built a complete train with these parts, see my flickr album "Duplo Cargo Train".
  7. Asper

    Narrow gauge "Odenwald-Express"

    Yes, that's how I built the curves. Using the rails from trixbrix:
  8. After having seen the great design for a LEGO narrow gauge by Maik and David I wanted to build my own narrow gauge LEGO train. Prototype should be the train connecting Mosbach and Mudau from 1905-1973 . I'm too young, so I have never seen the real trains but I know the route from numerous biking trips in my childhood. Today there is a bicycle track on the former railway. Then I got a book about the "Odenwald-Express" and I finally started building it in LEGO. The main actors are two engines - diesel engine class V52 and steam engine class 99 720: There is also a passenger train ... ... and a freight train: With working rollbocks for "standard" gauge wagons: Both trains are driven by standard LEGO train motors - using the brilliant design of Maik and David Schenker: There are more pictures in the flickr album.
  9. Asper

    BR E18 047 "Blauer Enzian"

    Wonderful! Great MOC!
  10. Asper

    NSB Type 49 Dovregubben (Mountain King)

    Wonderful train!
  11. Asper

    Goliath 2.0

    Wonderful! Very impressive!
  12. Asper


    Wonderful! Great idea!
  13. Asper

    (Moc) Narrow Gauge 4-4-0

    Great! Wonderful locomotive.