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  1. Asper

    OcTRAINber WIP - MOW Tractor

    Now all parts have arrived and the first version is built with real bricks. Today I applied stickers. The first mission of the tractor was cleaning the tracks after the last storm:
  2. Wonderful! The side wall with grooves is great.
  3. Great! That's an interesting prototype and very compact design with the two motors. I'm looking forward to the finished model. (I'm using the LEGO "O-Rings" for almost all my driven axles - to increase traction and with my latest MOC to gain height. But I will come back to your solution if this is not sufficient.)
  4. Asper

    OcTRAINber WIP - MOW Tractor

    I'm still playing with colors and some details. During design I always use real bricks to test if everything can be built. While waiting for parts I made a final test of the complete model.
  5. Asper

    Two little brothers

    Welcome - great start into this hobby. Your models are wonderful!
  6. Asper

    OcTRAINber WIP - MOW Tractor

    Thank you all for this feedback! Still playing with colors and some details - and waiting for parts...
  7. Asper

    OcTRAINber WIP - MOW Tractor

    THANK YOU, Sven! Almost all other tiles are named "... diagonal stripes..." - so I could not find these tiles. The missing pictures are movies from flickr. I will upload them to youtube and relink them here
  8. Normally I'm a slow builder and have no chance finishing something within such a short time. Still full of impressions from our last visit to the RhB in Graubünden/Switzerland I started thinking about a "Baudiensttraktor TM 2/2 92" - a MOW vehicle. Unfortunately my prototype does no longer exist and I have not seen this in real life. I only have external links: e.g. First design is 6x10 studs with Cicuit Cubes motor, running on 4 wide "narrow gauge" tracks. This is as small as I could build - with motorization: In the black/grey front thingy (what is the English word for it?) touches the rails. So I wanted to test if this is a problem in the real world. I'm using LEGO rubber bands for almost all my builds to get more traction - and these make the (tiny) difference. So my vehicle can move without touching the rails. But I was unhappy with the proportions. The front of the prototype almost looks like a square. My tractor looked too narrow. So I started with 8x12. Again I wanted to make sure it can handle switches and does not touch the rails: So the basic design seems finished - but it needs more details While searching for missing parts I need to order, I noticed that the 1x2 tile with the diagonal stripe pattern does not exist I do not know what sticker I used during import in to So I need to use a different part with existing pattern or make a custom sticker. I do not know if this is a legal "thirs party part".
  9. Great shape, that is very close to the original. looks complicated (with a lot of clips and hinges?) or fragile (with chain links?) ...
  10. Asper

    [MOC] Lego DB V60 - in 12v style

    Wonderful - I like the parts used for the headlights. Great idea!
  11. Asper

    [MOC] 75 - PLASSER & THEURER MFS 100

    Great model and perfect presentation
  12. Great model, very realistic! It has many clever details.
  13. Asper

    DB118 & Blauer Enzian

    Hi Emanuele , This is a wonderful train and a great presentation (as always!) - thank you for sharing. Steffen
  14. Asper

    Stn. Sharapova Okhota model

    Wow, great! very realistic