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  1. Asper

    Getting a bit more serious on G Scale trains

    Great project! The two electric locomotives look quite promising.
  2. Asper

    10-wide 4-6-0 C&O 377

    Wonderful engine! Great!
  3. Asper

    DR Wagon

    Wow, these are wonderful wagons!
  4. Asper

    MOC: Camelback Steam Locomotive

    Very special prototype. Great MOC!
  5. Asper

    [MOC] Book Hop, a used book store

    I like it very much. It is a beautiful building with many great details.
  6. The reception was great! Some people already knew Erek's (@FiliusRucilo) layout and trains. Unfortunately I did not have enough time to prepare some explanatory text before the exhibition. So I had to talk a lot and explain the history of all the ideas. It was very interesting (and entertaining ) to listen to all the different theories the visitors came up with (magnetic force, new technic hinge parts used for the curves, ...). I had prepared a short curved track and gave them to the visitors to study and disassemble. For the next show I will also prepare a train to demonstrate the drive technology - just battery, motor and bogies. Maybe I managed to inspire some of the visitors to build their own monorail.
  7. Glad you like it! I just uploaded a shot from Munich (see it on flickr) and there is another video taken during tests at home:
  8. Based on all the brilliant ideas shared in this forum I built a layout combined with the "classical" monorail and showed this at "Bricking Bavaria" in Munich. I used FiliusRucilo's design for the switches - adapted to my color-scheme and with "signals" to indicate the state. Test run at home: and in Munich: Everything worked for 2 1/2 days!
  9. Asper

    Crewe Tractor WDLR [MOC]

    Very interesting background story. And the LEGO model is great!
  10. Thank you! Unfortunately I did not keep links to all images I found. I googled for "steam" "steampunk" "monorail" "elevated" "train", .... One thing I remember was the "Meigs Elevated Railway" and the green train started with a rounder shape inspired by this.
  11. Thank you! There are even more moving parts in the second "steampunk" train: I added more detail pictures in an album on flicker Both trains in action: Thank you all for this great topic! Thank you for sharing your ideas, and for posting your designs!
  12. This looks very promising I like the design of your train. Where will it be displayed?
  13. Based on the fantastic ideas shown in this topic, I finally finished my own version. I designed the train inspired by images of old steam trains and "steampunk" concept art of monorails. Thank you all for sharing your ideas - most technical details were taken from this eurobricks-topic.
  14. Asper

    (MOC) Tiny PF switcher shunter

    Wonderful little locomotive! (I would also have picked the green one...)