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Found 4 results

  1. I have started making the HLE 25 from the NMBS for my NS, NMBS Benelux train set. This was a bit of a challenge because of the sloped front. I'm posting this to show you the progress and for feedback. I have the idea that mine looks different than the real thing. 8-wide would be easier to make more details but I decided to stick to 6-wide. The inverted slopes behind the front coupling are attached to the bogie. Also a small detail that is hard to make is the yellow line. Because of the 2 x 1 x 2 slopes I can't make a yellow line. If anyone has some ideas for me or things that I can do to make it look better, feel free to tell me (Also, this engine will be made specially to be fitted with PF)
  2. Sérgio

    [MOC] NMBS/SNCB Class 77

    Hi, I don't know much about this one, A person request me to design a 8 wide version of a Belgic Class 77, so this was the result:
  3. MrFluffles

    Moc NMBS AM 66 v2

    Hey everyone. After building my first mod inspired by the actual AM 62-66 trains, I tried to actually make a lego replica model of the train. In my previous topic I showed the edited 'fronts' on which I've been building further upon. Here you can see my progress so far, I honestly think it looks good so far, although a little 'bland' lack of detail on the sides, but once the top and panthograph and bogies are added I think it will become a lot better! I tried replicating the same amount of windows on the side, but, due to the length I had to remove one window in the middle in order to shorten the carriage just a bit to make it 'realistic'. And here is the original train Thanks! I'll be posting the progress as I work on it!
  4. Hello there. i'm fairly new to this site, so my sincere apologies if I posted this topic in a wrongful place. Now I'm also quite new to the whole modelling arena, but I got really interested in making lego mod trains after having messed around a bit with the lego set 10183, which really captivated my interest for the whole lego building thing of trains. (Sorry for my english as I'm belgian. haha) Anyhow. After having toyed around a bit with LDD I finally decided to make a Moc. train inspired by one of my favourite trains I see running around on our nation's railroads. the train I took my inspiration from is none-other then the NMBS AM66 or AM74. now, here you have the first two carriages, being the front and the uhmm.. front? The first class end.. end the 'cargo' end. Here's the train, it's not fully detailed or similar to the actual model but as I said, it's simply a mere 'inspirational' creation. The train is 8 blocks wide. This is the First class, front. with Lights above every exit, as a smallish detail. This is the Alternative Front end, simply a Bagage compartment, indicated by the wide 3 panel door. and a half carriage for the second class. This is the same Bagage front version in a Diagonal view, here you can see the absent drivers window. This is the middle cart, a simple non motorised carriage, on one side of the carriage you have a distinct window, that breaks formation. This would be the lavatory. This window is only present on one side of the train. Here you have the connection between each carriage. Yes, despite the limit area of clearance, they can turn. At least, that's what LDD showed me. I tried everything and the carriages are able to turn without interruption between each other, If LDD is correct XD As I said. I haven't got that much experience. but I really like how it looks! The rest of the pictures are to give you a complete idea of the train in it's totality. I actually plan on one day building a train from scratch with real bricks when I made a build that I love! I like this one a lot. but I will try to improve on it a lot. Perhaps try to model it realistically after the AM66/AM74. Anyhow all tips and tricks are welcome! And thank you for sharing this. Hello again. I've been working on a different project now, but similar in theme. I've been trying to make a lego copy of the train I used to inspire my previous creation. Here is what I have so far. Not that the wheel and lower front still have to be build. and that it will not have a magnet. but in between the carriages, yes. Ok. Even tho I'm happy with how the windows turned out. I kind of feel that the 'round-ness' of the train itself as seen on the real picture goes missing.. in my build. I do believe that the inspirational creation had more of a 'like-ness' to it's roundness, unlike the two fronts I have now. The roof however is still a work in progress. I simply can't seem to get the height and blocks right to give it a smooth continues feel. Any tips on this? Thank you. Thank you!