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  1. I love it and would love to build it. I'm looking forward the additional pictures
  2. Very nice MOC, all functions are realistic. The only thing I would change is in the steering mechanism, on such trailers generally only the front and rear axle are steered, not the middle one. But maybe it is not easy to fix. Thanks for sharing
  3. Thanks for sharing this awesome moc, I will definetly build it
  4. Very nice MOC, a video would be great thanks for sharing
  5. Hi Efferman, Thank you very much for the lxf, i will definetly build it, and give you feedback on the file if I find bugs but not before a few weeks...
  6. I just received mine (train pack) today, can't wait to test them!
  7. same problem with both ipad & chrome on 2 different mac
  8. I have the same problem on my iphone and ipad, but it works ok on my computers. I think the 1st page is too heavy to load