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  1. Merlict

    LEGO Speed Champions 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Lol shows how dumb I am, I thought Roger Dubois was the driver
  2. Merlict

    [MOC] 8-Wide City Pizza Van

    Nice interior, could probably do with the next size up of wheels though.
  3. Merlict

    1968 FIAT 500 F

    Ridiculous hyperbole. I prefer OP's version of the windscreen, though I think Lego's rear end is better. Anyway I'll be purchasing the Lego version and modding it how I like.
  4. That's fine by me, adding them would double the parts count / cost I'd rather have a more detailed model without them.
  5. Merlict

    My layout under construction

    Love it! Shelf towns are always cool to me even if this is a mega version You should add a cargo elevator to let people travel between the levels. Sure you are man, start small and you can achieve way more than you think.
  6. Merlict

    [Mod] 1985 Audi Sport Quattro S1 (E2) 76897

    Excellent mods I like it a lot more without the chin spoiler / splitter too
  7. Eh, not much personality to it yet. Has potential though.
  8. Merlict

    [MOC/Mod] Phil's Beach Buggys

    Number 2 is cool, just shows how awesome that Adventurer's piece is
  9. Merlict

    [MOC] Department store

    Fantastic! I'd say the floors could be a bit higher but I guess there's no way to extend the curved corners. Very nice.
  10. Merlict

    Lego City 60267 Safari Off-Roader

    I saw it as an 80s Toyota Landcruiser or maybe a Mitsubishi. Defenders have a pretty distinct look.
  11. Dude these are great. The F40 in particular is rad. Might look good with the sleeker SC windscreen ,this one is pretty vertical.
  12. Merlict

    MOC: Volvo dump truck

    Yeah I'd love to see the grille, looks like a carefully cut piece of foil / sticker?
  13. Merlict

    Brickchester 2020

    Hey dude, appreciate the effort but the photos are way too small to see anything! Please turn your phone sideways next time and try posting them on Flickr or similar.
  14. That's sarcasm right? Those are the laziest most generic figures I can imagine.
  15. Merlict

    Westminster Palace

    Have you tried messaging him on Flickr? I assume this is the guy Good luck.