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  1. Merlict

    The School of Athens

    Absolutely excellent, not sure why this isn't getting more attention. I do think more of the faces should be 'capped' with just a tan 1x1 tile or that very small 'D' shaped tile, the empty hole look is a bit distracting.
  2. Merlict

    [REVIEW] 10264 - Corner Garage

    I'm really surprised by people's negative view on this one. Probably my second favorite modular, though the price hike combined with needing extra parts to 'finish' the interiors sucks. Finally a great vehicle with a modular at least!
  3. Merlict

    MOC: The Coral Hotel

    Very cool. I see you've already mentioned the new ' Coral ' pink color, I too hope they make a wider range of pieces in this color cause it would be perfect
  4. Merlict

    [MOC] Train Station

    Man this is ridiculously good, beautiful design. Needs some better custom trains to go with it though!
  5. Merlict

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Oh man that looks like a great selection. Never understood why they didn't just make the cups screw-top all along..
  6. Merlict

    Lego Simpsons 2020

    Eh, I wouldn't hold my breath. Both big sets seemed to warm shelves forever and most of the good characters were covered by series 1 and 2 .
  7. Merlict

    Source for cheap Trains?

    This set seems to get discounted very heavily. Got a brand new one for quite a bit less than that so it should be legit
  8. Merlict

    [Modular MOC] Venetian Watchmaker's and Glass Shop

    Excellent stuff! Some simple but effective techniques like the windows and sunshade.
  9. Merlict


    Don't think I'd want such big windows in the door while I'm trying to poop in public!
  10. Man I love it. In a world of MOCs that are overly detailed and fiddly for the sake of it these are just nice and clean. Like an 'adult' version of one of my fav childhood train cars 4536
  11. Looks great. I'd prefer drawers with clear fronts rather than tubs with fiddly lids to remove but good on your for DIYing it.
  12. Man this whole thread is an absolute treasure trove. Just imagine what OP could make with new parts / custom stickers like the SC designers.
  13. Merlict

    LEGO Ideas: The Pirate Bay!!

    I'll be honest, I don't like it. Far too much brown, needs something to break it up. Not a fan of raised baseplates either ( And I don't think they've been produced for years)
  14. Merlict

    Lego Masters Australia 2019

    Pretty proud to say this one makes the UK Lego Masters show look like a sad little joke. Don't particularly agree with the winner but the overall standard of creativity / builds was incredible.
  15. Merlict

    [MOC] CC house

    I love it, especially the house on the left. The right hand one gets a bit dark and hard to read in places, perhaps white trim / window frames would help. What are the tubes laying along the roofs representing?