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    [REVIEW] 11010 - White Baseplate

    While this set is a masterpiece once built, I feel like it's far too challenging for the 4+ bracket recommended on the package. I'd really like to see it labelled as a 16+ Expert set as it may cause extreme frustration in younger builders.
  2. Merlict

    [MOC] The Artists Home

    Beautiful inside and out! The open back is interesting, might be cool to design snap-on wall panels for it.
  3. Merlict

    Union 72 Amsterdam tram/streetcar

    Before I read the instructions I literally thought this was using custom battery box / electronics, since the interior is so low and open. Very clever build.
  4. Merlict

    [MOC + Instructions] 6364 Paramedic Unit 2.0 Revisited

    Great 'box art', and good on you for providing free instructions Dunno about the sports car, though I guess the original being a topless pickup is hardly any more practical!
  5. Loving that ocean, sure does get expensive with all those plates and tiles though!
  6. Merlict

    Supercar Lambo/Ferrari crossover (version 3)

    Opening doors and trunk.. better than real Speed Champions!
  7. Merlict

    [MOC] Tangerine 4x4 RS

    That is ludicrously quick for a single L motor. Very good ad for Buwizz!
  8. Merlict

    [MOC] Coffee break

    Love it. There's something very Classic Town about this even for a 6 wide.
  9. Merlict

    [MOC] Abandoned Barn

    Oh man that's great. What's the car? To me it looks like a RS200 or maybe a Lancia.
  10. Merlict

    [MOC] [WIP] 60197 engine redesign

    I love it! I 'wasted' (well, it was fun) loads of time in LDD trying to graft something like the Horizon Express nose onto 60197 but it always looked odd. Your result is way better, might try something similar myself.
  11. Incredible for a limited pallete! I'd love to see a 'deluxe' version with some extra bricks to smooth it out
  12. Merlict

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    To me that's more than fine, it was getting a bit fatiguing having a new series out when the previous had barely hit the shelves. I'd rather they space things out a bit to keep it fresh. Or maybe smaller sets of 12 more often.
  13. Merlict

    [MOC] Canada Post Delivery Truck - LEGO Ideas

    There is no way kids ( or even most adults) are going to line up that sticker on the flank on a 1x8 / 1x10 brick and the plate beneath it.
  14. Merlict

    [MOC] Sea Exploration Ship 2.0

    I love it. Brick built hulls look so much better. What's the number plate looking sticker on the side, it's driving me crazy how familiar it is
  15. Merlict

    A-Team Van - Lego Ideas

    Pretty cool. I'd rather see one closer to 'large' minifig scale (8 wide?) but have a vote anyway.
  16. The (unofficial) shop I buy from has it listed as March 2020. Sometimes it's less stress just to pay a bit more and grab it from Ebay rather than driving around / calling etc.
  17. Merlict

    LEGO Speed Champions 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Lol shows how dumb I am, I thought Roger Dubois was the driver
  18. Merlict

    [MOC] 8-Wide City Pizza Van

    Nice interior, could probably do with the next size up of wheels though.
  19. Merlict

    1968 FIAT 500 F

    Ridiculous hyperbole. I prefer OP's version of the windscreen, though I think Lego's rear end is better. Anyway I'll be purchasing the Lego version and modding it how I like.
  20. That's fine by me, adding them would double the parts count / cost I'd rather have a more detailed model without them.
  21. Merlict

    My layout under construction

    Love it! Shelf towns are always cool to me even if this is a mega version You should add a cargo elevator to let people travel between the levels. Sure you are man, start small and you can achieve way more than you think.
  22. Excellent mods I like it a lot more without the chin spoiler / splitter too
  23. Eh, not much personality to it yet. Has potential though.
  24. Merlict

    [MOC/Mod] Phil's Beach Buggys

    Number 2 is cool, just shows how awesome that Adventurer's piece is
  25. Merlict

    [MOC] Department store

    Fantastic! I'd say the floors could be a bit higher but I guess there's no way to extend the curved corners. Very nice.