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  1. someguy827

    Lego City 2024

    Honestly might pick up all of the space sets, they're filling a long standing mars-mission shaped void in my heart..
  2. someguy827

    MOC: Atom Bowl

    Cannot stop looking at those diamonds in the walls, as well as the star in the floor. Not only is the shaping perfect, but the muted colours all work with each other so well. Are these pieces all just held in by pressure or do they all have attachment points?
  3. Happy Boxing Day everyone! I finally decided to build one of my favourite animal characters! I also wanted to challenge myself by building something organic (I typically stick to more industrial and spaceship based designs) so I'm very happy with how I managed to avoid the uncanny valley with Clifford. I'm very proud of the shaping used to create Clifford's head, which would've been impossible if not for the introduction of the new 3386 1x1 SNOT brick. I also wanted to give Elizabeth the possibility to stand on Clifford back, so I included a 1x3 jumper plate that can be swapped out with a normal 1x3 tile. G Getting Clifford's torso shape down took three months and resulted in over 10 different versions being created (most of those versions either looked like a cylinder train car or a blimp). It was extremely difficult to make him look both cartoonish but also realistic to the Giant Vizsla breed that he is based off of. I'm also very proud of how his paws came out, which are constructed around a single 4595 piece. Clifford is also fully posable, which took many attempts to make his hind legs movable and flush with the rest of his body. The original idea was to create a dollhouse that could open up (very much akin to 10228 Monster Fighters House), but I didn't find that necessary as the inside of the doghouse wasn't interesting enough to justify a full interior. I'm extremely proud of the walls on the inside of the house. The wall is split up into several modular components which all have clips on the bottom and top, which are all slid into place next to each other on flexible hoses in the top and bottom of the doghouse. I wanted to also throw in some interesting piece usages, so I decided to make the shrubs out of hair pieces (part number 20595). They're all either arranged with Tow Ball joints or 1L mechanical claws. Clifford also represents me trying out Lego Ideas for the first time, so if anyone is interested in supporting him by clicking the link in my signature I would appreciate it. Thank you for checking Clifford out, I'm already planning out my next animal based build so I would love some feedback on him.
  4. I'm just hoping that the leaks were an early prototype version of the set, the village felt very shallow to me. Felt like an up-sized Kingdoms set and not a proper full sized Icons set like the Lion Knights Castle.
  5. someguy827

    [MOC] Lamborghini Diablo

    I'd love to see how you integrated brackets into the build to make those 3 rows of cheese slopes all flush with each other, I'm assuming part 2436b?
  6. someguy827

    [MOC] Fenek

    Looks very Metal Gear Solid inspired. Love the shaping and details.
  7. someguy827

    [MOC] Buckle’s Mining Outpost

    Looks amazing! Any guesses as to piece count?
  8. someguy827

    Tim Burton Batmobile V3.

    I love the shaping on the front! Also congrats on fitting in such a large engine given the scale you were working with.
  9. someguy827

    [MOC] Hungry Boar

    I love how the boar is integrated with the rest of the ship and how the bib on the boar matches the flags!
  10. someguy827

    Licensed Lego Ideas - Support & Discussion

    Thank you so much! I'm also very proud of the 3x3 heart piece used for Clifford's mouth and the new 1762 slope piece for his nose.
  11. someguy827

    Licensed Lego Ideas - Support & Discussion

    I designed a model of Clifford The Big Red Dog! It was an amazing challenge to ensure that Clifford looked proportional to not only the the show, but also the Giant Vizsla dog breed which he's based off of. I would appreciate any amount of support or feedback!
  12. Any idea when we'll be getting an official reveal? I'm very excited for the megalopolis!
  13. someguy827

    Wizarding World 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Does anyone know if Dobby's fingers are a new piece? I can't seem to figure out if I've seen them used before.
  14. someguy827

    LEGO Ninjago 2023 Discussion

    This isn’t the first time I’ve asked about when a set will be leaked only for it to happen the very next day 😂 As for the set, for now I’m getting more Gardens vibes than Docks vibes, so I think it will be more of a set for me to admire than to actually buy. Still very much looking towards official images, as the set does look like an entire city to me at first glance and I’m interested to see how the cable car works.
  15. someguy827

    LEGO Ninjago 2023 Discussion

    I’m just excited for the markets! Hoping that it’s more classical and realistic like the docks than the futuristic-neon mix that the gardens were. Since we’ve already gotten minifigure leaks, when should we expect to see images?